Reviewers Say These Are The Best European Hostels For Retirees

Retirement marks a new chapter in life, and for many, it brings the opportunity to explore the world. European hostels, once primarily associated with young backpackers, now cater to a diverse range of travelers, including retirees seeking a blend of affordability and comfort. In addition to dormitories, hostels offer private rooms with en-suite bathrooms, providing privacy that caters to the needs of older travelers. Hostels are often centrally located, allowing retirees to easily access popular attractions. Additionally, hostels foster a social environment where travelers of all ages can connect, share experiences, and build lasting friendships, creating a sense of community that is particularly beneficial for retirees traveling solo.

In this in-depth exploration, we'll delve into the top European hostels that have garnered praise from discerning retirees, according to trusted reviewers from platforms including Tripadvisor, Hostelworld, and We'll unveil the unique features that make them stand out and provide insights into the experiences of previous guests, helping retirees make informed decisions based on factors like cleanliness, safety, and atmosphere. 

Urban Jungle - Malaga, Spain

Urban Jungle Hostel in Malaga, Spain, offers a comfortable and culturally immersive retreat, nestled in the heart of Malaga's historic center. With various room options, including privates, it caters to those desiring a more personalized stay. Its central location allows easy access to Malaga's artistic treasures, historical sites, and the iconic Alcazaba fortress. The Mediterranean ambiance also makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a laid-back yet culturally rich experience on the Costa del Sol.

The founders refer to their hostel as a "temple of Good Vibes," as visitors swoon upon reaching this oasis of tranquility amid the vibrant city life. Urban Jungle's lush courtyard and rooftop terrace provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and socialization. The hostel also organizes cultural events, walking tours, and activities, providing guests with opportunities to immerse themselves in the local culture and history. The staff is known for their hospitality and attentiveness, and they prioritize health and safety, providing a stress-free stay and ensuring older travelers feel welcomed and well-cared for.

Home Lisbon Hostel - Lisbon, Portugal

Home Lisbon Hostel is a haven for retirees seeking an escape in the heart of Lisbon. According to reviews from Hostelworld, guests consistently praise the hostel's cleanliness, breathtaking panoramic views of the city, and friendly atmosphere. With a variety of room options, including private double rooms and dormitories, the hostel caters to those seeking a more quiet and intimate experience. The communal areas are tastefully designed, fostering a sense of community without the typical party hostel vibe. The staff are known for their hospitality and helpfulness, and the hostel's convenient location allows for easy exploration of Lisbon's iconic landmarks and charming neighborhoods.

Home Lisbon offers amenities such as a library and "chillout" room, bar, cafe, the famous Mamma's family dinners, and many fun activities; with a group Sintra tour, daily walking tours, a pub crawl, and surf lessons. Travelers of all ages are sure to make the most out of their time in the beautiful and historic city. Portugal was even rated one of the top travel destinations in 2024, and Home Lisbon Hostel strives to make you feel right at home.

Safestay London Elephant & Castle - London, U.K.

Located in a historic building, Safestay London Elephant & Castle offers private rooms alongside shared dormitories, making for a versatile and lovely stay. The hostel maintains a clean and secure environment with friendly staff, and its proximity to popular attractions like the Tower of London and the London Eye, as well as its accessibility to public transportation, adds to its appeal for all kinds of travelers. Safestay Hostel is a testament to the fact that age is no barrier to enjoying the lively spirit of good ol' London town.

With weekly rock nights, happy hour, and a game room, socializing is made easy for those who desire it. However, for those seeking peace and quiet after exploring the city's iconic landmarks, staying in a private room ensures a tranquil retreat. The ambiance is lively yet not overly bustling, providing mature travelers with the perfect balance of relaxation and connection in the British capital. reviews especially commend the hostel for its convenient location and accommodating staff.

Sophie's Hostel - Prague, Czech Republic

Sophie's Hostel in Prague is situated in the charming district of New Town; the hostel provides a quieter atmosphere away from the bustling city center, allowing for a peaceful and rejuvenating stay. While many hostels don't have age restrictions, at Sophie's Hostel, people over the age of 40 must only book private rooms. Most older travelers typically opt for this anyway, as private rooms with en-suite bathrooms ensure a level of comfort and privacy that is appreciated by retirees.

