Old Faithful Isn't The Only Amazing American Geyser

Nevada's most visited tourist attraction may be the Las Vegas Strip, but there are many fascinating natural wonders in Nevada, including an amazing attraction that is a must-see: Fly Geyser.

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Fly Geyser is a 6-foot-tall, multi-colored geyser that is located on Fly Ranch in northern Nevada. The sight of the geyser will leave you wondering if you're still on Earth with its otherworldly appearance and bright colors.

The geyser began to form in 1916 when residents were looking for water irrigation. They drilled a well but then realized that the water was too hot and quickly abandoned the project. But a calcium carbonate cone formed as more water flowed down from the top and deposited more minerals, growing several inches every year. Today, the geyser constantly erupts 5 feet in the air with water that's around 200 degrees.

In 1964, a second well was dug up by a company, but this project was also abandoned after the water was found to be too cold for geothermal energy purposes. The second well was capped, but the seal wasn't strong enough to hold back the water pressure and a second geyser began to form. This led to the formation of more brightly colored fountains and pools.

The reason behind the geyser's bright shades of red, green and yellow is due to thermophilic algae that flourish in hot, moist environments, creating a look that is almost alien compared to the surrounding desert. It may not be Nevada's top natural wonder, but it's a sight worth seeing.

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