The Absolute Cutest Pet Costumes For Halloween

'Tis the season to dress up your pet any way you want. Cats and dogs, and other alterative best friends, are part of the family and deserve to celebrate one of the most exciting holidays. A Petco survey shows that 59 percent of owners will celebrate Halloween with their pets this year, up 9 percent over 2015. About a third of the pet parents shared this will be their first time having their pets join in the festivities.

The Pumpkin

This cute and funny little Chihuahua is dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween. You can tell that he is very excited to go trick-or-treating soon.

The Chia Pet

This little guy is dressed in a chia pet costume for a Halloween dog costume contest. Hopefully, a win can put a smile on his face. Regardless, he is absolutely adorable.

The Dinosaur

This cute Chihuahua is so charming, you will look at it and smile regardless of what costume it's wearing. In this case, though, the T-rex outfit is a great choice.

Bee Mine

No one can wear a bee outfit and look cuter than this adorable puppy. One look at the fluffy canine and your heart has begun to melt already.

The Doc

This young Labrador Retriever, one of the most active dog breeds in the world, knows what he wants to become when he grows up. He'll be looking after a lot more people than his owners and best friends.

The Zebra

Dressing up for Halloween doesn't have to be a difficult task at all. One simple costume can do the trick. This cute little pug totally rocks the zebra outfit. If you look at him from afar, you won't tell the difference.

Bling Bling

This Black Labrador knows how to dress up funny for Halloween. The Afro wig, the sunglasses, the bling all works perfectly well together. Odd and bizarre, yes, but absolutely hilarious.

The Devil

Making a kitty look like the devil is an impossible task. How can any kitten be even a little bit evil (unless you have no heart)? What they are is extremely cute.

The Cowboy

This English Bulldog, a bred that can be amazing surfing dogs, is looking very comfortable wearing a western hat, cowboy shirt, bandanna and a vest. His face seems to be asking for the whiskey flask.

The Warrior

This adorable canine is dressed up as a knight. Don't mess with the English Bulldog who has a sword and protective armor. If that doesn't stop you, his "you don't impress me" face should certainly deter you.

The Christmas Duo

Santa Claus and his little helper want to let you know that they are still working on your presents. Just look at how invested they are in the argument...

The Pirate Pooch

Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They are also among the most adorable, even when they are dressed like criminals. This cute pooch seems to know how to rock a red mini-skirt, too.

The Firefighter

No one is going to get hurt on this adorable Dalmatian dog's watch. His fire department mascot uniform certainly makes him stand out in a crowd.

The Caveman

Who thought that a Pomeranian puppy in a caveman outfit would be such an adorable picture? This cute disguise should be in the Top 3 of any Halloween costume competition.


Sometimes there is no need to make your four-legged friend, in this case an Australian Cattle Dog, wear a fancy dress to look cool. Fun sunglasses and a floral garland are enough to do the trick.

The Guard

It's safe to assume that this cute terrier with a spooky bandanna will scare all witches and bad guys away when you're going trick-or-treating.

The Princess

If this cute miniature Pinscher dog in pink tutu costume doesn't win the fashion show she is competing in, all similar events should be canceled indefinitely.


Who says funny cute Chihuahua dogs won't sit down for a hairdo? Just look at this gorgeous canine...Imagine what you can do with a long-haired pooch?

The Vampire

Can your pet make a weirder face? Maybe it's brought by the boiling potion in the cauldron, the fire behind him or the huge spider by his paws? One thing is for sure – this cat is scared.

The Samurai

This is the most authentic dog Samurai in the world. The puppy looks like he is heading for a battle, which he is definitely going to win. Just look at the sword...

The Lady

This Russian Toy puppy is wearing a Halloween hat with a spider on top. She is ready for the next British royal wedding at Westminster Abbey.


This cutie is patiently waiting for Halloween. What he looks like exactly is debatable. The closest guess is a leprechaun, but what's with the pink fur? Either way, he is adorable.

The Geisha

This Boston Terrier is so adorable dressed up as a geisha. It looks like she is going to need a few more minutes to get used to the outfit. We can still look in "aww" and enjoy the cuteness.

The Lion

This tiny Chihuahua is transformed into a lion. The retro vintage Instagram filter makes the photo even better. The eyes, however, totally make the picture.

The Detective

This dog competed in the 24th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. He must have done very well – the outfit and the look immediately make you think "Sherlock Holmes."