The 5 Best Beaches For Families In The U.S.

Spring is here, summer is on its way and before you know it, it will be gone.

Summer is the perfect time to get away with your family (The Top Family Travel Destinations in the U.S.). The kids are out of school, the weather is beautiful and let's be honest... you need a break from reality.  

Beach vacations offer great opportunities for family bonding. Ignore the distractions of your everyday life, tell your kids to put their phones away and just relax on the beach.

The kids are growing up so fast, and before you know it they will be older and you will have less time to spend together. Take the opportunity while you still can and book a family beach vacation (The Cleanest Beaches in the U.S.).

Here are some of the best beaches for families in the U.S.


1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is 60 miles of clean brown sand. It's one of the most popular East Coast family vacation destinations. The best time to visit is from June to August when the weather is perfect. Spend the day at the beach then head to one of Myrtle Beaches famous amusement parks.


2. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Visitors say that the beaches in Cape Cod are some of the best in the world. They have some of the most popular beaches for families with young children. Relax on the beach and reap the benefits of the sun or take up a new water sport and explore the ocean.


3. Santa Cruz Beach, California

Santa Cruz Beach has so much to offer families and children of all ages. Enjoy live events during the summer months, walk along the boardwalk, learn to surf and even visit the majestic forest of Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (National Geographic).


4. Siesta Key Beach, Florida

Siesta Key Beach is located in Sarasota, Florida. It's one of the most relaxed beaches in all of Florida. So, get away from your everyday life and enjoy the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico on your next family vacation. Go sailing, bike riding, and dolphin watching.


5. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is located about 90 minutes from Portland. It has a state protected marine garden and tidal pools with a variety of sea life (Under the Sea: 12 Best Snorkel Spots in the U.S.). They offer weekly events, fun contests and the opportunity to participate in some incredible water sports. Other nearby beaches include Arcadia Beach and Short Sand Beach.


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