The Absolute Worst People To Ever Fly On An Airplane

The Absolute Worst People to Ever Fly on an Airplane

People can be quite unreasonable while traveling. Overcrowded conditions, altitude, waiting for what may seem like forever even though the plane is right outside the window, can enrage even the most patient passengers.

The Drunks

classic mistake passengers make is treating their flight experience like some form of "booze cruise." Many people think that making it past the gate agent is the magic checkpoint to start the party. Well, it's not. Drinking will not help you fall asleep, if that's why you're doing shots before boarding. What booze will do is make you loud and annoying to other passengers.

Mean People

Why do you have to be mean to people who don't even know you? No one on the plane is to be blamed for your bad mood, so none of them deserve to be victimized. Being humble and kind will get you a lot more than will whining and complaining during the entire flight. Don't get in fights with people waiting to use the restroom and stop talking about how much you don't like plane food.  

Stinky Passengers

A man was not allowed to board because he smelled too bad. The airline denies the allegation but there is a video showing a staff member telling him that the crew and passengers had been complaining about his odor. He was told that the captain had the right to refuse him, that he wouldn't be flying today, and that he should take a shower. True or not, no one should ever be able smell someone else's body odor, especially on a flight.

Those With a Contagious Disease

Where do you think the germs you're coughing are going to go? They will land on someone else, who will then touch their nose, mouth, or eyes and get sick. This vicious cycle should be avoided if possible. Do you want to be responsible for getting a child sick or for starting a mini-epidemic?

Screaming Kids

You can't really blame a baby for crying — it could be hungry, tired, or uncomfortable. They can't express their dissatisfaction any other way. Kids, however, can. Anyone older than 3 years old should understand that screaming for hours is not doing anyone any good. Some children don't seem bothered by that "unwritten rule."

Those Obstructing Your View

Congratulations for having the ability to grow long and beautiful hair, but you don't have to hang it over the seat, blocking the TV of the person sitting behind you. That's just rude. If your hair is in the way, making you restless, use a scrunchy or hair tie and put it back. Ask the flight attendants for one; they may be able to help you.

Those Who Can’t See the Toilet Seat

Believe it or not, instances where people have urinated in the lavatory sink or outside the toilet have been documented and posted on Instagram. What could possibly be a good reason for this despicably gross behavior is debatable. In any case, don't do it.

People Who Stick Their Feet in Your Way

This is arguably the most shamed passenger behavior. Everybody can relate to the need to have more leg room, but sticking your (smelly) feet out is not the nice way to achieve your goal. Stand up and stretch every hour or so to get the blood flowing and feel more comfortable.

Naked Passengers

Clothes are not optional on planes. Your seat is not your private bedroom. Put a shirt on, don't change in the middle of the aisle, and, under no circumstances should you leave your underwear on the seat for the next passenger to find.

Parents Who Leave Babies in the Overhead Bin

There are examples of travelers trying to stow their baby in an overhead bin. How can you leave an infant stuffed in between two pieces of luggage? One mother said the overhead bin looked like a bassinet and thought that's where the baby was supposed to be during the entire flight.

Filthy Passengers

Some people spill all of their chips and pretzels on the seat and on the floor, but don't clean up after themselves. Flight attendants are not servants and should not be expected to take care of other people's messes.

People Who Make Too Much Noise

Although an aircraft isn't a library, passengers should understand that raising their voices in disdain is not a smart way to secure their safe travel. A passenger once treated fellow travelers to renditions of the Whitney Houston hit song "I Will Always Love You" during a six-hour flight from LA to New York, according to reports. Even if she sang well, hearing the same song over and over again would be dreadful.

Arrogant Recliners

Though it's true that you should recline your seat as much as possible in order to minimize the pressure on your lower back and discs, you can do it in a polite manner. Ask the person behind you if they would mind. You don't want to lean back while they're eating or getting something out from under your seat.

The Chatterboxes

Some people just can't stop talking and don't get the "leave me alone" signals their neighbors are sending. Put your headphones in — you don't even have to listen to anything — so that no one will bother you or try to talk to you.