Top Frontside Skis 2013: Rossignol Pursuit HP

At the top of Rossi's new line of speed-demon groomer skis, the HP has high-performance written all over it (or is that "hard pack"?). It earned Skiing's Ski of the Year award for skis skinnier than 100mm, thanks to it's unlikely combination of carving, edge hold and forgiveness. A layer of titanium offers stability and stiffness, while subtle tip rocker and exaggerated tale and tip allow for easy turn initiation, whether on sweeping, slalom-style arcs or snappy short turns. This kind of responsiveness will inspire Bode Miller-like confidence (pre-2006, of course) in almost any skier, and give him the tools to back it up. 

Best For: Knife-like carving on sweeping, high-speed arcs.
Overall: 3.41 | Carving/Edging: 3.76 | Stability: 4.06
Length (cm): 163,170,177
Tip/Waist/Tail (mm): 125/81/111
$1,050 (with bindings); (on sale for $950)

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