Stunning Rainbow Colored Beaches To Visit Before You Die

Stunning Rainbow Colored Beaches to Visit Before You Die

Amp up your summer experience by exploring a coastline that is all about the beach, for once, as opposed to the water. You have probably heard of black sand, especially in places like Iceland, but did you know that red, orange, and even green shores can also be found?

Red: Red Sand Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Also known as Kaihalulu Beach, this red sand beach offers some of the most incredible scenery in the world. It's a hidden cove with a rugged coastline and red lava cliffs. You have to hike to get there, but once you do, visitors say it's totally worth it. *See: 10 Adventurous Things to do in Maui, Hawaii

Orange: Ramla Bay, Malta

This wide and sandy beach is located in Gozo. It is famous for its orange color, which is said to be caused by the high levels of iron in the sand. While you are there admiring the unique sand, visit the ancient Roman ruins in the Calypso Cave.

Orange: Porto Covo, Portugal

From zip lining to cycling, whitewater rafting and cliff diving, there are tons of reasons why you should make Portugal your next adventure destination. This orange sand beach is a must-see. It is located along the western Alentejo coast and is a popular destinations for suffers and body-boarders.

Orange: Porto Ferro, Italy

Porto Ferro beach is located in Italy. It is covered by orange sand, volcanic deposits and a mixture of shells. Visitors flock there because of its crystal clear waters and colored sand. Make sure you venture up to the top of the sand dunes for an incredible view. A review on TripAdvisor said: "Not crowded, nice waves, cozy bar. Perfect for people that want to get away from the beaten track. You don't have to be a surfer for enjoying this beach."

Green: Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Also known as Green Sand Beach, the colored sand was "created by a common silicate deposit of Big Island lava called olivine, which stays deposited on this beach because it is heavier than the other, lighter components of the lava," according to Hike along the shore and go swimming, surfing and fishing at this unique beach.

Violet: Pfeiffer Beach, California

This beach is home to some of the most incredible colored sand in the world – purple sand. Visitors say that the best time to see it is after rainfall. The purple sand comes from manganese garnet in the hills. It is eroded and washed down the creek to the beach, according to Discover Central California.

Pink: Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

This may just be one of the most famous beaches in all of Bermuda. It contains gorgeous pink sand that forms a horseshoe on the beach. The water is clear blue and the limestone rocks offer incredible scenery. Rent a beach chair and relax, or go snorkeling and view colorful fish.

Rainbow Beach, Australia

Located in Queensland, Australia is this famous tourist destination. Rainbow Beach gets its name from its rainbow colored sand dunes that overlook a gorgeous white sand beach. While you are there make sure you visit Great Sandy National Park for some outdoor adventures.

9. Many colors: Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

The name comes from the smooth colorful glass pieces on the pebbly beach. The site was once a trash dump so broken bottles from garbage cans of local residents are now little treasures to be found, according to California Beaches. It is illegal to remove any glass from there.

10. Pink: Balos, Crete, Greece

Balos is one of the most photographed beaches in Crete. It's famous for stunning turquoise waters, wild natural beauty and gorgeous exotic scenery. Avoid going there in July and August if you don't want big crowds around you. The lagoon and the wider area, with rare species of flora and fauna, are protected, according to Cretan Beaches.

11. Golden: Monkey Beach in Tioman Island, Malaysia

Monkey Bay is a striking beach tucked behind Salang Village at the west coast of Pulau Tioman, accessible by speedboat or jungle trails. The calm water and lush rainforest surroundings only make it more attractive. It's one of the most popular snorkeling stops on round-island tours, according to

12. Gray: Ocean Cape Area, Gulf of Alaska

The area is right next to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, which alone is worth a trip.  The shores have miles of gray sand near Yakutat, one of the best surfing towns in the world. The coast is also roofed with chunk and timber that washes up in the winter during storms.

13. Green: Qinghai Lake, China

14. Green: Kourou, French Guiana

This is not a very popular travel destination. The coastal town is mostly known for its space station, which is used for research programs such as weather studies and for telecommunications. The beach, however, is worth a day trip. It's pretty rare to see a green-colored beach.

15. Pink: Coldbackie Beach, Scotland

This is a very peaceful and remarkable place. Unwind on the pure sands and marvel at the views of the Rabbit Islands and the Orkneys. Often the beach is completely deserted and is the perfect place to spend some quiet time, according to Visit Scotland. It's also a popular spot for surfers.