15 Incredible Places To Visit Before Word Gets Out

15 Incredible Places to Visit Before Word Gets Out

Americans travel to the most to Mexico, Canada, the U.K., the Dominican Republic and France, according to government data. When Europe is on the itinerary, the most visited cities are Paris, Rome and London. The more popular a place is, the more crowded and commercialized it becomes. This is often a deal-breaker for international tourists who want an adventurous and authentic experience. As a result, they flock to an off the beaten path destination, which will inevitably grow in popularity as the word gets out that "this place offers everything the big city does, minus the crowds, and it's cheaper."

Skane, Sweden

Sweden is a famous Northern Lights sightseeing and skiing destination. Many people overlook the off the beaten path southernmost county of the country, Skane. Bike through meadows and mystical forests; explore more than 600 miles of hiking trails and 150 incredible castles. Visit some of the city's 200 museums, some of which are outdoor, and learn about the Vikings. Skane is also an up-and-coming hot spot for unique Nordic food.

Virunga Volcanoes, Rwanda

The Virunga Mountains are a chain of eight active volcanoes in East Africa. There are only around 900 gorillas remaining in the world and about 200 of them reside in  Volcanoes National Park, deep within the Virunga Mountains. Hikers can scale the volcanoes. Some go up to heights of 15,000 feet. You'll see plenty of other wildlife as well, including elephants. This is definitely an offbeat honeymoon location for adventurous couples.


Siberia is an underrated adventure destination because people often think of it as too remote, too cold, too icy and too far. Few people go and even fewer take the train there. This is an amazing summer trip adventure that is about 6,000 miles and will take a week, if not longer. Stop in several cities, such as the beautiful 1,000-year-old city of Kazan or Irkutsk, to see Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. Outdoor adventures in Siberia include water sports, volcanos, wildlife spotting, and trekking.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

This group of islands within the Arctic Circle is a postcard-perfect fisherman's little paradise on Earth. Reine, for example, is one of the most isolated small communities in Europe. The beautiful village will take your breath away with its natural splendor.  About 300 people live there and they take very good care of their homes. Camping under the stars on beaches is another favorite activity.

(Koh Tonsay) Rabbit Island, Cambodia

If you're traveling to Cambodia, you're probably visiting the ancient city of Angkor Thom. But if you want to see another side of the country –such as beautiful untouched beaches and perfect scuba diving and snorkeling spots – consider the Rabbit Island. Development is underway, so go there now. You won't be able to stay at a hotel (there are none yet), but you'll get a chance to sleep in beachside bungalows.

The Trelleborg Fortresses, Denmark

People associate Denmark with Copenhagen, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the happiest place on the planet. They have often never heard of the Trelleborg Fortress. A Trellebord is a ring-shaped Viking fortress. Three of them are in Denmark and have been submitted as World Heritage site nominees. The uniquely designed structures are believed to date back to 980 and are regarded as significant links to the militaristic displays of power during the late Viking era. 

Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

This was the least crowded national park in the country in 2015, with just 18,684 visitors. The lesser-known national park is a secret gem for kayaking. It has many lakes, bays, and islands waiting to be explored. Isle Royale is the largest island in the largest fresh water lake in the world. The park is a rugged, isolated island, far from the sights and sounds of civilization, which is something many people prefer. You can even go scuba diving and explore the most intact collection of shipwrecks.

Serpent Mound, Ohio

The effigy mound – a heightened piece of land constructed in the shape of an animal, symbol, religious or other type of figure – was created by Native Ohioans nearly 900 years ago and is considered a significant symbol of the state's storied past, according to the Ohio History Connection. Now is the time to go before the place joins the ranks of the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge and the Taj Mahal as World Heritage sites and more people learn about it.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a dollar-friendly destination, which you should visit before it gets overrun with tourists. The exotic island offers access to lavish rainforestsstunning beaches, misty mountains, elephants, leopards, and giant whales. You can find spicy foods, unusual fruits, and sweets that you won't see anywhere else. A three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost no more than $14.

Montenegro and Serbia

The Balkans were overlooked by international tourists because of the regions tumultuous recent past. But most of the region has come back stronger and more stunning than ever. A lot of people don't even know that Montenegro, which is often referred to as the pearl of the Mediterranean, has been independent since 2006. It and Serbia are the buzz of Balkan spots. Go to Kotor in Montenegro for a true untouched retreat and to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, for a mixture of history, modern hipster bars, cafes, and fascinating museums.

Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Ethiopia has long lived in the shadows of neighboring Kenya even though it has as much to offer – glorious mountains, mysteries, food, and Gelada Baboons. It's ranked as one of the most dangerous vacation destinations. Petty theft and mugging is common and on the rise. If people go to Ethiopia, few make it to the Bale Mountains, which will soon be a World Heritage site. The park is known for its abundant wildlife, dramatic landscapes, glacial lakes and volcanic ridges.

Georgia, the country

Georgia is near the border of Europe and Asia. It has been well-known for good wine but recent safety concerns in Ukraine have forced many cruise lines to reroute their ships to Georgia, more specifically in Batumi, a beautiful Black Sea resort and port city. Its 108-hecatre botanical garden, which has been open since 1912, is one of the one the largest and richest in the world. The flow of tourists is leading to major hotel brands settling there. For a more authentic experience, now is the time to go.


Albania has been touted as a cheap alternative to Greece and Italy, as it features a rich history without the typical European price tag. The history shines through in the capital, Tirana, from the architecture to the museums, this city is a must-see. Travelers in Albania can get by on a budget of $40 a day. It's catching up with the rest of Europe as it's breaking away from its Communist past. Go now to see stunning mountains and rustic villages before they are commercialized. 

Liège, Belgium

Belgium is best known for chocolate, beer and European politics. Go past Brussel and Bruges. In Liege, which is just an hour away by train from the capital, you'll find unbelievable art museums, wild festivals, amazing local food, and no crowds. Liege, which is where Emperor Charlemagne was born, is now a university city. The area is especially popular for cycling.

Mistaken Point, Newfoundland, Canada

A cliff shaped by waves off the coast of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula, this geologically significant site was named for its tendency to trick sailors during foggy weather. Many often mistook it for the nearby Cape Race and as a result, would accidentally crash their ships into the cliff's craggy edges. The area, which was nominated for the World Heritage list in 2004, is said to be home to over 50 wrecked ships, according to a historical report by Berkeley College.