These Are The Best Small Zoos In America

One place you can visit and expect the same kind of fun but always get a different experience is the zoo. Every park offers different local wildlife and an ecosystem.

There is a lot more to zoos than a place where people go to see creatures they won't in an urban environment. They are also often what preserves wildlife and informs people, especially children, of unique life in unpopulated parts of the world.[slideshow:104378]

Some may argue that the best part about zoos is that you don't have to leave the country, and maybe not even your state or city, to witness wild animals roaming freely. Pandas, giraffes, leopards...They are all over zoos in the U.S.

You have undoubtedly heard of the Bronx Zoo, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, but smaller animal parks deserve to be better known. They are just a little bit but also provide fun and memorable experiences with hundreds of species of animals.

Get up close to wild animals and spend a day with hundreds of different creatures for a change.

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