The Most Caring Cities In America

To be caring means to show concern for others or to be kind to them. Care can be expressed in many different ways, so WalletHub took a look at some of the most populated cities in America and ranked each according to caring for the community, caring for the vulnerable and working in caring industries.


WalletHub compared 100 of the most populated cities using three key dimensions and graded each on a 100-point scale to discover the most caring city. Caring for the community can be broken down into care for the environment, favors for neighbors and other sub-categories. While caring for the vulnerable can be explained as rehabilitation centers and pet shelters per capita, adoption rates and more. Lastly, caring in the workforce specifies the residents who work in areas such as nursing, teaching, counseling and other community and social service positions.

#50 Baltimore, Maryland

As a major seaport city, Baltimore is known for having some of the best seafood shacks in the country. While it's world-famous for its tasty crab, Charm City has some of the highest volunteering hours to earn its spot on the list.

#49 Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho, boasts beautiful trees and shrubbery, earning its name as the "City of Trees." Caring for its environment is an important part of this city's history. There are several programs that residents can get involved in to keep up the overall health and beauty of the community's forest, even for rookie gardeners.

#48 Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis ranked 27th in the caring in the workforce category but didn't fare as well in terms of caring for the community, ranking 76th.

#47 Los Angeles, California

While Los Angeles is probably best known for its celebrity sightings and movie locations you can actually visit, the City of Angels can add caring people in the community to its list of attributes.

#46 Buffalo, New York

Buffalo ranked sixth in the caring in the workforce subcategory. This means that it has many people working in professions such as nursing, teaching and counseling that show care for the people in the community. Next time you see one of these workers, maybe treat them to a cup of coffee or some of the best Buffalo wings in America.

#45 Mesa, Arizona

Maybe to have someone to talk to on their long commutes or maybe to save some money on gas, many residents of Mesa, Arizona, carpool to work. Not only does that help reduce traffic congestion, but it also limits air pollution in the community and earned the city its place within the top 10 of the caring for the community category.

#44 Henderson, Nevada

Located near Las Vegas, one of America's most expensive travel destinations, Henderson, Nevada, is less glitz and glam and more known for it's outdoor adventures like rocky terrain and trails great for hiking. Henderson ranked fifth in caring for its community.

#43 Irving, Texas

Not only can you expect welcoming customer service and southern hospitality at the spectacular hotels in this bustling city, but Irving, Texas, is also great in its environmental initiatives. With more than 80 parks, this city shows care for its community forestry through educational programs to help maintain its natural beauty.

#42 Sacramento, California

Historic Sacramento, California, has an abundance of lush gardens and parks to visit with well-maintained trees and flowers making for a wonderful spring vacation getaway. The city ranked in the top 20 in caring for the vulnerable.

#41 Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky's largest city, Louisville, sat in the middle of all three categories for caring cities, and ranked 41st overall. It won't be hard to find a friendly local to talk to while sipping on your favorite cocktail in Bourbon City.

#40 Charlotte, North Carolina

If you're looking for the best free, family-friendly spring break activities, you may find some in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte is not only known for its southern hospitality, but it also has different initiatives to keep residents in the know about happenings around the community.

#39 Newark, New Jersey

Though it just missed the top 10 for caring in the workforce, Newark still made it to 39th place overall when it comes to how much this New Jersey city cares.

#38 Chula Vista, California

It would be hard to not be caring when surrounded by beautiful coastlines in this destination that is one of the safest cities in the country and leads the way in conservation and renewable energy.

#37 Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky, earned its spot on this list for ranking within the top 20 in terms of residents who pursued a profession in the community and social service workforce. If you're considering moving to Kentucky, it might help to look at the average home price in the Bluegrass State.

#36 Honolulu, Hawaii

This paradise island is covered in lavish plants and flowers along with its majestic mountains. In order to keep it looking gorgeous, the community comes together to care for and protect the fragile ecosystem and its high number of endangered native plants and animals.

#35 Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada, which is not too far from Lake Tahoe — one of the most photogenic spots in America — ranked in the top 25 in the caring for the vulnerable category.

#34 Raleigh, North Carolina

Visitors to Raleigh, North Carolina, will find some of the most beautiful college campuses in the South, but this city wasn't named the "City of Oaks" for nothing. Raleigh is known for its abundance of oak trees that the community has cultivated for years.

#33 Columbus, Ohio

You can see some incredible fall colors in Columbus, Ohio, thanks to the environmental care provided by its residents. But it also earned a spot within the top 20 for cities with residents who work as firefighters, police officers and other community service-based jobs.

#32 San Diego, California

While it may not be in the overall top 10,  the coastal city of San Diego still ranks high on the list of cities that care for the vulnerable, like rescue dogs.

#31 Santa Ana, California

You can expect to see many people of this Orange County city volunteering at the homeless and animal shelters as it takes No. 20 in caring for the vulnerable.

#30 Chicago, Illinois

Chicago will make you feel right at home. It ranks among the top 42 in all three caring categories. And while winter in the Windy City can be pretty harsh, Chicago is worth visiting in the summer.

#29 Colorado Springs, Colorado

You can experience some of the most breathtaking views in the Garden of the Gods, but a lot of important maintenance for the environment is needed in order to preserve its beauty. Colorado Springs, Colorado, is up for the challenge, cracking the top 30 overall.

#28 Durham, North Carolina

Durham, North Carolina, ranked fourth as a city that has people working in positions that care for others. From teachers to personal-care aides, Durham worked for its spot on the list.

