The World's 20 Most Fun-Filled Countries

It's easy to be excited about a place you have never visited before. But it's also very easy to be misled about how cool or worthy of your time and money it is. MrGamez has researched the top destinations in the world for vacations and ranked them based on 12 individual metrics. The study looked at various factors, including a number of museums, sports stadiums, festivals per year, and national attractions.

The Netherlands

The No. 1 country for culture, the Netherlands boats a huge array of museums (1,250), galleries and concert halls to visit, and have produced such talents as Rembrandt, van Gogh and Vermeer. Also, there are 30 sports stadiums where all kinds of competitions are held. Outdoor lovers enjoy 58 amusement, animal and water parks. Amsterdam, the capital, has been named one of the best cities for millennials.


An island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus was not overlooked in terms of the flow of culture in the region, and has 188 sites of national attraction. There are also 32 museums where people can learn all about the rich history of the region. Home to breathtaking beaches, adventurous mountain trails and championship golf courses, Cyprus provides visitors with an array of activities to choose from.


Despite its relatively small size, Belgium packs a punch in terms of culture. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels, the capital, includes a cinema, a concert hall and artworks of many different periods. Adventurous travelers should look beyond the chocolate and beer. Bungee jumping and skiing are popular adventurous sports in Belgium. Hiking is also up there. Raft or kayak the mighty Ourthe River or partake in the county's national sport—cycling.

United Kingdom

From concern halls and art galleries to Michelin Star restaurants and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there's a lot of culture to explore across the UK. It is one of the most popular countries ever for international tourists. Heritage and history underpin Britain's tourist appeal but many visitors don't venture beyond the capital, missing the natural and cultural splendors of the rest of the country and of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


With the second highest number of amusement, animal and water parks (620), Germany has plenty of fun to throw yourself into. Its capita, Berlin, is a well-renowned cultural hub. Germany is a preferred European destination for rock climbing, camping and mountain biking. The Waldseilgarten is known for a thrilling experience high up in the air. Locals also take tree camping to a whole new level. The extreme campsite in Pfronten was set up by Waldseilgarten, an adventure mountain resort.


The Irish national holiday, St. Patrick's Day, has come to be celebrated in many countries around the world, as well as the iconic figure of the leprechaun from Irish folklore. There is something magical about Ireland—pristine beaches, luxurious resorts or magnificent castles. Regardless to if you are looking for adventure or relaxation, Ireland has it all.


The Italians are spoiled with culture at every turn, especially in Rome where there are countless attractions to choose from. And, don't forget the legendary Italian cuisine. Visit some of the best secrets spots in the fascinating country. Hundreds of thousands of people flock there to see the Pope, the Sistine Chapel, The Colosseum, The Pantheon, and of course, the beautiful Amalfi Coast. But there is so much more to see.


Portugal is home to 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and international-scale venues in Lisbon, Porto and Bragga where you can see world-class theatre, music and modern art. Marvel at the gorgeous scenery, enjoy the year-round amazing weather, explore ancient sites, and be inspired by the incredible landscapes.

United Arab Emirates

The Eastern culture here feels like a far cry from more typical Western tourist destinations, and many visitors are fascinated by the architecture, food, and way of life. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites for adventures as well – skydiving and BASE jumping, to name a few. Dubai is full of luxury; it is the most expensive city in the Middle East and one of the most lavish places in the world. 


Since the word "culture" derives from French, it is no surprise that the country is laden with national attractions and places of interest, and not just in Paris. Luckily for the audacious traveler, France still has many lesser-known and underexplored towns, villages, mountains, and parks that offer some of nature's finest.


There is more to Greece than just the beaches. Its culture has evolved over thousands of years, and is widely considered to be the birthplace of all Western culture. One of the most popular destinations in Greece is the island of Santorini. The volcanic island set amid the Aegean Sea is famous for distinct architecture and sunsets that will blow you away.


Perhaps surprisingly, Poland has the highest number of national attractions of the countries on the list, from underground salt mines to historic town squares. And don't visit just Warsaw; the medieval town of Torun, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will surprise you. The many magnificent public and private buildings from the 14th and 15th centuries in the Old and New Town neighborhoods, one of which is the home of Copernicus, are remarkable.


Through a history of conquering and being conquered, Spain has acquired a tremendous amount of culture. From flamenco music to fantastic beaches, the Spanish lifestyle is one to envy. Sun-seeking, nightlife-loving northern Europeans flock to Spain's shores and Mediterranean islands as they have for the past half-century, while cultural tourists soak up the richness of cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

Unite States

Despite being a relatively "new" country, America has more than earned its cultural status with the huge range of activities to do, including hundreds of sports stadiums (917) and thousands of museums (35,144). The U.S. is a big place with a rich mix of natural wonders, great cities, historic landmarks, theme parks, national parks, and shopping malls.


Turkey is a popular summer destination amongst tourists thanks to its incredible weather. Historical sites, Istanbul's heady mix of East and West at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, and Aegean and Mediterranean resorts have long drawn visitors. Cappadocia, a semi-arid region in central Turkey that is most famous for odd rock formations clustered in Monks Valley, is a stunning real-life fairytale destination. There are many cave hotels you can stay in there.


Gamblers will be interested to know that Thailand has a grand total of zero casinos, having been prohibited in 1935. However, the country makes up for this with a huge array of other attractions like animal parks. Beaches, floating markets, inexpensive goods, and native tribes have always been a few good reasons to visit Thailand. The coral reef systems of the Phi Phi Islands are so abundant and astonishing you're going to need at least a month to explore them properly. 


The colorful culture of Morocco attracts thousands of visitors each year. They want to experience came; rides, spice markets and the heat of the Sahara desert. The best time to travel there is in the fall and spring. Morocco is home to incredible trails and stunning mountains. It's a perfect destination for hiking. Go trekking in the Atlas Mountains – a mountain range which extends about 1,500 miles through Morocco. It's a haven for trekkers looking for a challenge and a truly unique experience.


Home of the likes of the artist Frida Kahlo and the filmmaker Luis Bunuel, Mexico boasts an incredibly rich and complex culture. Mexico is home to some of the world's best architecture, spectacular waterfalls, swimming holes and an abundance of marine life. Explore underground caverns; spike your adrenaline on thrilling rides in the Xcaret eco-archaeological Park; embark on a wildlife tour at the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve in Tulum; and go snorkeling in an Underwater River. Click here to see more places in Mexico you need to check out in 2017.


China invests in entertainment for locals and tourists alike, with the second highest number of national attractions per capita – 313 (after Mexico which has 193). Tourism to China has increased rapidly with the opening of the country over the past three decades. The U.N.'s World Tourism Organization forecasts that China will be the most visited tourist destination by 2020.


Influential on global literature, philosophy, classical music, ballet and numerous other areas, in many ways Russian culture is unparalleled in its originality and creativity. Ancient cities, a rich heritage, a vast country of diverse natural beauty and traditions, and simply easier accessibility have brought increasing numbers of visitors since the collapse of the Soviet Union.