Peak Fall Foliage 2020: When Different States Will See Leaves Changes Colors

When the weather begins to cool down, you know it's time to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall. It's time to trade in summer grilling for delicious pumpkin baked goods or maybe time to start preparing that Thanksgiving shopping list. But one of the best parts of fall is witnessing the leaves on trees change color, shifting from lively green color to an array of bright orange, red and yellow.

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According to Farmers Almanac, depending on the region of America you live in, you can expect to experience peak fall leaves changing at different dates. In Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York and Vermont, you can expect to see fall colors as early as late September. Meanwhile, in Florida, Louisiana and Texas, peak fall foliage season won't even begin until early November.

Most states' peak dates start in early October and last until the end of the month, while some states such as Colorado end in the middle of the month. Many states like Oklahoma and Connecticut have narrow prime leaf-peeping windows of just about two weeks: Oklahoma Oct. 26-Nov. 4 this year; and Connecticut Oct. 12-28.

If you're looking to get a head start on planning your fall day trip to see the changing leaves, it's good to know the best time to go. If you miss your window or just can't get enough views of autumn, here are more gorgeous photos of fall foliage across America's national parks.