The Friendliest Cities In U.S. And Canada

Travel won't be the same if the people you meet along the way were not nice or helpful. They can make a break a trip, especially if you don't know your way around your destination. The secrets they can spill and lesser-known places they can reveal are invaluable.

Friendliness is that crucial. Being a stranger in a place where the people around you look happy to meet you and answer any questions you have is not only refreshing, but also heart-warming. It's the perfect beginning of an adventure.

The following list, in random order, is based on the latest Expedia analyses for America and Canada.

Hotel review data from 2017 in hundreds of destinations, helpful tourism board, things to do, quantity and quality of hotel options, access to an airport or major transit center, city and discovery tours, as well as amenities ratings were all taken into consideration.

Anchorage, Alaska

Take a friendly local and have him or her show you the best spots for river rafting and glacier hiking – incredible adventures you should add to your bucket list. You'll get to see bears, moose, and even whales. What more can you ask for? Seeing the Northern Lights maybe? Sure, just head to Chugach State Park.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

The city is has been at the top of the list since 2016 -  it's the only city to make a repeat appearance. Go in the winter in time for the holidays. Make time to stop into Just Christmas, which is the oldest year-round Christmas Emporium in Canada.

Austin, Texas

Who would be in a bad mood, ever, if he or she lived in a city that has warm weather nearly year-round and where recreational activities are a favorite pastime for residents. The divine food alone is a reason to go move there or visit for a week. The nightlife doesn't take a break until 6 a.m. Authentic and contemporary honky-tonks offer live entertainment and innovative music.

Airdrie, Alberta

You're going to live this place in the Calgary region. There is a lot to do nearby, but you still feel the peace and quiet. This is the perfect combination, isn't it? No wonder the people living there have a strong sense of community and friendliness. Have fun at the Iron Horse Park where the kids will like the miniature trains and stop at the Vintage Soda Company to see bottles that are no longer made.

Bar Harbor, Maine

What's not to be happy about if you live in a place where you get to soak up all the revitalizing powers of nature every day? The foods is very good, too. Bonus: The city has easy access to Acadia National Park. Also, its location at the edge of the sea give it the perfect combination of adventure or romance opportunities.

Tofino, British Columbia

You have probably heard of surf culture and how friendly surfers are? Well, Tofino is one of the coolest surf towns in the world. Just don't forget your wetsuit. Set on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, the area is rich in wildlife and the waves are more manageable in the summer, which makes it a great time for beginners. Those looking for a challenge will have to brave the icy winter waters.

Deadwood, South Dakota

Go there and be the star of your own western movie. Play poker or go on a gold panning tour. Everything is fun there. Definitely make time to visit the refined side of the Old West at the Historic Adams House and the Days of '76 Museum.

Truro, Nova Scotia

"Make the Connection" – This is how the city likes to advertise itself.  The idea is to make a connection to the community as you spend time there. This certainly brings up its ranking on the list. The local farmers and artists at the Farmers' Market will make you feel like family.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This may be one of the most haunted cuties in the country, but locals certainly don't let seem to be bothered by that "reputation." When you live in a city that saw the most famous battle of the Civil War, learned from it, and has been hosting a Memorial Day parade for more than 150 years, making it one of the oldest in the country, you don't even know how to be mean to visitors.

Sherwood Park, Alberta

This is where you go if you want to completely cut yourself off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Relaxation is very important here. Have some wine, see live music shows and enjoy life. Who would possibly be angry if he or she did this every day, even for a few hours?

Emerald Coast, Florida

This includes Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Okaloosa Island.  They make up a tight-knit system of tourism heaven. Each has its own charm, but all have at least thing in common – friendly locals who are not annoyed by tourists. This is where you'd go if you are into ecotourism and wanted to have fun beach hopping.

Leduc, Alberta

Locals in Leduc, a city of about 30,000 people, are always friendly, but they are especially nice when you try to play hockey with them. Watching a game at the Leduc Recreation Centre will earn you praises as well.

Napa Valley, California

The extraordinary wine probably has something to do with hoe friendly people are, but it's hard not to love the region even if you don't drink. Rolling hills, beautiful sunsets, relaxed way of life, delicious food at Michelin-starred restaurants, fun nightlife – what's not to like?

Huntsville, Ontario

Friendliness is typical in small towns. Huntsville has a population of about 20,000 people. They like to have fun. Go in July for the famous DockFest along Huntsville's historic downtown waterfront. The parade of specially decorated bathtubs is one of the highlights. If you like running and training for marathons, then this is the place for you as well. You can choose between the ultra-trail running race, Limberlost Challenge. Water sports are honored as well. The Muskoka River X Classic, a paddling race, is popular.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Ptown, as most people call it, is accepting of everyone. Go on a romantic date in the fall (it's in New England, after all) or add a spice of adventure to your date by going whale watching. Enjoy a campfire on the beach, go on a sunset dune tour or a sunset cruise, or go for a bike ride.

Vaughan, Ontario

This family-friendly town is a perfect getaway destination for a long weekend. The kids, and young adults as well, will love Canada's Wonderland, where you go flying high on a heart-stopping roller coaster. The Reptilia Zoo where you can interact with many of its residents, is also popular.

Sedona, Arizona

Whether you're drawn to Sedona by its beautiful red rock formations or the energy vortices rumored to exist there, this city is for active people who love the outdoors. The land of red rocks and intense spirituality, the desert town draws in artists, healers and wanderers, while the surrounding landscape brings adventurers.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Located on the banks of the St. Marys River, his is where you'd go if you wanted to enjoy Ontario's wilderness. The waterfront that is world class. Good vibes in the city are all around.

Natchez, Mississippi

The charming Southern town has everything – rich history, laidback small-town vibes, and classic Southern delicious food. Gold Record Road, which connects the Americana Music Triangle, loops through town twice. The history of music stretches back three centuries in Natchez. It is wonderful mixture of Indian, French, Spanish, and African music and cultures.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

People have a very positive attitude. The city really comes alive in the summer and the energy of young people as they crowd the lively bars along Argyle Street is refreshing. Halifax is also steeped in history. Make time for the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, a major attraction.