Claire Barnett

Photo of Claire Barnett
Laguna Beach, CA
San Francisco State University
Luxury Lifestyle, Minimalist Packing, Long-term Travel
  • Following graduation from university, Claire embarked on an 11-month solo backpacking trip through Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • She has completed over 300 hours of community service, including volunteering in elementary schools in Thailand and working on reforestation projects.
  • One of Claire's favorite interviews was with Les Pinter, the man who wrote the programming code for what is now Microsoft Word, and eventually sold it to Bill Gates in 1980.


Through her final year in university, she interned with Modern Luxury, the nation's largest luxury media company, where she wrote, researched, fact-checked, & edited, and received a byline on over 20 pieces of content. She later became a freelance writer for an American technology product company called Phiaton, where she wrote several articles. She joined Static Media in 2023.


Claire has a bachelor's degree in communications from San Francisco State University.
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