Most Adventurous Countries Around The World

Most Adventurous Countries Around the World

Making vacation plans and getting ready to stroke your wanderlust have been scientifically proven to improve health. The largest boost in happiness comes from the simple act of planning a vacation. But where do you go? A new study presents a global insight into which adventure sports are popular in which country. Experts researched the Google search volume for keywords associated with adventurous activities in the last year.

20. Ireland

Ireland got high scores for biking, but bungee jumping, camping and, of course, hiking also made the list of popular adventures. The country is a place of intense beauty and unmistakable culture. The best time to go is in the summer if you want to see lush greenery, bright flowers and sunny weather. Hike or kayak off the coast; sleep over night at medieval castles, and explore the unique nature of the country's national parks.

19. Greece

In terms of adventure Greece is known for its stunning islands. It's no surprise that hiking is among the most popular adventures in the country. Somewhat surprisingly though, skiing and skydiving also made the list. Greece during the winter is all about snow-covered mountain tops, where ski and snowboarding enthusiasts escape in a peaceful setting. Some of the most popular resorts are Parnassos and Kalavrita.

18. Canada

Canada's most popular adventure sports are skiing and mountain biking, which also the most searched activity for the country. If you  ever dreamed of hiking and relaxing along huge glacial lakes, soaking up the sun on sandy beaches, exploring unique rocky coasts, or getting lost in lavish forests, visit Canada's national park system, one of the oldest and largest in the world with 47 locations.

17. Italy

Hiking is what a lot of people do when they visit this beautiful country. Rome and Venice are popular destinations with good reason, but people want to explore more. Visit a coastal fishing village that will delight you with history and adventure, and relax on breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Make time for a true paradise on Earth if you want to explore a famous tourist destination through an authentic lens.

16. New Zealand

Tourists go for stunning landscapes, misty mountains, wild beauty, and ball rolling down lavish green hills. Enjoy the many hot springs, and go hiking and biking, which are some of the most searched adventure activity for the country. Bungee jumping and surfing top the list. Wanaka is a prime destination for skiing, but it's awesome in the summer, too. Take in the views by skydiving or paragliding.

15. Portugal

Rock climbing is very popular in Portugal among adventure-seekers. Bungee jumping is in demand as well. Surfing is the favorite. Excellent sport crags and bouldering areas are located near major tourist destinations. Some spots are in the hills of Montejunto, Reguengo do Fetal and Redinha. Other active adventures, which are especially popular in Douro Valley, include canoeing, biking, birdwatching, and going on an environmental cruise.

14. Belgium

Adventurous travelers should look beyond the chocolate and beer. Bungee jumping and skiing are popular adventurous sports in Belgium, according to the study. Hiking is also up there. Raft or kayak the mighty Ourthe River or partake in the county's national sport: cycling. There are several great biking tours and you can set out on your own—either way seeing the country on two wheels is more than rewarding.

13. Finland

Rock climbing, camping and surfing – if anything beats seeing the magnificent Northern Lights, these are it. There are many other reasons to visit Finland, or even Norway, instead of Iceland. Surfing in this Nordic country is a world-class experience. Coastal Finland with its stunningly beautiful archipelago offers a variety of fascinating surfing spots. Some of the most popular climbing areas are Olhava, Kasviken, Havukallio, and Fagelberget.

12. Switzerland

Bungee jumping is the most popular adventure sport per capita in Switzerland. Camping, hiking and skiing are also up there. Also, in terms of thrilling experiences, the country has one of the most terrifying trails in the world – the Titlis Cliff Walk. Set alongside the tallest mountain in the Swiss Alps, the incredible bridge is a whopping 1,640 feet up from the ground below.

11. Spain

Embark on tons of adventures in Spain. Go sea caving in Mallorca, snorkeling, trail running, and cycling. Surfing, mountain biking and rock climbing are by far the most popular adventures. El Caminito del Rey, or the King's Little Pathway, is one of the most popular, and treacherous trails. It is a narrow walkway set against the walls of a deep gorge that's been called "the most dangerous path in the world."

10. Austria

Mountain biking, river surfing and wakesurfing, as well as skydiving are equally popular among adventurous tourists. Do you want to see what tandem skydiving in the Alps is all about? Freefall for 40 to 60 seconds, a moment that will seem like it's lasting forever, from 13,000 feet. There are many surfing competitions organized throughout the year.

9. U.S.

The U.S. has the highest number of searches per month for the sport BMXing, traveling the country with an RV, rock climbing, skiing, and bungee jumping. Some of the scariest jumps in the country are from the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in Colorado and Rio Grande Bridge in New Mexico.

8. UK

Mountain biking, camping and skydiving are the most popular. But, believe it or not, surfing is also on the list of the most adventurous sports in the U.K. per capita. And the fall is the best time of the year for surfing, not the summer. The Watergate Bay in Cornwall is ideal for beginners; intermediates like to go to Bantham/Bigbury in Devon; and many experts prefer Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire for long peaks.

7. Norway

Skiing is unsurprisingly the most popular adventure in Norway. Camping and rock climbing are some of the sought adventures in the country per 100,000 people. Hiking and skydiving not far. Norway is easily among the most beautiful countries in the world. The fjords are like a trademark. The rugged scenery and massive inlets are magnificent. One of the best times to visit is in May, just after spring, which is somewhat short in the country, has brought about mind-blowing natural colors.

6. Denmark

Most people search for options to go skiing and camping in the country, which also ranked as one of the best countries to live a long, happy life. Rock climbing, however, is also popular. Denmark's best rock climbing area is the island of Bornholm. It offers friendly climbing and a pleasant climate. Popular mountain biking areas include Midtjylland, Nordjylland, Nordskoven, Silkeborg, and Syddanmark.

5. France

BMXing is most popular in France per capita, followed by skiing and rock climbing. The country is not known as a surfing location, but the sport is an amazing off-the-radar experience. Other include exploring Corsica, hiking in the Jura Mountains, and climbing what has becomes the largest sand dune in Europe— Dune du Pilat.

4. Germany

Germany is a preferred destination for rock climbing, camping and mountain biking. The Waldseilgarten is known for a thrilling experience high up in the air. Locals also take tree camping to a whole new level. The extreme campsite in Pfronten was set up by Waldseilgarten, an adventure mountain resort. You are in a hammock-like tent that is suspended from a tree. There is nothing else supporting it. You can only get to the tent by climbing.

3. Sweden

Camping is by far the most popular adventurous outdoor activity per capita in Sweden. Skiing and surfing are not too far behind. In extreme northern Sweden, well inside the Arctic Circle, hides the last genuine wilderness in Western Europe. This is Lapland, and through it runs Kungsleden, a 275-mile-long route that cuts through the heart of this expansive landscape of big Arctic valleys, birch forests, hidden glaciers, powerful rivers, the highest pass on the trail, Tjaktjapasset, and the highest mountain in Sweden, Mt. Kebne.

2. Australia

Australia, with its expansive coastlines, fascinating wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and rugged outback, is essentially synonymous with adventure. Rock climbing, surfing and skydiving are the most popular adventures per capita in Australia. The list of exciting expeditions you can embark on here is seemingly endless. 

1. The Netherlands

Caravanning is most popular per capita in the Netherlands. Hiking is also ranked high. The country is also on our list of most affordable trips in Europe. The country, in general, is one of those places you should visit between jobs. Visit the iconic Tulip Fields, one of the most colorful places on Earth. Holland's largest city is an absolute must. It is also famous for its clubs. The country's towns and villages are often pristine and have remained unchanged for many, many years.