20 Once-Popular Vacation Spots People Don't Visit Like They Used To

Just like almost everything in life, trends come and go. There is a new trendy destination waiting around the corner to claim the "world's most popular" title. Some places, such as Paris and Rome, remain popular for decades. Others eventually fade, but are still worth a trip.[slideshow:104584]

Whether it's because they don't have the same allure, because huge crowds destroyed their charms, or due to rising crime, some travel bucket list spots have been noticing decline in visitor numbers, ranging from gradual to drastic. 

Open your mind to learning about a city's overlooked or forgotten social and ethnic gems. Explore ancient ruins in places you may have never heard of before. Don't just go on adrenaline-pumping adventures; explore places that will show you the people and the architecture, the history, culture, and also the wild side of your destination.

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