20 Incredible Last-Minute Vacations That Don't Cost A Fortune

20 Incredible Last-Minute Vacations That Don't Cost a Fortune

People forget about several substantial expenses when they consider how much a trip will cost.  Most tourists don't really look beyond flight prices. While flights might be a large portion of your expenditures, don't forget about other transportation costs like Uber/Lyft/taxi, parking, car rentals, or subways, Ivy Chou, travel expert at DealsPlus, says. A good way to get an idea of the real numbers is to check out a currency converter such as OANDA, she adds.

The Bahamas

You can either go on a cruise there or fly. Which way is cheaper depends on where you're coming from and what you prefer, Chou says. "Some people love cruises, some people get sea sick." If you want a shorter trip, fly to your desired city and stay at a resort. "If you'd like to visit multiple areas and don't mind staying on a cruise ship for the majority of the time, a cruise can often be cheaper per day," she adds.

Las Vegas Nevada

Your best bet is to keep an eye on travel packages and deals via Travelzoo or your favorite travel deal website, Chou says. "I've seen excellent deals for Vegas [...] because people prefer not to go during the coldest time of year." You get even better rates if your dates are flexible and you are able to travel on weekdays.


Some cities will be significantly more expensive than others. "Cancun and Cabo San Lucas tend to be pricier because they're the most touristy," Chou says. "Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and La Paz may be more bang for the buck," she adds. Some of the hottest places to check out in Mexico next year are Playa del Carmen, the Underwater River in Cenote Angelita and the Marieta Islands. $1=20 pesos, so you'll definitely save money going to Mexico.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been having a tough year, but surprisingly, tourism is holding quite steady, Chou says. With consistent temperatures ranging from the 70's low to 80's high, "I'm sure travelers coming from cold areas of the U.S. would love to bask in that sunshine." Their high season is May through July, so prices will definitely be cheaper now. The island is a popular destination for romantic getaways, adventure and nightlife.


There is so much good food and so many things to do. "It's a short flight away for those in the northern states," Chou says. This means even cheaper flights. The U.S. dollar is stronger there as well, she adds. Save on adventure trips by visiting Canada's beautiful national parks in 2017. Due to the country's birthday, the government has decided to admit all guests to parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas operated by Parks Canada free of charge.


If you live near departure ports like Fort Lauderdale, Long Beach, Miami, or Seattle, you're in luck, especially if you don't like to worry about transportation and planning multi-city vacations, Chou says. "Why research and pay for flights, hotels, ground transportation, restaurants, and bars when a cruise includes it all for one set price?" Just be sure to research cruise ship reviews, she adds. "In general, the larger the ship, the better because there are usually more on-board activities, pools, and restaurants to choose from."

Budapest, Hungary

Resting on both sides of the Danube River, Hungary's capital city is often referred to as the "Little Paris of Middle Europe." Tourists are drawn to Budapest for its rich history and modern allure. Visit numerous World Heritage Sites such as the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, and Millennium Underground Railway (the world's second oldest metro line). Hotel will be about $30 and a bottle of wine about $4.

Quito, Ecuador

This is one of the inexpensive cities in South America, Chou says. "You can easily stay at a cheap hotel, eat, and drink for less than $30 per day." A three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant will cost about $30, according to Numbeo. Just be sure to factor in your flight cost, she adds. "Check Google Flights for an easy way to check flights from any city to any destination."  The capital sits high in the Andean foothills. Its "Old Town" is a World Heritage Site.

Seattle, Washington

You can find very good flight deals to Seattle right now, Chou says. Few cities are as tough to describe or as worthy of exploration as ever-changing Seattle. With each neighborhood carving out its own slice of culture, there is no shortage of things to do or see. Revel in the rich art and music scene, dine in incredible new restaurants or check out nearby outdoor adventure and hike the North Cascades or paddle Puget Sound.

La Paz, Bolivia

Sitting at 3,660 feet above sea level, La Paz is the highest capital city in the world. It won't break the bank to go there for a few days, Chou says. The buzzing markets of the city are themselves a popular attraction. Few items will cost you more than a dollar per pound. You can easily find hotel for about $50 a night. A large meal at a mid-range restaurant will be about $10.  

