25 Life Hacks To Make Life A Little Easier

Life is hard enough as it is with all the responsibilities people have to juggle at the same time. Why make it more complicated by figuring out trivial things like how to make more room in your closet?

The quick tips on this list may help (to handle stress as well). Life hacks to help you recover lost items, get rid of bad odor, warm up food, make grilled cheese sandwiches, to name a few, will also save your time, energy and money (Fitness tips to save money).

The best part is that you just have to twist a few little things and you'll always have an awesome bed in the car when you're on the road, without taking up any extra room for luggage; your necklaces will never again get nodded; and you won't spend a dime to prevent your laptop from overheating.

Organize your space better with these low-budget tricks and shortcuts and become more productive and efficient.

1. Heating up leftovers

Make your food look like a bagel – space out a circle in the middle. It will heat up much more evenly. It saves you time stirring and putting it back in the microwave a few more times.

2. Colling wine

Forget about ice cubes that only water down your wine. Freeze grapes and put them in your glass instead. They are especially delicious with white wine (See how to fit alcohol in your diet).

3. Keep sand off your feet at the beach

Don't leave the house without some baby powder in your beach bag. It will get the sand off your skin very easily and keep it off. 

4. Music’s too low?

Sometimes we just can't get the music from our phones and iPads to sound as loud as we want. No problem. Put the device in a bowl. The concave shape amplifies the music and makes it sound much louder (12 Portable Power Sources for Your IPhone).

5. Keep apples fresh

So you like apples for a snack and cut them up because pieces get stuck between your teeth (12 Delicious Foods You Can Snack On and Lose Weight). The problem is that they get brown after a while. Assemble the cut pieces to form an entire apple and wrap them with a rubber band.

6. Stop your laptop from overheating

Why should you spend money on a special laptop desk when you can use an egg carton? Just place the laptop on top.

7. Make quick grilled cheese sandwiches

And save money. Use your toast. Just place it sideways. Put some cheese on a slice of bread and toast it as you normally would (4 Processed Foods That Are Actually Healthy).

8. Find lost tiny items

Every woman has probably lost an earring or ring somewhere. She probably doesn't know that it could be at home. Find it by putting a stocking over a vacuum hose. Nothing will go through this simple filter.

9. Packing shoes

Forget about the messy plastic bags that take too much space and don't keep your shoes together anyway (Best Running Shoes Under 100 Bucks). Store them inside shower caps instead. It's much tidier.

10. Too many stuffed toys?

Use Velcro strips. Attach them to the wall and stick the toys to them. You or your kids will just have to reach and grab them. They won't be on the floor anymore where you can slip on one and fall. 

11. Smelly shoes?

Every active person and gym-goer has probably struggled with smelly shoes and gym bags. Just put a dry tea bag inside. It will absorb the nasty scent (7 Ways to Keep Your Sneakers Stink-Free).

12. Sunburn problems?

You can apply all the lotions in the world but that won't take care of how hot your skin is or how bad it burns. Freeze Aloe Vera gel in ice cube trays and use it. It really helps to soothe the sunburn.

13. Pizza and microwaves

You can easily avoid the crust from getting soft and chewy by putting a glass with a little water in the microwave.

14. Cables everywhere?

Prevent that from happening by putting them in an empty toilet paper roll. It will keep all kinds of power cords neat. You can even write down what each cable is for.

15. Need more space in your drawer?

It's simple; just stack your clothes vertically after you fold them. This way you'll also be able to see each shirt, pair of jeans and whatever else you have there without removing anything (The 4 Best Ways to Pack a Backpack). 

16. Make perfect cuts

Cheese, cakes and anything soft is not easy to cut in pieces. Thankfully you don't need to be a chef or have special knives. Unscented dental floss will do a perfect job.

17. Don’t lose your jewelry when you travel

Use multi pill cases. Put one pair of earrings, rings and necklaces in each compartment. They will be secure and won't get tangled or lost in your clothes.

18. Never let necklaces nod again

Simply slide it through a straw and fasten. This will also keep your jewelry box pretty neat.

19. Sleep like a baby when you travel…in your car

If you go on a trip exploring America's most scenic roads, don't worry about paying insane hotel rates just to get a few hours of shuteye. Bring an inflatable pool floatie with you. Inflate it when you need some rest and put in the back seat. It makes for a perfectly soft bed.

20. Slicing onion

Most of the time you want thin slices but a knife just won't do the job well. Use a potato peeler and save yourself time...and tears.

21. Need space in the closet?

Too many clothes but few hanger and too little space? Use the clips or rings from your old shower curtain. Hang a small summer dress, especially with straps, on each clip and attach several clips to a single hanger. Now you have about 5-6 dresses on one hanger. 

22. Can’t open plastic packages?

You don't have to be an engineer to open annoying plastic packages in which many devices come. Don't risk cutting yourself while trying. Just use a can opener. Nothing stays in its way.

23. Preserve food for longer

To do that, you have to seal the packages with the frozen food it in. Clips are sometimes not a good option depending on the shape. Use the top of an old plastic bottle. It's literally like a lid (The 13 Best Water Bottles). 

24. Torn flip flops

This is a common problem in the summer. Don't carry an extra pair of flip flops (The Best Flip-Flops and Sandals) that take too much space. Have a clip from a bread bag instead. It's a handy fix for when the thong tears off. Put the clip on the bottom; it'll hold it until you go home.

25. Don’t let your charger break

No need to buy a new charger every few months because the cable is broken (Bike Tech Accessories). Keep it in better shape by slicing it through a spring from a pen. This will keep it from folding and moving in all directions.