Where To See The Northern Lights

There are many strange natural wonders around the world, and the northern lights fall into that category. Though it may be a remarkable phenomenon, the beauty can't be denied. Witnessing the bright colors of green, purple, pink and more covering the dark sky is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. But where are the best places to see them?

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You can't expect to live in a bustling city full of lights and still be able to stargaze at the northern lights from your window. According to the Library of Congress, you can see the northern lights from anywhere, but they appear more frequently in areas at higher latitudes and closer to the north pole, such as Alaska and Canada. So you might want to plan your next cabin getaway trip to one of these places.

However, there have been some cases where northern lights appear closer to the equator and even as far south as Mexico.

In areas like Alaska and Greenland, the northern lights may be visible most nights of the year. While other places, like the northern part of Sweden, can experience them during certain seasons and times. An aurora borealis can occur at any time of day, but you won't be able to see it until it is completely dark.

If you happen to live in an area where the colors aren't typically seen, here are some stunning photos of the northern lights that will make you feel like you're there.