2017's Least Expensive Airports

Travel can be inherently expensive, and having to fly through a particularly costly airport can put a damper on a vacation before it even starts. The following list is based on RewardExpert's analysis of the 45 busiest domestic airports based on 10key indicators across four dimensions – transportation to and from the airport, plane ticket prices, amenities, and food – to determine which are most wallet-friendly for travelers.

10. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Louisiana

Tenth on the list is New Orleans for its low ticket prices and low transportation prices. The average fare of domestic flights leaving New Orleans is $316.70. Bus fare is $2.00, which is less expensive than most cities in the country. Taxis to Bourbon Street will cost about $35, which is about what most cities are. However, parking at New Orleans airport is very inexpensive. The daily rate for the economy lot is $11.

9. Portland International Airport, Oregon

Portland is eighth, mainly due to its amenities and food prices. Luggage storage at the airport starts at $7, which is the least expensive of all the analyzed airports. You could rent luggage trolleys for $4. Of the 24 restaurants within the airport listed on Yelp, half of them had only one dollar sign, which is the most of any airport reviewed. The airport also conveniently has free Wi-Fi.

8. Oakland International Airport, California

Average domestic fares from Oakland cost $303.00, while tickets from the nearby San Francisco airport cost about $100 more. For those in the Bay Area, consider flying from Oakland, as it's much less expensive than the other airports in the area. OAK also has a golf course besides the airport; free club rentals are available, which is another wonderful reason to fly through there.

7. Denver International Airport, Colorado

Denver is seventh on the list because of low ticket prices and the many low cost food options in the airport. The average fare of domestic flights from the airport in 2016 was $312.00. Furthermore, across an average of all the restaurants in the Denver airport on Yelp, the DEN scored with only one dollar sign. The airport was named the best for dining in the 2017 Airport Dining Scorecard.

6. San Jose International Airport, California

Sixth on the list is San Jose, primarily due to the fact that getting there won't break your bank. The average domestic fare from San Jose costs $322.70. In regards to transportation, you can take a bus for $2.00 or a taxi for $15.00 from the downtown area. The daily rate in the economy parking lot is also $15.00, which is very wallet-friendly compared to other airports on the list.

5. Tampa International Airport, Florida

Tampa is fifth because of its ticket prices and affordable transportation. The average price of domestic fares from the city costs $312.2, which is ninth overall. Getting downtown from the airport won't put a dent in your wallet whichever way you decide to get there. The cheapest option is taking the bus; fares are $2, while a taxi costs on average $25, which is far less expensive than some of the other airport routes.

4. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Arizona

Fourth on the list is Phoenix; primarily due to its low costs in transportation and food. The bus costs $2, daily parking is $7, and a taxi is roughly $20 from the downtown area. Traveling to the airport is inexpensive no matter which way you choose. The food is also inexpensive; PHX ranked fifth in that category.

3. Orlando International Airport, Florida

Orlando ranks third due to its low ticket prices and affordable amenities. Orlando also ranked third overall in the domestic fare prices category with a $253.90 average. MCO offers free Wi-Fi, which is always nice. For travelers who feel a little grimy after a long flight or need to freshen up, showers are available through a few of the airport lounges costing $40, which is less expensive than many of the nation's airport lounges.

2. McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada

Second on the list is Las Vegas' McCarran airport, which can be quite helpful for travelers going home after losing some cash gambling. It ranked No. 1 in regard to average domestic fares, clocking in at average of $227.50. A bus costs $2.00, a taxi runs about $20.00, and parking is only $10.00 for the day, which means there are some wonderful ways to save by flying through LAS.

1. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Airport is first on the list because of its low prices in average flight prices and amenities. In 2016, the average domestic fare cost passengers $241.80, which was second overall in regard to the cheapest tickets. Furthermore, the free Wi-Fi is a useful perk for travelers. Lastly, FLL is one of the few airports that stills allows for luggage storage, and pricing starts at $11, which can't be beat.