The Weirdest Hotels In The World

Travel is about experiencing new cultures. Why not do that in the most thrilling way possible? The Earth is a marvelous place and technology has made even the most remote or hidden lodgings available to the masses.

Test your limits. You can stay in a helicopter hotel or in a transparent treehouse in the shape of a capsule. Or you can see for yourself what it's like to spend the night in a former gun emplacement that is now practically its own island.

Don't be like most people and don't go on a never-ending quest to find an affordable hotel that is located close to every tourist attraction; search for an out of the ordinary spot. Experience the exceptional and different so you at least have lots of stories to tell for years to come.

Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

This is a place you can actually be comfortable in. The antiquated 1965 Boeing 727 has been renovated as a two-bedroom hotel hidden away in a tropical forest. It's on the edge of the jungle giving you views that will make you feel like you're flying, seeing both the ocean and the forest at the same time. All furnishings are hand carved. Your most frequent neighbors will be sloths, toucans, and monkeys.

Hotel Marqués De Riscal, La Rioja, Spain

This luxurious retreat combines design, art, gastronomy, and the lush landscape to create an unforgettable vacation at The City of Wine. You can't miss the hotel; you'll see it from miles away. The tilted walls, zigzag windows, and cathedral-height ceilings make it unique. It may not look like it but there are 43 rooms and suites inside.

Crane Hotel Faralda, Amsterdam, Netherlands

You can stay in this former industrial monument and you can also free fall from the top – it's only 164 feet. This is an astonishing and unique experience, far removed from the bland standard hotels all over the place. Some tourists even call the Faralda a romantic to stay, so maybe you should consider it if you haven't book a St. Valentine's vacation yet. Basically, staying in a converted industrial crane with luxurious rooms and a hot tub on top is a bucket list adventure.

Book and Bed, Tokyo, Japan

This is a bookstore/hostel. It calls itself an "accommodation bookshop." What they offer is an experience while reading a book. The books are not for sale. They have several locations with about 20 beds, shared toilet and bathroom. You can sleep behind a bookshelf and get curtains for each space.

Utter Inn, Sweden

Upon arrival you will be taken out onto Lake Malaren to the Swedish red house. Stay overnight, approximately 10 feet below the surface, and enjoy the magnificent ocean views. Bonus: Take out an inflatable canoe to view the island and catch a glimpse of even more marine life.

The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

At 30 feet tall, this can safely be said is the biggest beagle in the world. The B&B is the most famous hotel of its kind. It is a single room, complete with bathroom and loft, for visitors passing through the area, according to Atlas Obscura. The hotel is a roadside attraction for people who want to spend the night somewhere to relax.

Hang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam

The Hang Nga guesthouse has been nicknamed the "Crazy House" because is its unique design and architecture. It resembles fairytale home built on twisted trees in the jungle. Look at it from afar and you may think you are in Alice's wonderland with giant mushrooms, spider webs and caves. The rooms, connected by ladders, bridges and tunnels, look like you're in the middle of the wilderness surrounded by animals.

V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany

Needless to say, those of you are into cars will have a blast. Not only is the hotel unique, its location is as well – surrounded by the charm of a former airport site. The construction has been renovated in a classical modern style. Everything is centered on cars; there are automotive themed rooms, legendary vintage cars, sporty young timers, and exclusive and special classic cars.

Magic Mountain, Chile

You can stay inside a mountain, even if it's an artificial one. That doesn't change the fact that you'll be under a waterfall as it blows like a volcano from the top. And you can only access your room by walking on a monkey bridge. This mountain hotel really shows you the magic of the native forest. Favorite tourist activities include rafting and paintball. In the winter people like to go snowshoeing and glacier trekking.

Sun Cruise Hotel, South Korea

You can be on a cruise without the risk of getting sea sick. The idea of the hotel is to have a cruise experience even if you can't afford one. The ship sits perched high above the shores of Jeongdongjin. Go up to the gazebo at night to look down the beach. The view is stunning. There are 211 guestrooms, two restaurants, and a seasonal outdoor pool. There are lots of trails and picture taking locations.