#27 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is a top bucket-list destination for American history buffs. With a name like "The City of Brotherly Love," it's no surprise it ranks seventh for citizens who work as nurses, police officers or firefighters and do their job for the wellbeing of others.

#26 Anaheim, California

You might immediately think about the best rides or restaurants at Disneyland Park when you hear Anaheim, California, but you should also know that Anaheim ranks ninth in caring for the vulnerable.

#25 Chandler, Arizona

Arizona's fourth-largest city ranks sixth on the list for caring for the community. But this doesn't stop at showing acts of kindness to neighbors, it also means that this city cares for the environment that can be enjoyed with a scenic train ride.

#24 Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia, is a waterfront city known for its massive naval base and ranks in the top 20 for having residents who work in the community and social services, such as naval officers. It also ranks high in caring for the community but came in just shy of the top 20 overall.

#23 San Jose, California

San Jose's rank in the top 10 in terms of caring for the vulnerable helped it earn its spot in the top 25 overall. The Silicon Valley city was also tied for third for residents who donate the highest percentage of their income to charity. It seems like residents here know how to show gratitude every day.

#22 Portland, Oregon

One thing every woman should do in her life is volunteer, and there are more than enough opportunities in the City of Roses. Portland, Oregon, ranked high when it came to the most volunteering hours.

#21 San Francisco, California

San Francisco, known for one of the most iconic landmarks in America, the Golden Gate Bridge, came in second place for caring for the vulnerable, like some of the most popular dog breeds. That wasn't enough to get it into the top 20 overall, though.

#20 Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska, has some of the best fall foliage spots in the country, and that could be because the city ranked high in caring for the environment and community.

#19 Seattle, Washington

This seaport city took bronze in caring for the vulnerable. Not only that, but Seattle residents also put in long hours volunteering. If you're looking for a cheap date night idea, consider volunteering with your partner at a local animal shelter.

#18 Washington, DC

As a place known for beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring, Washington, D.C. knows how to care for its surroundings. It also ranked within the top 10 for cities that care for the vulnerable.

#17 Irvine, California

Irvine, California, ranked 11th in caring for the community and 12th in caring for the vulnerable to slide into 17th overall.

#16 Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City, New Jersey, ranked inside the top 10 in terms of cities that have residents who work in the community and in social services. This metropolitan city especially stood out for caring teachers, so it may be time to leave an apple on a favorite teacher's desk.

#15 Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert, Arizona, is a hidden American gem that everyone should visit. It ranked second in caring for the community, which can be seen in how residents treat their environment and neighbors.

#14 Plano, Texas

For being a small, quiet farming town, Plano, Texas, made itself heard with two top-10 rankings. Plano took ninth in caring for the community and sixth in caring for the vulnerable.

#13 Denver, Colorado

The capital city of Colorado holds its own among its more mountainous neighbors with some of the country's most underrated parks. The care that residents put into their community and keeping the metro clean did not go unnoticed as Denver broke the list's top 15.

#12 New York City, New York

There are plenty of places in New York where you're likely to spot a celebrity, but the real celebrities, according to this study, seem to be the teachers. The Big Apple ranked eighth for caring in the workforce and was one of the top cities for caring teachers.

#11 Aurora, Colorado

The "Gateway to the Rockies" makes a great spring vacation as it ranked well across the board in caring for the community, the vulnerable and in the workforce.

#10 Scottsdale, Arizona

For those considering retirement communities, Scottsdale, Arizona, ranked first in caring for the vulnerable. It also ranked fourth in caring for the community and the combination of the two helped this city crack the top 10 overall.

#9 Boston, Massachusetts

Boston ranked third for caring in the workforce with many residents working in the community and social services. It also ranked inside the top 20 for caring for the community.

#8 Chesapeake, Virginia

East coasters may know more about this city within the Commonwealth. Chesapeake, Virginia, is one of the cities that has residents who put in the most volunteering hours.

#7 Fremont, California

If you're visiting the San Francisco Bay Area for spring break, you have to stop by the beautiful city of Fremont, California. It ranked fourth in caring for the vulnerable and seventh overall.

#6 St. Paul, Minnesota

The neighboring city to Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, has a high percentage of residents that do favors for neighbors. The city also ranked first for having the most residents working in nursing, counseling and other community and social service-based fields.

#5 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is a great underrated American city to add to any bucket list. This city has a high percentage of people who do favors for their neighbors as well as residents who work in the community and social services.

#4 Lincoln, Nebraska

Be sure to stop by one of the coolest roadside attractions on your way to this caring city. Ranking fifth in caring for the vulnerable, Lincoln, Nebraska, also has a lot of locals who work in the community and in social service jobs.

#3 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The city of Pittsburgh, a great weekend getaway, is known as "Steel City," but that certainly doesn't apply to the hearts of its people. The city ranks high on the list of places that have lots of residents working as nurses, police officers and in other care service positions.

#2 Madison, Wisconsin

Home to one of the most beautiful college campuses in the Midwest, Madison, Wisconsin, ranked third in caring for the environment.

#1 Virginia Beach, Virginia

It may not be on the list of best beaches in the world, but it ranks as the most caring city in America. Virginia Beach earned its place on this list after ranking first for people who care about the community and also has one of the highest percentages in volunteering hours. After visiting the most caring cities, consider checking out underrated tourist destinations around the world.

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