Features include private wellness facilities (next door at Miss Sophie's Hotel), daily breakfast prepared by a specialty chef, massive rain-head showers, and more. The common areas are designed to encourage social interaction, and the hostel's staff often organizes activities and tours, providing an opportunity for, not only retirees but guests of all ages to connect with like-minded individuals and create lasting memories. Tripadvisor features glowing reviews that highlight the hostel's cleanliness, friendly staff, social atmosphere, and convenient location, as well as the comfortable and secure rooms.

Hostel Mostel - Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Nestled in the scenic town of Veliko Tarnovo, Hostel Mostel offers retirees a peaceful retreat with views of the Tsarevets Fortress. Hostelworld reviews consistently commend Hostel Mostel's attentive staff, comfortable and budget-friendly accommodations, and the chance to immerse into Bulgaria's history and culture. Along with dorms, the hostel offers private rooms, for a comfortable and quiet space to unwind after exploring the historic town of Veliko Tarnovo. The communal areas and facilities, including a charming garden and cozy common room, create opportunities for socializing and connecting with fellow travelers. 

In the picturesque hills of central Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo itself adds to the allure of Hostel Mostel. The town is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views. Retirees can explore the medieval Tsarevets Fortress, perched atop a hill, which offers a glimpse into Bulgaria's past, or stroll through the cobblestone streets of Old Town, a charming area lined with shops and traditional Bulgarian restaurants.

Caveland - Santorini, Greece

Caveland Hostel in Santorini is nestled in the serene village of Karterados; the converted 18th-century winery seamlessly combines artistic, cave-style architecture with comfortable private rooms. Throughout the property, you'll find colorfully painted patio seating beneath lemon and pomegranate trees, terraces draped in bougainvillea, and hammocks by the swimming pool, creating dreamy spots for both solitude and socializing. Regular yoga sessions and "family" dinners at local Greek restaurants also guarantee that guests are sure to strike up friendships.

The local architecture of Santorini consists of white-painted grottoes excavated from the pumice stone layers that naturally cover the island. The ones at Caveland were first utilized as a winery, then as a hotel, and currently as a hostel. Its lush gardens and inviting communal spaces, including a charming courtyard, offer a unique and comfortable retreat with a strategic location away from tourist crowds. Tripadvisor reviews praise the hostel for its beautiful location and friendly staff, who readily help guests book activities and tours. The hostel is ideal for retirees looking to visit Greece on a budget.

Circus Hostel - Berlin, Germany

Circus Hostel in Berlin is a lively accommodation located in the heart of the city's Mitte district. This trendy hostel effortlessly combines modern design with historical elements, reflecting Berlin's eclectic nature. Retirees are drawn to the hostel's comfortable and thoughtfully designed rooms, including privates and various dorm layouts, that offer a cozy retreat after exploring the city's rich history, art, and culture. With an energetic ambiance, including an on-site microbrewery, stylish lounge, and rooftop terrace, Circus Hostel creates a friendly and communal environment that encourages connections among guests. 

This hostel has received accolades on Tripadvisor for its exceptional cleanliness, friendly staff, and well-designed communal spaces. Its central location is also praised by guests, as it ensures easy access to Berlin's attractions. Known for its fascinating history, vibrant arts scene, and diverse neighborhoods, Berlin offers a wealth of experiences for all types of travelers. It was even ranked one of the best European cities to celebrate Pride. Retirees can visit landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall, and after an exciting day of exploring the dynamic city, retirees are welcome to enjoy either a restful night or some socializing, as Circus offers the best of both worlds.

The People Paris Nation - Paris, France

The People Hostel in Paris Nation is nestled in a vibrant neighborhood and offers retirees a perfect blend of modern comfort and affordability after exploring the enchanting city of Paris. The hostel offers private rooms equipped with contemporary amenities, and its proximity to iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral allows convenience for older travelers to effortlessly explore the City of Light.

The hostel has earned praise on Hostelworld for its welcoming atmosphere, cleanliness, and boutique-style rooms. It's located inside a grand, 19th-century building, and has a rooftop terrace, a cocktail bar and restaurant, and sweeping views over Place de la Nation. The hostel's dedicated staff, who often organize activities and tours, are often commended for their friendliness and willingness to assist guests. The communal areas allow retirees to connect with fellow guests and peacefully share travel experiences amid the bustling city. Retirees can appreciate the city's artistic and cultural offerings, from strolls along the Seine and exploring world-class museums to enjoying a delicious pastry in a charming Parisian cafe.

