Off The Grid Destinations You Need To Visit In 2017

Adventurous travelers are already making plans to visit new and underexplored destinations in 2017. Nowadays the world seems to be getting bigger – the age of the Internet and fewer travel restrictions has turned many new sites into hot spots. But there are still many locations you can visit before the word gets out.


Visit Zambia in October, during the end of the dry season, to see incredible wildlife searching for water sources and roaming on preserved lands. Visit one of the wild national parks to the north instead for a guided safari that will put you close to elephants, giraffes, and lions, among others. Go on a superb canoe and walking safari in the Zambezi Valley and camp out under the stars on secluded islands.


Adventure-lovers will love the opportunity to witness a diverse side of African culture. Immerse yourself in the Bushmen Village of Botswana's Kalahari Desert for a rare insight into a truly unique way of life. The Mogotlho Safari Lodge, one of the most luxurious in the world, offers you a chance to see some of the most amazing wildlife Africa has to offer, while staying in lavish tents set on wooden platforms. An Exodus Travels safari will take you on an 11 night full-service camping trip through Botswana's best wildlife reserves and Victoria Falls.


"A place still in its infancy with tourism but mature in scenery and natural beauty," Lee Abbamonte, the youngest American to visit every country, says. "It's only a matter of time before the world catches on and they start building luxury resorts in the Gobi Desert!" How many people have you heard saying they want to live a Nomadic life in rural Mongolia for a week? You can also go on a cycling tour around the county that includes nine nights of wild camping. Bike across wide, open steppe, into expansive mountain scenery and through larch and pine forests.


Safaris can be expensive but luckily you can find a bungalow or similar lodging in Kilimanjaro National Park for about $120 a night. The park is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The snowy peak of Africa's highest mountain looms over a vast savannah. The park is home to 140 species of mammals, many of them rare or endangered such as the African elephant, and a wide range of flora. Go on a cycling holiday and explore northern Tanzania on 2-wheels. Bike in the Masai and camp in remote areas.

Mont Blanc

This is one of the best backpacking locations around the world, and  one of the most talked about long-distance treks in all of Europe; it's certainly an adventure of a lifetime. The best time to go is in the summer. Mont Blanc peers over clouds at 15,774 feet high and is often referred to as the most famous alpine hike in Europe. Exodus Travels will take you on a trip of 10 days of trekking complemented by three days of relaxation. Climbs over six passes, traverses beneath huge glaciers, and meanders through beautiful alpine meadows and picture-book villages.


This is "perhaps the most beautiful country on the African continent," Abbamonte says. "The desert scenery is unmatched by anything I've seen." It's primitive and overshadowed by neighboring South Africa but a great still-hidden gem, he adds. The nation once too dangerous for tourists is now able to safely host travelers. Visitors marvel at otherworldly landscapes, wildlife roaming free in Etosha National Park, and Kolmanskop, the ghost town left to the mercy of desert sands after local mining dried up.


Bolivia, one of the world's highest countries, is also one of its prettiest and most unique, Abbamonte says. "The Uyuni Salt Flats on their own are reason enough to go." But stay longer to experience the world's highest capital, La Paz, he adds. It's sitting at 3,660 feet above sea level. The buzzing markets of the city are themselves a popular attraction.

Puglia, Italy

"Puglia is the place to visit this year," Cassandra Santoro from, says. "I know you have heard it before but my advice is to head to the heel of the 'boot' and the heart of authentic Italy in 2017 before the crowds come rolling in." With the Baroque architecture of Lecce, the fairytale village of Alberobello, white sand beaches with pristine water, and streets lined by olive groves there will be plenty to see and discover during your visit, she adds.

Sardinia, Italy

Enjoy the world-famous delicious foods of Italy among the turquoise sea and white sandy beaches of the tropics. As the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia has much to offer. Hike through the forested mountain peaks or visit the medieval towns such as Bosa. Explore  history and natural elegance in this picturesque island.

Calabria, Italy

"For those who are planning their return to Italy and are looking for a new adventure try vacationing with the Italians on the eco-friendly island of Sardinia or the beautiful beaches of Calabria," Santoro says. "Both locations have grown in popularity due to its consistent warm and sunny weather and wonderful cuisine. They both are also well-known as the place where you may catch an Italian celebrities seen cruising around the city on a Vespa."