No Man's Fort, England

This is one of the country's most secluded venues. Staying at this hotel is like having your own luxurious private boat—absolutely no neighbors. It was built as a line of defense against enemy attacks on the Solent and Portsmouth. No Man's Fort is the largest of three spectacular man-made forts that form the collective, Solent Forts. You will love the floor to ceiling windows giving you unrivalled panoramic views of the dramatic seascape.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

This tree-house hotel is among the most famous in the world because of it futuristic and high-tech design. One of the houses, the Mirror Cube, reflects the surrounding trees. You may be under it and not actually notice a tree house above your head. Talking about blending...Another tree house is a cabin and a third is looks like a huge bird's nest. Other than enjoy the awesome architecture, you can try Nordic skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

Karostas Cietums, Latvia

This authentic experience is for people looking for a more unusual adventure. In the Karosta Prison you can sleep on a real prison bunk or an iron bed and have a prison meal. You will be actually able to step into the shoes of a prisoner on from 9 p.m. until 9 a.m. The show, which is based on true stories from life in the Naval Port prison, is intended for groups of 10 or more.

Attrap’ Reves Hotel, France

Sleeping in a bubble can be quite the experience! It's like being in a transparent luxurious tent; imagine how clear the sky is at night. This is one of the best stargazing opportunities you will ever get. Enjoy the incredible views of true Provençal pine forest. Little rabbits and squirrels may be eating and sleeping right next to you, outside of course.

SiloStay, Little River, New Zealand

This is where you stay if you're looking for isolation and peacefulness. The unique hotel offers a chance of experiencing what renowned Guru Karisma Barack has said to be "the vision of one's inner self, declothed of society's convoluted outer sheath." SiloStay offers eco-friendly accommodation. The silos are designed across two floors and are fully-equipped with a kitchen, balconies and TV sets.

Marmara Antalya, Turkey

Do you want to be standing in one place but also moving? This impossible at first glance task glance is a reality at the Marmara Antalya Beach & Resort in Turkey. It is the only rotating hotel in the world. You wake up in the morning with a 360-degree view of magnificent Antalya. The hotel is floating on a pool of 478 tons of water and has six motors to do several circles around its orbit a day.

Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

This is the world's first ice hotel. It arranges Northern Lights flights. Discover glistening snow clad forests and see reindeer from up close. Swap the luxurious silk sheet for a sleeping bag and switch lace for wool. The staff recommend to book one night cold and a couple warm, starting or ending with the cold night.

Kokopelli's Cave Bed and Breakfast, Farmington, New Mexico

The Kokopelli's Cave house is built about 70 feet underground into the vertical cliffs of Tertiary Ojo Alamo sandstone. It overlooks the La Plata river valley, a stunning location for sunsets and sunrises, as well as for views of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado that make up the Four Corners. People can reach the cave by walking down a sloping path and steps that cut into the sandstone along the pathway. The man-made cave has a bathroom with a waterfall shower and Jacuzzi, a kitchen, Kiva area, a living room and bed room. The rate is $280 per night per one or two people.

Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia

If you've stayed at a hotel made of ice, it's time to visit one made of salt. Palacio de Sal is built on the world's largest salt flat. Even the furniture in the hotel is made of salt. The rooms at Palacio de Sal look like igloos build with salt blocks. All the rooms have a private bathroom, hot and cold water and central or electric heating.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Glass igloos, log cabins and extraordinary views...who would not want to stay in this igloo village? They were designed so visitors can enjoy the Northern Lights in their full glory but sleeping there is an amazing experience even if you don't catch them. You can stay in a snow igloo if you feel that's a more authentic experience. You can go on a husky and reindeer safari in the winter. Boarding an icebreaker cruise is also popular.

El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas

Looking for a unique Texas experience? Stay in a 22-ft. diameter yurt with wood floors. It's relatively modern to suit everyone's tastes. The yurt has a queen bed, writing desk and a sofa, and electricity. You can take a shower nearby. This kind of adventure destination is a combination of the lifestyles of hipsters and nomads who have passed through the region over the years. You can also find tipis, tents and trailers to sleep in in Marfa.

Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island, Canada

Each of the three spheres is made from wood. They literally hang in the air attached to supporting trees with a synthetic rope. The tree houses are available too book all year round, which is not the case with many others. The spheres look like a yacht from the inside. In fact, they are built based on a sailboat construction. You can feel the spheres move "like a gentle rocking" when the wind blows.

Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

You probably have never even imagined that you can actually stay overnight in a condor's nest. It is a transparent luxury capsule that hangs from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley of Peru. To get there, however, you have to climb 400 mt. of Via Ferrata or hike an intrepid trail through zip lines. Don't let that discourage you; the experience will be worth it.