Berlin, Germany

Germany's capital city has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Emerging as one of Europe's most culturally vibrant centers, Berlin is on the cutting edge when it comes to art, fashion, and nightlife, offering visitors a mix of glamour and grit. Hotel rates are around $100 per night. The city looks back at its dark history through powerful attractions such as the Checkpoint Charlie Museum and Topography of Terror. The buzz about Berlin is getting louder, which means prices will be on the rise. 

Cartagena, Colombia

This coastal fishing village will delight you with history, adventure and of course, warmth, and great prices. A three-course meal for two at a nice place will be about $15. Walk the City Walls and enjoy the magnificent view. Take a tour of the old town, visit Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, and spend a couple of days at Rosario Islands. You can choose from adventurous activities like snorkeling, SCUBA diving, hiking, biking and more.

Road trip

Road trip is the perfect way to travel, especially if you feel like going on a getaway vacation. You just grab some food and water, fill up the tank and hop in the car. Considering how cheap gas is these days, there is nothing stopping you from cranking up the music and hit the open road. You're going to witness marvelous scenic panoramas and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.


Slovakia is an underrated European destination people should visit. Four-star hotels in Bratislava, the capital, don't cost more than $80-$90 per night right now. Book a flight and witness dramatic natural landscapes and stunning castles. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant, where you'll still eat delicious food, is about $6. Make sure you visit Bardejov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered to be the most Gothic town in the country.


Who wouldn't want to enjoy beaches that define the concept of laid-back relaxation, especially when a pint of beer is about $1.30 and a three-course meal will cost about $10? The Caribbean island's heart hides a less-known spirit of adventure. Deep in the rainforests, away from crowded cruise ports and beach resorts, the Rio Bueno offers a surprisingly thrilling whitewater rafting adventure, complete with swift rapids and deeper sections where you can jump in from cliffs lining the banks. You can find flights to Montego Bay from New York for under $500.

Algarve, Portugal

Located on the southernmost region of Portugal, the Algarve is where you'll find stretches of sparkling beaches, spectacular cliffs, and quant historic villages. This Mediterranean gem offers something for everyone – swimming, fishing, hiking, boating, and golfing are popular activities with tourists. The Portuguese take pride in their food – you can look forward to delicious meals of fresh-caught fish and a drink at about $10.


Tourists ignore Honduras because it has a reputation of being one of the most dangerous vacation destinations in the world. People who dare to look beyond the numbers will see a captivating country with plenty to offer intrepid explorers. Utila, the smallest of Honduras' Bay Islands, is a must-see Caribbean dive site. It offers some of the largest underwater animal encounters in the region. The water is warm, the reefs are majestic and there is plenty of tropical fish to swim with. $1=23 Honduran Lempura; a big meal is about $15; and you can find hotels for $50 per night.


Sunbathe on Brazil's famous beaches, go on a tour through the Amazon, explore local culture, participate in a samba festival, or see the Carnival without going broke. Even the favelas are interesting to many foreigners. The economy is in shambles but tourism remains a priority in Brazil. The best time to visit is between April and May when the weather is most pleasant. $1=3.37 Brazilian Reals.  


You don't have to cross oceans and continents to reach a cheap getaway destination. Visit the home of the tango, some of the world's best steaks, and penguins without breaking the bank. Argentine food and wine alone are not a bad reason to add it to your travel bucket list. The Iguazu Falls, the country's national parks, and glaciers are a bonus. Make an excuse to see the country during a festival to see what a real party looks like. $1=15 Argentine Pesos.

Padua, Italy

Skip the never-ending crowds in Venice and its stench and go straight to Padua, which is just 25 miles away. The college town has a lot of energy. You'll see Europe's first botanical garden, priceless frescoes by Giotto, and other unspoiled historical sites. Don't miss out on anything that you'll find elsewhere in Italy such as lively piazza marketplaces, bustling nightlife and beautiful art.