Amalfi Coast, Italy

"If you are passing through the Amalfi Coast why not try switching up the itinerary and exploring the nearby islands of Ischia or Prodica or even better the city center of Naples?" Santoro says. From castles to secret wineries and an even underground city, you will be surprised and awed by the beauty and culture around you, she adds. "While visiting the Campania region, don't forget to take a boat ride to Capri, shop for hand-made ceramics, take a day to hike the cliffs, and of course, reward yourself with the true Napolitano pizza."

Great Bear Rainforest, Canada

A trip to this roadless wilderness makes for the ultimate adventure escapeGreat Bear Rainforest visitors must rely on the fjord-lined waterways while exploring this vast six-million hectare expanse. The only place in the world where the rare white spirit bear can be spotted, the Great Bear Rainforest is also home to majestic wildflower meadows and wide array of wildlife including grizzly bears, whales, wolves, and bald eagles. 

Port Vila, Vanuatu

The "hidden" Vanuatu is among the most beautiful vacation spots in the world. Luckily for adventure travelers, the country in Oceania is mostly untouched by foreigners because of its secluded location. The beaches on Port Villa are stunning; the clear water and rich marine life will have you go back snorkeling every day. You will never be bored at Port Vila – local expats live by the rule "Variety is the spice of life."

Tatai, Cambodia

An ideal destination for travelers who truly want to get away from the fast-paced nature of everyday life, the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge sits in the heart of the rainforest of the Cardamom Mountains and offers a unique and comfortable home-base for visitors interested in experiencing Cambodia's natural ecology with the outfitters at Audley Travel. Accessible only by boat, the small resort features 12 safari-style floating tents and guests are invited to partake in activities like kayaking, hiking and boat trips to nearby fishing communities.

Saba, Dutch Caribbean Islands

Saba is the smallest of the Dutch Caribbean Islands and widely considered one of the top diving destinations in the world. Referred to as "The Unspoiled Queen," Saba is quiet, serene, and charming. Outdoor adventures include a trek up the aptly named Mount Scenery, a dormant volcano offering exquisite rainforest views. If you ever want to visit, make sure it's during the winter. It has been hit by more major storms since 1851 than any other place on Earth. Landing at the Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, one of the most dangerous in the world, is an adventure in itself.


Iran is quickly becoming an 'it' destination for trend-setting travelers, thanks in part to British Airways launching direct flights to Tehran. G Adventures' sales to Iran have doubled in the past year. European hospitality brands are making plans to open new hotels to capitalize on, what the Wall Street Journal calls an "uptick in tourism." If you manage to keep politics aside, Iran is a must-see historically and culturally rich place. After all, it was the heart of the powerful Persian Empire.  The country is becoming a ski destination, too.

Northern Ireland

Now is the low season so you can find amazing package deals that include backpacking and tours. Make sure you check for them on Groupon or Living Social. Prices in general in the country are not very high. A major tourist attraction, the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, is also one of the scariest. It links the mainland to the tiny island of Carrickarede. The bridge is approximately 66 feet and 89 feet above the rocks below. The Dunluce Castle, an iconic Medieval Irish castle on the Antrim Coast, is a must-see.

Naxos and Milos, Greece

Consider an alternative island from where you can witness the stunning beauty of the Cyclades while everybody is booking a vacation in Santorini causing a spike in prices. Visit the islands of Naxos or Milos for an authentic off the grid experience of Greek culture. The seafood is out-of-this-world delicious and the charming villages on the islands will leave you in awe.


The wild, beautiful and small Central European nation is known for its mountains and lakes. Most tourists usually go to Lake Bled but the lesser-known Lake Bohinj offers equally awe-inspiring backgrounds. After all, it is the country's largest glacial lake, snuggled between Bohinj's mountains, which rise from 5,250 to 6,560 feet. Popular activities in and around this serene lake include fishing, swimming, hiking, and biking.

Essaouira, Morocco

Most people are interested in Marrakech as a winter destination that won't break the bank. For a more relaxed pace of life and untouched by tourism sands consider going to the charming coastal town of Essaouria. Located on a peninsula surrounded by forests and overseeing the ocean, travel guides always recommend Essaouira, the ancient Mogador, as a beautiful place for tourism and surf in Morocco.