Spend The Night In Jail: Former Prisons Turned Into Hotels

Would you pay to spend the night in a cell? Many people would and there is a good reason for that—it's a unique experience for any adventurer. The thought of a prison-turned-hotel is intriguing. You are promised that you'll be given a key or that the doors will lock from the inside only. Whether you'll want to leave is another matter.

Bridewell Prison, U.K.

You can spend a night in a cell steeped in history. It fits with the ethos of the modern micro-hotel concept which has become popular over the last few years. The former prison was originally designed as a police station and courts. It was the city's main lock-up for more than a century, right until 1997.

Four Seasons in Istanbul, Turkey

If you don't know beforehand, you will never suspect that this luxury hotel was once a prison. The century-old building has been completely restored housing 65 rooms and suites. The Sultanahmet hotel is located very close to Istanbul's major tourist attractions – the 17th century Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace.

Karosta Prison in Liepaja, Latvia

This authentic experience is for people looking for a more unusual adventure. In the Karosta Prison you can sleep on a real prison bunk or an iron bed and have a prison meal. You will be actually able to step into the shoes of a prisoner on from 9 p.m. until 9 a.m. The show, which is based on true stories from life in the Naval Port prison, is intended for groups of 10 or more.

Alcatraz Hotel, Kaiserslautern, Germany

The famous hotel in the heart of Kaiserslautern is located behind a more than 100-year-old sandstone wall. The former prison now houses guests in 56 rooms and suites. It even has a conference rooms. You can stay in a room with a king size bed of opt for one with a cell bed.

Old Vermilion Jailhouse, Ohio

The Jailhouse markets itself as being perfect for a romantic evening, family vacation, and girls or guys night out. The hotel kept the original layout of the jail and its bars. But the interior design was recreated in an ancient European castle style. The private inn accommodates up to four guests at a time in order to ensure their privacy.

The Old Mount Gambier Gaol, Mount Gambier, Australia

"Gaol" means prison. This particular one now serves as a venue hire for functions, wedding ceremonies, exhibitions, and workshops. Live shows, original music artists, concerts, and other events can also be booked. Guests will stay at 4-bed and 3-bed dorm rooms – all original cells. "This will be a highlight of any trip through this part of Australia. You get to see behind the scenes, learn about the history of an actual historical gaol, spend the night, and take some great photos/selfies," a review on TripAdvisor says.

The Liberty Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts

The hotel has 298 rooms and suites. They have been renovated to maintain the historic nature of the landmark building, the former Charles Street Jail. Accommodations feature playful nods to the hotel's infamous past. Every room has floor-to-ceiling windows and offers skyline views of Boston.

Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch, London, England

If you are in London and want to stay in a neighborhood with an energetic nightlife and unconventional charm, stay in Shoreditch and consider booking a room at its famous former courthouse. There is a special "Judge and Jury" menu.  "If you accuse this Hotel, with its history of law enforcement and justice, of behaving in a willfully efficient manner, of soliciting guests with smiles and a friendly demeanor, of going equipped to deliver a great experience for its guests and for going beyond the call of duty, then they would be found guilty!" a review on TripAdvisor says.

Långholmen Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

This was the old Crown Prison converted to a hotel with conference facilities. It is located on an island that a not far from downtown Stockholm. Visitors can get there by underground train. One of the guests' favorite attractions is the beautiful gallery from 1866. The facilities are modern but the environment is true to the old prison.

Best Western Premier Hotel Katajanokka in Helsinki, Finland

The rooms have been renovated from original cell blocks, but the decor offers functionality and comfort. They were redesigned with privacy and peace in mind. The brick walls are very thick and make the rooms very quiet. The tall ceilings and individually adjustable cooling system add to the spacious ambiance. There is a free 24-hour gym and a complimentary weekend sauna.

Malmaison, Oxford, U.K.

Located minutes from the bars, restaurants and museums in town, this is a unique and thrilling hotel. The former prison is now a luxurious hotel with 95 richly appointed rooms and suites. Sleep in a converted cell with barred windows and iron doors. The furniture is modern and there is a buzzing cocktail bar as well as a popular brasserie for an even more memorable experience.

Jailhotel, Lucerne, Switzerland

The prison was built in 1862. Its location was chosen because at the time there was still a trench in the street in front of the building. The prison opened in 1862 and didn't close until 1998; the hotel was open a year later. Over the last 30 years of the prison history, only people on remand and conscientious objectors were locked up there. There was also a guillotine, which is now in a museum in Lucerne.

Hostel Celica Art in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The ex-prison now consists of 20 former prison cells that transformed into unique artistic hostel rooms, each telling a specific story. Many artists helped with the new design, making the hotel look like a funky youth hostel. There is now an open space for "personal freedom and artistic expression." The rooms are all different with one feature in common—prison bars on windows and doors. Guests are assigned their cells and cannot choose them, just like prisoners had no choice.