The Best Adventures To Do In Fjords Of Norway

Norway is easily among the most beautiful countries in the world. The fjords are like a trademark. The rugged scenery and massive inlets are magnificent.

One of the best times to visit is in May, just after spring, which is somewhat short in the country, has brought about mind-blowing natural colors. But no matter when you decide to explore Norway's secret gems and culture, you'll find exhilarating adventures.

The fjords region ranges from the coast from Stavanger to the Russian border. The rustic village resorts that look like they are from a fairytale, in the Sognefjord, the longest and deepest of the country's, or the growling Jostedalsbreen glacier, mainland Europe's largest ice-sheet are just a few of the many thrills Norways has to offer.

Glacier hiking

Hiking the large glaciers in Fjord Norway is like no other experience. Heavy snowfall and altitudes up to 6,000 feet, a walk through the glaciers is a must-do. These large, slow-moving masses of ice form scenery you won't see anywhere else.

Glacier walking is the highlight of the Fjord Norway travel for many visitors, according to Fjord Norway. "You will remember the glacier for its endless white expanses, the frighteningly deep crevasses – and the brilliant light in all the colors of the rainbow. [...]From time to time a block of ice may break away – a marvelous experience at a distance, but dangerous close up."


Norway has so many fjords and rivers that it's no surprise kayaking has become so popular (see the best U.S. national parks for kayaking). Seeing the majestic fjords while in a kayak is one of the most exhilarating but also relaxing ways to experience the country. The Fjords have everything you may want – beautiful coasts, incredible inlets, rivers appropriate for paddlers of all levels, and unique sites.

Go on a safari

"FjordSafari was an amazing experience! Best way to see the fjords up close," one person wrote on TripAdvisor. FjordSafari is a one of the most popular ways to really see the UNESCO paradise Aurlandfjord and the Nærøyfjord. You will always have a guide to stop at popular attractions along the way and learn about the local history. If you want to see the region's amazing wildlife, the safari is the right choice. You will also get a chance to try some delicious local goat cheese, according to Fjord Tours.

Ice climbing

Climbers all over the world go to Rjukan every year. Cold weather due to high pressure systems contribute to the development of some beautiful frozen waterfalls which are often several meters thick. The best time to go is in February and the worst in March, when the temperatures rise and some of the ice begins to melt, and in December when the wind is too strong. Lipton is the area's most challenging icefall. There are no guarantees of decent (and sometimes quite dangerous) ice climbing conditions.

Mountain biking

Cycling there has a lot of benefits and stunning scenery, diverse cycle trails and mountain biking tracks are just a few (why you should try mountain biking). There is no better way to get close to Norway's nature and explore its unique landscapes. Whether you are looking for demanding slogs up mountain trails, or biking through picturesque villages in the fjord landscape, you'll always find something that suits you, according to Fjord Tours.

Fjord Norway is like heaven for cyclists who want to stay active surrounded by gorgeous settings. One of the prettiest and popular routes is the Navvies' Road (Rallarvegen), which goes from Haugastøl to Flåm and down to the Sognefjord.

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