Ostello Bello - Florence, Italy

Ostello Bello in Florence, centrally located near the bustling Piazza della Repubblica, effortlessly combines the warmth of Italian hospitality with modern comforts. Ostello Bello is an ideal base to savor Florence's art, history, and culinary delights, and it offers comfortable private rooms that provide a tranquil escape from the city's vibrant energy, ensuring a restful stay. The hostel's homey atmosphere is further enhanced by its communal dinners, cultural events, and a rooftop terrace boasting panoramic views of Florence.

Hostelworld reviews commend the hostel for its friendly staff, vibrant atmosphere, and cleanliness. Ostello Bello also organizes various activities, such as trivia games, pizza nights, family BBQs, karaoke nights, and more. Grab some aperitivo and stroll through the charming streets or indulge in authentic Italian cuisine at local trattorias. Florence, with its rich Renaissance history and artistic treasures, is home to iconic landmarks such as the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio, and the Florence Cathedral, and due to the hostel's central location, retirees are only a short walk from many must-visit spots in Florence.

KEX Hostel - Reykjavik, Iceland

KEX Hostel in Reykjavik, housed in a former biscuit factory, exudes an industrial-chic aesthetic with its exposed brick walls and quirky furnishings. Retirees can indulge in the comfort of private rooms adorned with eclectic decor, offering a cozy retreat after exploring Reykjavik's stunning landscapes and vibrant arts scene. The hostel's facilities, including a lively gastropub and a sauna, foster a sense of camaraderie among guests of all ages. KEX also features an onsite restaurant that serves Icelandic cuisine. KEX Hostel has received rave reviews on Hostelworld for its stylish and cozy atmosphere, accommodating staff, and well-maintained facilities. 

Reykjavik is known for its friendly atmosphere, natural beauty, and unique cultural offerings. Renowned for its geothermal wonders, waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes, Reykjavik is also an ideal destination for nature lovers, and the hostel's prime location allows older travelers to easily explore the city's landmarks, museums, and cultural highlights. The hostel also arranges activities like snowmobiling, whale watching, lagoon swimming, and glacier hiking. Travelers can congregate on the heated terrace or in the spacious bar and lounge area, which offers a breakfast buffet, pizza, and more. 

wellnessHostel 4000 - Saas-Fee, Switzerland

WellnessHostel 4000, situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps in Saas-Fee, is a haven for retirees seeking a rejuvenating and health-focused travel experience. Retirees can unwind in thoughtfully designed private rooms, each offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The tranquil ambiance, crisp mountain air, and a range of wellness-focused activities make it an ideal choice for retirees seeking a retreat amid the pristine beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Situated near the Italian border and surrounded by Alpine peaks, the modernist structure has large windows, spacious interiors, and a sleek, Scandinavian design. Tripadvisor reviews consistently commend the hostel for its modern wellness facilities, which includes a spa, sauna, and fitness center, providing older travelers the perfect respite after a day of exploring the stunning alpine scenery. The snow-capped peaks and forests provide a picturesque setting while splashing around the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, or working up a sweat in the spacious Finnish sauna. WellnessHostel 4000's location in the car-free village of Saas-Fee allows for a peaceful stay in a pollution-free environment. 

RomeHello Hostel - Rome, Italy

RomeHello Hostel is a vibrant social hub that caters to travelers of all ages. The hostel has communal spaces, such as a cozy lounge and a rooftop terrace, and they organize various activities, like free walking tours and cooking classes. Known for its lively atmosphere and sociable vibe, RomeHello provides a welcoming ambiance, and its three private room options (twin, double, or triple) ensure a serene retreat after a day of exploring Rome's historic wonders. Its central location in Rome ensures easy access to iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum, Vatican City, and the Trevi Fountain.

