Dollar-Friendly Destinations Around The World


$1 = 68 Russian rubles as of April 4, 2016

The Russian ruble collapsed over the war in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions. Though the worst is over, visiting the country is still cheap. Finding flights around $600 won't take long. You can see the famous palaces in St. Petersburg and Moscow's Red Square for a lot less as well. Exploring the Kremlin will cost just $7. A cab from the airport to downtown Moscow is about $25.


$1 = 10 Moroccan dirhams

A three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant in the famous Casablanca or Fez will cost you about $15, according to Numbeo, the world's largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. Beer is less than a buck. Make the most of the opportunity and visit the popular bustling Marrakesh Medina market and the old city for an unforgettable night out among traditional musicians, snake charmers, and acrobats.


$1 = 1.30 Australian dollars

The most expensive problem with a trip to Australia is getting there because it's so far away. But with a little research, you can book a much cheaper flight. Virgin Australia, for example, often pitches discounts. Right now, you can easily find round-trip tickets for just about $1,000 from New York to Melbourne, which is among the most popular destinations. There, a meal at an average inexpensive restaurant will cost you about $11.


$1 = 22,295 Vietnamese dongs

There are a lot of reasons to visit Vietnam – its history, exotic food, electrifying energy, and nature are just a few. Ho Chi Minh City is the country's economic hub and likely the most expensive place to live and work in. Yet, a three-course meal for two at a fairly nice restaurant will run you about $18. Domestic and imported beer will cost about a dollar. You can travel around the city using its famous motorbikes as one gallon of gas is about $3.


$1 = 4 Romanian leis

This Balkan country has a very rich and complex history which is fascinating to many international travelers. They also go there to explore the country's natural beauty and rugged landscapes. The Transylvania region is especially alluring. Food is also cheap – a huge dinner for two won't cost more than $25 – and hotels are inexpensive. A night at a 5-star Marriott hotel is $90. In addition, an Airbnb is even cheaper.


$1 = 66 Indian rupees

Getting there may be more expensive, but you'll save most of your money once you're there. You can enjoy the amazing local food for no more than $3 in Delhi or Mumbai, both fairly expensive cities by local standards. You can find hotels around $60 a night. The reasons to visit India are endless – cultural diversity, cuisine, street food, folk art, Bollywood, and the Himalayas, to name a few.


$1 = 200 Nigerian nairas

Lagos is the economic capital of the country, but Benin City and Abuja, the actual capital city, are just as attractive to foreigners. They go for the food, natural beauty, national parks, and wildlife. Beer prices range between $1 a pint and $2 a bottle; a three-course meal for two at a nice place will cost about $50.


$1 = 3.60 Brazilian reals

Who doesn't want to sunbathe on Brazil's famous beaches, go on a tour through the Amazon, explore local culture, participate in a samba festival, or see the Carnival? Even the favelas are interesting to many foreigners. The economy is in shambles but tourism remains a priority in Brazil. The best time to visit is between April and May when the weather is most pleasant.


$1 = 3,900 Cambodian riels

April, May and June are the times to take a holiday in Cambodia because it's the dry season. Visit the ancient city of Angkor Thom, learn about the country's tumultuous history, enjoy the beautiful untouched beaches, encounter wild animals in the lavish jungle, and eat delicious local food. A huge meal for two is about $15 a mid-range restaurant, but you can easily go on $10-$15 a day per person.


$1 = 112 Japanese yen

As if people need another reason to find time and visit the historic, culturally rich and high-tech destination. Thanks to a falling yen, airfare from Los Angeles to Tokyo is now about $850. Use the money you'll save to join a sushi-making class in Japan or learn some Samurai skills. A meal at an average restaurant in the capital will cost about $7.


$1 = 15 Argentine pesos

You don't have to cross oceans and continents to reach a cheap getaway destination. Visit the home of the tango, some of the world's best steaks, and penguins without breaking the bank. Argentine food and wine alone are not a bad reason to add it to your travel bucket list. The Iguazu Falls, the country's national parks, and glaciers are a bonus. Make an excuse to see the country during a festival to see what a real party looks like.

South Africa

$1 = 15 South African rand

Even the chance to see wild animals is cheaper in South Africa. Consider a night tour at the Djuma Game Reserve, a state-run park. Certain South African Airlines offer discounts almost all year-round. A whole meal will cost about $8; cabs are relatively cheap ($1 a mile), and hotels and safaris are also much more affordable because of the strong dollar.


$1 = 7.70 Guatemalan quetzals

Most people go to Mexico or Belize and just fly over Guatemala. But they should consider landing there for a combination of ancient Mayan ruins, stunning nature, and exotic and cheap local goods. Even the most expensive food won't cost you more than $15 a meal. The weather is pleasant all-year round. November through April is usually the dry season.


$1 = 35 Thai baht

Beaches, floating markets, cheap goods, and native tribes have always been a few good reasons to visit Thailand. You can add inexpensive but delicious and exotic food to the list. Depending on where you choose to eat, a three-course meal won't be more than $12. Renting a sun bed for the entire day is no more than $2. And Getting a famous one-hour Thai massage will cost between $7 and $15.

Sri Lanka

$1 = 145 Sri Lankan rupees

The exotic island offers access to lavish rainforests, stunning beaches, misty mountains, elephants, leopards, and giant whales. You can find spicy food, unusual fruits, and sweets that you won't see anywhere else. A three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost no more than $14. You can also find reasonable accommodations for about $50 a night.


$1 = 100 Kenyan shillings

Kenya is the place to be for the world's best wildlife safaris. People often go for the "Big Five" (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino). Kenya also has a lot of other animals that are unique to Africa and are seen in national parks and reserves. Kenyan beer is popular all over the world, and a pint of domestic brew is just over $2. Additionally, you can find nice hotels in Kenya for as low as $70 a night.