Beaches You Absolutely Need To Visit This Summer

Beaches You Absolutely Need to Visit This Summer

A beach vacation is a very relaxing way to regroup and clear your mind, even according to science.

A new study has found that residential exposure to visible blue space, like the sea or the ocean, is associated with lower psychological distress in a capital city, even if you don't realizie it.

This is just another reason to plan a few days away sunbathing on powdery beaches and sipping chilly cocktails.

Where you can go varies with individuals' tastes. The stunning beaches on the following list fall into different categories to suit every traveler – crowded, secluded, relaxing, snorkeling, or perfect for surfing. The number of adventerous activities available and the surroundings have also been taken into account. 

1. Hulopo’e Beach at Manele Bay, Hawaii

If you were on Lanai Island in Hawaii and wanted to go to a place where you can sunbathe, swim and host a picnic at the same time, you'd most likely head to Hulopo'e Beach. It's on the island's south shore. The water is pristine. Be ready to go snorkeling and see the rich marine life below. You're also likely to see spinner dolphins.

2. Carmel Beach in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

California is a big state and you will find many different beaches, but Carmel Beach is something else. Even though it's located in a small and artsy chic town along the state's amazing coastal highway, it maintains its old-fashioned vibe. The main beach also has a laid-back atmosphere, which you may not expect from a beach in California. Swimming is not allowed, but you would go there for the cozy feeling, picnicking and kite flying anyway.

3. Clearwater Beach, Florida

This white sandy beach with beachfront hotels on the Gulf Coast has been a popular attraction for families and young couples for years. You can play volleyball, of course, but you can also rent a fish boat, take a dolphin-watching cruise or go parasailing. Don't forget to meet Winter, the world's most famous dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

4. Moshup Beach in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

People go to Martha's Vineyard for its unspoiled charm. There is no better place to experience that special feeling than the area's awesome beaches. Moshup Beach, also known as Aquinnah Public Beach, is a surf beach off Moshup Trail. There is a $15 parking fee in summer. Enjoy the sunset on this secluded and beautiful soft beach beneath the iconic Aquinnah Cliffs.

5. Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina

This is a "place to engage your senses," as NPS describes it. The beaches are perfect for swimming, surfing and even beachcombing. A popular activity is to climb the 196-feet lighthouse, the tallest in North America. Go at night for some amazing views of the stars as the seashore has some of the darkest skies east of the Mississippi River. 

6. Ocean City Beach in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City has long been a perfect guys-only getaway, known for the fun bachelor parties there. The resort city has plenty to offer – boardwalk for awesome days at the beach and fun party nights. The shorelines stretch for about 10 miles along the state's eastern coast. Get on some amazing amusement park rides by the water, parasail across the ocean, or just enjoy the powdery sand.

7. Coligny Beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Coligny Beach is probably one of the best maintained beaches in the country, according to many reviews, even when it gets crowded. The showers, bathrooms and rinse stations are always very clean. Free public parking is available and not too hard to find. There is even free WiFi. You'll have plenty to do – shop, bike, swim, jog, and eat tasty food. There are also many lounge/sitting areas, swings, and shaded areas.

8. Coronado Beach in San Diego, California

As you would expect, the weather here is almost always perfect – sunny and comfortably warm. Most people would head to the famous Mission Beach but Coronado Beach is often a better choice for people looking to escape the crowds, find calm waves, laid-back surfing, boogie boarding, and charming scenery all around.

9. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Lined with diverse shops, restaurants, business and family amusements, the boardwalk is one of the reasons Rehoboth Beach was named "The Best Family Beach on the East Coast." It was fourth in the East Coast for kids. Many love it for its amazing food and various sweet treats. Hop on over to the nearby Dewey Beach for some skimboarding lessons.

10. Anna Maria Island, Florida

Pick any of the island's beaches – crowded or more secluded – and you won't make a mistake. Go on eco-tours, boat tours, canoeing or kayaking, dolphin watching or stand-up paddleboarding...There is something to do for every level of active traveler. Spend your day sunbathing in this spotlight-free gem, sipping summer cocktails in one's of the boardwalk's many venues.

11. Sand Beach in Acadia National Park, Maine

This extraordinarily popular national park is best known for its dramatic rocky coastline, but there is, in fact, a stretch of sand in Acadia that gives way to the Atlantic Ocean. The aptly-named cove is called Sand Beach and it's a popular spot in the summer despite chilly water temperatures. One of the best ways to see the coastline is from the water. Consider kayaking Acadia for the most stunning views.

12. Football Beach in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

You may be wondering why you'd go to a beach in Grand Canyon National Park. It's totally worth it. The main way to access the best beaches in this national park is by joining a rafting tour and camping on the sand overnight. Stop off at the secluded Football Beach for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Torch Lake, Michigan

The water is crystal clear making stand-up paddleboadring and kayaking ideal activities, especially to beat the heat. The views are so beautiful, the area looks like heaven on earth. Fishing, diving and hiking are a few other favorite activities around this stunning 19-mile inland lake, the state's longest.

14. Playa de Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

This is an awesome park to visit if you had a rough flight and just need a break. The drive from San Juan's Luis Munoz Marin International Airport to the Playa de Isla Verde beach is no more than 10 minutes, according to Google Maps. The municipal beach in the capital is a main attraction for visitors. The shore has a great urban ambiance with restaurants, small cafes, and bars all over. The tall palms and pristine sand will make your selfie way more interesting.   

15. Hampton Beach State Park, New Hampshire

This is one of the cleanest beaches in the country. It's open for swimming, (RV) camping, fishing, and picnicking year-round.