Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Have you ever felt like someone was following you? Maybe you have felt intimidated walking alone in an unknown location. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that parts of the world we live in are dangerous and crime happens every day.

Don't be the victim of unwanted crime. Women traveling alone are usually at higher risk. According to U.S. Passports & International Travel, "when it comes to health and security, women travelers are more likely to be affected by religious and cultural beliefs of the foreign countries they visit." "The truth is that women face greater obstacles, especially when travelling alone."

It's important to always be aware of your surroundings. Avoid unknown, isolated areas, especially at night and educate yourself on the cultural norms such as the way the locals dress, laws and customs.

We all want to travel the world and should be able to do so without feelings of worry.  I can't promise you won't feel nervous at times, but if you follow these safety tips, you will be on the right track to a safer traveling experience.

Research your destination

I know it sounds like common sense but many travelers are so excited to embark on their trip, they forget to do extensive research. Scope out the best and worst neighborhoods, check for the closest medical centers and look at recent hotel reviews.

Give someone at home your itinerary

Before you head out, give someone at home your itinerary. This way, someone who is not traveling with you will have an idea of where you are, and at what point in time, just in case something goes wrong.

Use your hotel safe

Protect your valuables at all times. Make use of your hotel safe and lock up all of your expensive jewelry, laptops, tablets and other valuable items you are not taking out with you.

Get travel insurance

Although expensive, travel insurance is a must. It will reimburse you for lost baggage, cancellations, medical emergencies and more.

Leave the “do not disturb” sign on your door

Putting the DND sign on your door is a safety precaution we should all be aware of. However, regardless whether you are in the room, it is important to keep the sign on your door at all times. This will give individuals the impression that you are in the room which will hopefully prevent a break in.

Befriend the front desk

When you arrive to your hotel/hostel, befriend the people working at the front desk. Have them show you a map of your area and ask them to point out the bad areas so you know where to stay away from.

Blend in with the crowd

Become familiar with how people dress and the style of the locals in your destination. Avoid standing out and try to pass as a local. In many cases tourists are targeted by criminals. So dress alike and walk around with confidence to avoid any unwanted dangers.


Avoid staying in a room on the bottom floor of your hotel/hostel. Make sure to request a room somewhere between the third and sixth floor. The bottom floor is too easy to break into. (See: Hotel Safety Tips You Should Never Ignore)

Always have a road safety emergency kit

Are you renting a car? Make sure you have a portable road safety emergency kit with you. It should contain items such as a small flashlight, Band-Aids, water bottles, cell phone charger, jumper cables and multi-purpose tools just in case anything goes wrong with the car.

Don’t befriend just anyone

When you're traveling to a new destination you may be tempted to quickly join a group of people. It's important to remember not to trust people too fast. They may have a different agenda. Make sure you guard your valuables and don't leave your belongings unattended.