20 Weekend Trips We Wish Our Parents Had Taken Us On When We Were Kids

When you were a kid, you always wished for a weekend adventure. Whether it was a trip to Disneyland, SeaWorld, or just your grandparents' house upstate, you wanted to spend the two days you weren't in school doing something fun. You might have wished to explore the big city or spend a couple of days at the beach. Perhaps a weekend at a theme park was all you had been saving your allowance for, maybe for a whole month. We asked The Active Times team what trips they wish they had gone on when they were kids, and the answers might seem more than a little familiar if you grew up in America.

Asheville, North Carolina

This artsy town in the Blue Ridge Mountains makes for a cool weekend getaway no matter how old you are. With a super cool River Arts District that showcases more than 200 artists and a 434-acre arboretum with stunning gardens and more than 10 miles of hiking adventure, Asheville is a draw for folks young and old.

Atlanta, Georgia

It's not just that Atlanta has a ton of cool restaurants, a big aquarium, and a lot to do — there's also the World of Coca-Cola, a whole world of interactive exhibits where you can sample more than 100 different beverages. It's a soda-fiend's dream!

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

As kids, many of us were inspired by the movie "Splash" to venture to Cape Cod in search of mermaids. However, as adults we want to go to Cape Cod because it's the most beautiful spot in Massachusetts and we have summer dreams of boat rides and lobster rolls.

Cape May, New Jersey

Many East Coast kids spent summers wishing they could go to Cape May to soak up the sun. The area is also notable for its Victorian homes and the Cape May lighthouse. It's a far cry from Seaside Heights, where they filmed popular TV show "Jersey Shore," but it's still an iconic New Jersey spot.

Cedar Point, Ohio

Cedar Point calls itself "the roller coaster capital of the world." Not only does it have huge looping roller coasters, but it also has water slides, thrill rides, and tons of entertainment. Of course, it also has some of the best (and worst) theme park foods.

Charleston, South Carolina

When you were little, you may have wanted to go to Charleston to see its cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages, or maybe just to play in the water. As an adult, you can go and appreciate the historic Charleston City Market, the beauty of Waterfront Park, the French Quarter, and stunning antebellum homes.

Disneyland, California

It's the dream of every West Coast kid from the time they learn to speak! A weekend trip to Disneyland would include staying at one of the few hotels around the park, riding every single ride, and dining at Downtown Disney. Plus, Anaheim is only about two hours outside of Los Angeles, and there are a few fun things to do right outside of Disneyland.

Walt Disney World, Florida

When you're a kid on the East Coast or in the South, it's more feasible to get down to Walt Disney World for a weekend than it would be to get all the way to California. Walt Disney World has even more hotel options and even more parks to explore than Disneyland. You could easily find yourself there for a whole week as opposed to just a weekend! But if you do find yourself staying that long, these are 16 things to never do at Disney World.

Dollywood, Tennessee

For kids in the South, Dollywood always seems like a fun place to go on the weekend. It's considered one of the world's premier theme parks — and yes, it's owned by Dolly Parton. There are tons of cool rides like the Tennessee Tornado, Mystery Mine, and the Wild Eagle in the 150-acre park. Plus, it's a great excuse to take a scenic drive into the Smoky Mountains to get to Pigeon Forge.

Indiana Dunes, Indiana

When you're a kid growing up in the Midwest, there are a lot of lakes but no ocean. The Indiana Dunes feel kind of like an ocean — plus, from some spots you can see the Chicago skyline. It's an excellent spot for a summer weekend, especially if you can't make it to Chicago's lakefront, which is one of the best places to picnic in Illinois.

Los Angeles, California

LA is the land of movie stars, and kids who wanted to see celebrities desperately wanted to go to LA in hopes of running into their favorite actor, band member, or even model. Plus, you can always tour the back lot of Universal Studios, take a star tour bus around the city and see various paparazzi sites, or hit up The Grove or the beach for some fun in the sun.

Nashville, Tennessee

If you were a kid who loved country music, Nashville seemed like the place to be. Whether you were exploring the Grand Ole Opry or seeing a live show in a honky-tonk bar, Nashville is bursting at the seams with good music. As an adult you can go back and enjoy the cool bars in East Nashville or rent a golf cart and zip around the city.

New York City, New York

New York City is super-exciting when you're a child. You can see a Broadway show, ride a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, go to Dylan's Candy Bar, or ride bikes in Central Park. Hey, it actually sounds pretty exciting for adults too!

Ocean City, Maryland

One of the places you definitely dreamed about going when you were a kid on the East Coast was Ocean City, Maryland. Whether you wanted to frolic along the boardwalk and the beach or get wet at the Jolly Roger Amusement Park, this coastal community was where you begged your parents to take you.

Palm Springs, California

The big draw for Palm Springs when you're a kid is always the Cabazon dinosaurs. Those massive pre-historic beasts, seen on everything from postcards to the big screen in "PeeWee's Big Adventure," seem to tower over the freeway in the middle of the desert. Now as an adult you can stop by the dinosaurs on your way to spend a relaxing weekend in Palm Springs playing golf or laying by a pool.

San Diego, California

The San Diego Zoo was one of the top reasons we wanted to go to San Diego as kids. It seemed like the coolest zoo on Earth! Plus, San Diego is super-close to Legoland. As adults, we love SD for its stunning beaches, boat rides, and amazing Italian food.

San Francisco, California

We wished our parents would take us on a weekend trip to San Francisco so we could eat clam chowder, ride the ferry to Sausalito, run down zig-zagging Lombard street, or eat a huge ice cream sundae at Ghirardelli.

Tahoe, California and Nevada

There are so many fun water and land sports to do in Tahoe. Whether you're parasailing, kayaking, bike riding, or hiking, you're sure to have an incredibly active weekend on both the California and Nevada sides of the lake. Tahoe is one of the most beautiful towns in America.

The Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

There aren't a lot of places to spend a fun weekend when you're a kid in the Midwest. But there are the Wisconsin Dells. The Dells are full of a bunch of fun waterparks with zany slides, water rides, and cool pools that are heated so you can take a trip to the water park even in winter!

Yosemite, California

If you grew up in California, you've definitely been to Yosemite and loved it so much you suggested it for every family trip ever. The massive sequoia trees, horseback riding, great hiking trails, and possible bear sightings were enough to have you hooked for your entire childhood. If only you could convince your parents to take you camping there again!