Hostelworld reviewers praise this Roman hostel for its warm and friendly atmosphere, helpful staff, and cleanliness. Rome, often referred to as the "Eternal City," holds timeless appeal for those seeking a blend of history, art, and culinary delights. Retirees can savor authentic Italian cuisine in charming trattorias, stroll through cobblestone streets, and immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture. The city's museums, art galleries, and beautiful parks provide ample opportunities for leisurely exploration, while the relaxed pace of life allows retirees to savor each moment in this enchanting Italian capital city.

Hostelling International Hostel Munich-Park - Munich, Germany

Hostelling International Hostel Munich-Park (HI Munich-Park) in Munich, Germany has garnered positive Hostelworld reviews for its cleanliness, helpful staff, and diverse range of room options. Its four-bed private rooms are ideal for groups or families who prioritize tranquility, while the communal spaces, such as its lounge and outdoor terrace, provide a welcoming atmosphere for socializing. Surrounded by the greenery of the city's outskirts, the hostel's convenient yet peaceful location in Munich is a short metro ride to the city centre, ensuring easy access to Munich's cultural and historical attractions, including Marienplatz, Nymphenburg Palace, and the renowned English Garden.

Munich, known for its rich cultural heritage and Bavarian charm, offers retirees a delightful mix of history, art, and leisure. Munich's traditional beer gardens, like the famous Hofbräuhaus, offer a relaxed setting for enjoying local cuisine and socializing with locals, while the city's parks and gardens provide peaceful walks. The efficient public transportation system makes it easy for retirees to navigate the city, making Munich an accessible and culturally rich destination. HI Munich-Park complements this experience, providing a comfortable and sociable base for retirees to explore a unique slice of Bavaria.

Wombat's City Hostel - Vienna, Austria

When looking for a cozy and social place to stay in the heart of Vienna, retired globetrotters should check out Wombat's City Hostel. Wombat's offers private rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and the hostel's amenities include a tasty morning breakfast, the famous womBAR, 24-hour reception, laundry, and a guest kitchen. Its central location ensures easy access to Vienna's cultural gems, such as Belvedere Palace and the historic St. Stephen's Cathedral. Tripadvisor reviews commend the hostel for its modern amenities, cleanliness, and vibrant social atmosphere.

Vienna, known for its imperial history, classical music heritage, and grand architecture, is a captivating destination for older travelers. Retirees can indulge in the city's rich coffeehouse culture, enjoy leisurely walks through historic neighborhoods, and attend classical concerts at the Vienna State Opera. The city's efficient public transportation system makes it easy for older travelers to explore Vienna's diverse districts, and Wombat's is the perfect base for seeking out the city's cultural gems at a relaxed pace. 

Selina Porto - Porto, Portugal

Selina Porto is a hostel that combines cultural immersion and modern comfort, making it an ideal choice for retirees exploring the vibrant Portuguese city. Offering accommodations from dormitories to private rooms, the hostel features communal spaces like an outdoor lounge, cafe, kitchen, and rooftop terrace. Activities include yoga classes, a pub crawl, a Douro Valley tour, Six Bridges Cruise, and tastings of local wine. Its central location provides easy access to landmarks like the Ribeira district, the historic Dom Luís I Bridge, and the famous Porto wine cellars.

Porto, known for its medieval charm, historic architecture, and delicious cuisine, offers retirees a chance to explore its well-preserved old town, visit the Porto Cathedral, and enjoy panoramic views from the Clerigos Tower. Selina has several hostels across Europe, as well as worldwide, and Hostelworld reviews often praise the hostel for its modern design, friendly staff, and variety of accommodation options. Digital nomads and travel-addicted backpackers alike flock to Selina hostels all over the world, as they are the perfect atmosphere for travelers of all ages.


In curating the list of the 15 best European hostels for retirees, our methodology relied on insights from reputable review sites like Hostelworld, Tripadvisor, and We meticulously considered factors such as comfort, cleanliness, staff friendliness, location, and positive guest experiences to identify hostels that consistently garnered praise from older travelers. 

By leveraging the firsthand accounts shared on these platforms, as well as combing through the hostel's websites themselves to discover which amenities and experiences they provide, we aimed to offer a concise and reliable guide for retirees seeking comfortable and enjoyable accommodations across Europe. People of all ages have been staying in hostels for decades. Hostels are no longer just for young people; everyone deserves to experience the rich cultural tapestry of Europe on a budget and meet friendly, interesting, like-minded people in the process.