2017's Most Expensive Airports

Between the plane tickets and taxi fares, even the little treats like coffee, sandwiches, let alone Wi-Fi, can quickly add up. Airports aren't exactly helping consumers' wallets either. Nowadays, practically everything incurs a charge—switching seats, an extra bag, or even a bottle of water. The following list is based on RewardExpert's analysis of the 45 busiest domestic airports based on 10key indicators across four dimensions – transportation to and from the airport, plane ticket prices, amenities, and food – to determine which are most wallet-friendly for travelers.

10. LaGuardia Airport, Queens, New York

LaGuardia ranked 10th because of transportation costs, plane tickets and food prices. The average domestic fare from LGA is $329.20. Wi-Fi costs about $5. La Guardia is also a very expensive in regard to restaurants and food. There are none ranked with a single dollar sign on Yelp. Avoid parking at the airport for more than a few hours. The daily rate is a whopping $59, which much higher than any other analyzed airport.

9. Austin–Bergstrom International Airport, Texas

Ninth on the list is Austin's airport, as it's expensive in regard to ticket prices and amenities. The average domestic fare from AUS is $372.50. Furthermore, unlimited Wi-Fi is not free, but costs $7.95. The airport doesn't offer baggage storage, but trolley's cost $4, which seems a lot when many other airports offer them complimentary.

8. George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, Texas

Houston is eighth due to high transportation costs and very high plane tickets. The average domestic fare from Houston is $431.40. While the bus will only cost you $1.60, a taxi will cost over $50. IAH's domestic fares are the second highest in the country, which is primarily why it's eighth on the list. Bush airport does offer showers, but if you need one, you have to pay $50 to get into one of the lounges.

7. St. Louis Lambert International Airport, Missouri

Seventh is Saint Louis Airport because of high amenities costs and a relatively high price for plane tickets. The average domestic fare from STL is $362.70. Wi-Fi actually costs $7.95 for unlimited use; 70 percent of the country's biggest airports offer free and unlimited Wi-Fi. Lastly, the airport charges $5 for luggage trolleys, which is more expensive than any other airport.

6. Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina

Charlotte is sixth on the list due to high food costs and costly plane tickets. The average domestic fare from CLT is $415.90. Restaurants and food establishments in the airport have very high prices on Yelp. There is free unlimited Wi-Fi, which helps, but luggage trolley's cost $4. The combination of high ticket prices and high food charges is what puts Charlotte so high in the rankings.

5. Los Angeles International Airport, California

Fifth on the list is Los Angeles Airport, due to expensive amenities and transportation costs. The average domestic fare from Los Angeles is $355.90. Furthermore, unlimited Wi-Fi is not free; it costs $9.95, which is more than any other airport. A luggage trolley would cost you $5 and luggage storage starts at $17, which is on the pricier end of the spectrum.

4. Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, Minnesota

Minneapolis/Saint Paul Airport is fourth, due to high plane tickets and expensive food costs. The average domestic fare from Minneapolis is $386.40. According to Yelp pricing data, there are barely any places to eat ranked with a single dollar sign; most eateries are ranked with two or more. Additionally, unlimited Wi-Fi is not free at the airport, which can mean a lot to travelers in this day and age.

3. Washington Dulles International Airport, Virginia

Third on the list is Dulles Airport due to expensive plane tickets and expensive transportation costs. The average domestic fare from there is $443.40, which makes it the most expensive in the country. To get to downtown D.C., travelers can take public transit for $5 or a taxi for almost $70. Compared to other cities around the country, this is quite expensive.

2. John F. Kennedy International Airport, Queens, New York

JFK is second because of its high prices for plane tickets and a lack of low-cost food options. The average domestic fare from JFK is $396.10. Unlimited Wi-Fi is not free. JFK is one of the few airports where you have to pay an additional fee if traveling by public transit. The AirTrain, while convenient, costs $5 to ride, which puts the total bill at $7.75 for public transportation costs, which is about $5 to $6 more than most airports. Parking in the economy lot has a daily rate of $18, which is near the top of how much airports charge for economy lot parking.

1. Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey

First on the list is Newark Airport, due to its high ticket prices and expensive food. The average domestic fare from Newark is $429.80. Furthermore, unlimited Wi-Fi is not free. Despite Newark's effort to improve its food offerings, the airport struggles with providing affordable dining. Newark has the most expensive food prices of any analyzed airport. On Yelp, there are no restaurants at Newark with a single dollar sign, and most have two or even three.