Why You Should Travel To New Zealand Now

Going to New Zealand is a trip of a lifetime. Start planning a vacation now – it's scientifically proven to make you happy – and you don't have to schedule it for next year because now is the best time to visit this uncrowded and relatively unspoiled island.  

It's winter

If you're the kind of person who never wants the snow to melt, plan a trip to New Zealand. Escape the hot humid weather with a ski trip. June is officially the start of winter and the beginning of the wait for the first snow and the ski fields to open. It's also time for Queenstown Winter Festival, a great event held annually with plenty of activities for the whole family.

July is the coldest month of the year there. It's around 50-60°F. Heli-skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and tubing are also popular. Go on a TranzAlpine train journey; avoid the crowds in the local summer and bike the Hauraki Rail Trail.

It's the low season

The busiest season for tourism in New Zealand is during the southern hemisphere summer period which runs from December through until the end of February, according to New Zealand Escape. Still, to be sure, book accommodations if you're going during the ski-season, which runs from early July until late September. For those of you who prefer to stay near the beach even when it's winter, know that warm-weather beach towns are so peaceful, they may seem deserted.

No crowds in general

New Zealand's national parks contain some of the country's most treasured wilderness areas, according to the Department of Conservation. Along with natural reserves, they make up a third of the land. New Zealand has just about 4.7 million people, even though it's about the size of California, which has 38 million.

It's a pleasure to visit popular places, such as the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, a major public gallery in Auckland with the most extensive collections of national and international art in the country. You won't see crowds like those at the Louvre.  

It's cheap

People don't travel as much during the winter, so business slows down. You can find the best rates at hotels and motels during this time of the year. Ski resorts may be more expensive because everybody is hitting the slopes.

The most expensive months are in New Zealand's summer (Dec. – Feb.) You can find flights for as low as $1,400 if you're traveling in June or July. Prices for accommodations, food, and tourist attractions are about 30 percent lower than most famous places in Europe.

Dollar is strong

$1= NZ$1.41. The dollar is still strong, meaning you'll get a lot more bang for your buck, and no one can tell when and how fast this will change. So you may want to consider making the most of the greenback while you have a chance.

Unspoiled beauty

Thanks to the fact that New Zealand was one of the last lands settled by humans, it happens to be home to one of the most diverse habitats in the entire world. That, and much of its vast wilderness, preserved as world heritage sites and national parks, has been left entirely unspoiled.

The small country has some of the most diverse environments on the planet. From beaches and rainforests to mountains, lakes, glaciers and volcanoes, you can find it all.

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