Best New Skis And Boots For 2016

Rossignol Soul 7

This pair of skis is good for all kinds of skiers – from beginners to professionals. They are fast enough for various terrains all over the mountain. They are recommended especially for deep snow. They are 106mm wide and have a versatile Power Turn Rocker to conquer any type of snow. Thanks to the Power Turn's large amount of tip splay, the skis smooths out the snow which makes you feel as if you were floating. Price: $850

Dynafit Radical CR

They are ideal for uphill as well as downhill skiing. The pair is also pretty light – each boot is only 3.7 pounds. The boots provide 60 degrees of cuff rotation when you're walking and skiing feels easy. They are perfect for longer tours and come with a thermo-moldable liner. The four-buckle boot holds your leg steady in place so it doesn't move around. The boots come with the Dynafit's improved toe inserts that make clicking into pintech bindings quicker and more dependable. Price: $550

Blizzard Brahma

These ski are best suited for bumps and glades. They are stable but dynamic as well. They have a 62-foot turn radius. They are perfect if you are not skiing in deep snow all the time but still want to be prepared. The tip and tail lift up and over wide-ranging conditions. These types of skis are part of the company's All Mountain series, specializing in wider skis intended to suit you beyond the groomers. Price: $780

Full Tilt Classic

The boots weight only 4 pounds each. They have IntuitionTM Tongue liner with J Bars for heel hold, wide toe box, nylon ratchet buckles, and rigid boot board and rubber replaceable heels. Tongue fully opens, never blocking your foot. The flex has maximum versatility with a smooth, natural ankle motion. The rear cuff never bottoms out. The liner is heat activated. Price: $500

Head iSupershape Titan with PRX 12 bindings

The skis make turning on anything very easy, which is good for races. They are also the widest and most all-mountain skis in the series. The 133 mm dip is ideal for cutting through deep snow. The radius is short – 14.3 meters – but enough for slalom-style skiing where all you make is quick turns. KERS technology hardens the tail after each turn, keeping the edges locked down on the ground. Price: $1,075

Salomon X Pro 120

If you have wide feet, get these boots, especially if you are planning to perfect your slalom turns. The boots are best suitable for advanced skiers who need to customize them. The boots eliminate stiffness and make hard turns easy. The shell and liner are heat moldable and the ankle pockets are very comfy. Price: $725.

G3 Synapse 101 W skis

These skis are very light – 5.8 pounds – which makes them perfect for uphill skiing. They get a lot of speed but you can easily slow down or stop without flinching. They break trail well in deep snow. The initial lift is good because of the thick tip down low. The skis are built using G3's Carbon Stealth Construction. Their 101 mm waist makes them very versatile. Price: $900

Roxa Freebird 100

These boots have three micro adjustable aluminum buckles and heat-moldable liner, and a consistent flex range. This liner makes your foot feel very comfortable. The PowerWrap system reduces pressure points. Last but not least they are very easy to put on and take off. Price: $460

Black Crows Corvus Freebird

These skis are ideal for backcountry. Black Crows are known making powerful freeride skis. This pair is light – 8.5 pounds – with a carbon-fiberglass layer under a wood core. The downhill performance is excellent. They are ideal for all kinds of turns – long, medium and short – playfulness and straight-up touring. Price: $840

Lange XT 110 W LV

When walking, the boot provides 20 degrees of motion range, which is OK for short tours. It's stiff in ski mode. A Thinsulate liner keeps feet warm. The boots are best for freerides and hikes because if its wide V-Lock for maximum mobility. Each boot weight 4.4 pounds. Going downhill is wonderful because of the new metal-on-metal locking mechanism that provides for first-of-its-kind versatility. Price: $750