World's Most Secluded Adventure Destinations

World's Most Secluded Adventure Destinations

The Internet often makes it look like there is no unexplored place left on the planet where people can go on vacation. You can find housing and suggestions of what to do with a single click. But small, secluded secret gems – some very far from any major cities – still offer adventure opportunities. Isolated and off the beaten path spots usually have a very well-preserved history and local culture which make them even more appealing and worth the trip. Oftentimes, traveling to the specific town or island is a quest on its own.

Easter Island, Chile

This World Heritage Site is the southeasternmost point of the Polynesian Triangle. Visitors go to for a sense of isolation unlike anything they could find on mainland Chile.  

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The now-barren island was once populated by the Rapa Nui civilization (and many trees) and is home to around 6,000 permanent residents. It's famous for its 887 giant statues that were created by the Rapa Nui people. The figures are some of the strongest remaining evidence of the thriving civilization.

Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

The island is small, but it's home to a ton of great hiking. Try trekking up to Selkirk Lookout for vast island views.

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About 600 miles off the coast of Chile, Isla Robinson Crusoe, which was formed by volcanic activity, is a world biosphere reserve. It's known for its dive sites and native wildlife.

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

This is the most isolated town in Greenland. Dog sledding, expedition cruises and wildlife are the most sought after adventures.

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Just getting to the small town is quite the quest. It is almost as far as possible from any other inhabited area in Greenland. Ittoqqortoormiit is also right next to the world's largest and deepest multi-branched fjord system.

Concordia, Pakistan

Concordia is at the heart of Karakoram Range and the center of a complex of some of the world's highest peaks and many of its largest glaciers, according to Summit Post.

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The Concordia, all around are giant ice clad mountains of more than 26,000 feet. The area is often referred to as "the mountaineer's paradise."

Deception Island, Antarctica

Deception Island is known as one of the most incredible islands on the planet. You may not know it but it's an active volcano with steaming beaches, glaciers and a flooded caldera.

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Believe it or not, you can relax in natural hot springs. Imagine floating in a hot spring surrounded by a snowy, cold landscape – a truly unique experience.

Tristan da Cunha

The remotest island in the world lies 1,750 miles from South Africa and 2,088 miles from South America. The closest land mass, Saint Helena, is 1,510 miles away.

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The island is so remote, it had no postal code until 2005 and a lot of the mail was getting lost. Climbing and hiking volcanic rock walls is among the favorite activities.

Svalbard Archipelago, Norway

The islands are called "the realm of the polar bear," according to Visit Norway. They are located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole.

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Adventurers will find unspoiled wilderness, unique wildlife, charming old mining towns, and thousands of polar bears. Just over 3,000 people live in Svalbard.

Gasadalur Village, Faroe Islands

The charming village is so remote that it is in danger of depopulation. A tunnel was built in 2004 through the mountains to connect it to the main road network.

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Until then the only two ways to get there were hiking over the mountain terrain that rises over 2,000 feet or climbing up the cliff face from a ship. Gasadalur is surrounded by lavish mountains. The nearby waterfall is the most photographed attraction.

Socotra Island, Yemen

Yemen is on the list of places that can't visit you but this does not really apply to the remote island with plants that are up to 20 million years old.

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The island, often called "the most alien-looking place on Earth," is so isolated that more than a third of its plant life does not exist anywhere else. The dragon trees are on some of the most famous photos of the place.

Sakhalin Island, Kuril Islands, Russia

Kuril Islands are the focus of a long-standing territorial dispute between Russia and Japan. The Sakhalin Island is fairly close to Japan.

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Few people live on it. Visitors were banned from going there until 1990 when the area was turned into an oil drilling location. Make the most of the trip and take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow. Once on the island, you'll see a wild forest, bears, high mountain tops and spectacular waters.

Nauru, Oceania

Visit the smallest and least-visited republic in the world, with a single island of just 21 sq. km. (13 sq. m.) The oval shaped coral island is located just 25 miles south of the Equator.

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Nauru is surrounded by a coral reef and ringed by windswept palm trees and a sandy beach. The diving conditions are world class, according to World Atlas.


This Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas' eastern edge is a secluded land of monasteries and fortresses. If you are looking authenticity, this is the place.

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The country purposeful regulated the number of tourists to avoid being swamped with visitors. Isolation often means preservation. Bhutan has a rocky landscape with snowcapped peaks and glacier covered terrain, so hiking will be an adventure there.