Family Fun Adventures That Won't Break The Bank

Family Fun Adventures That Won’t Break the Bank

Making vacation plans and getting ready to stoke your wanderlust have been scientifically proven to improve health. The largest boost in happiness comes from the simple act of planning a journey. Nearly 4 out of 5 domestic trips – that is 79 percent – are taken for leisure purposes, according to the U.S. Travel Association.  Since you are already traveling and spending money, why not explore new destinations with your family and embark on adventures that you can afford so you don't have to wait too long to save money and have fun again.

Scavenger hunts

The process of finding new and interesting places is sure to entertain the kids. A scavenger hunt is a playful and adventurous game that could take you all over your city or town. If you have the time (and are an overachieving perfectionist) you could custom-make a special hunt. Or you could check the web for a version of scavenger hunts guided by an app.

Road trips

A road trip is the perfect way to travel, especially if you feel like going on a getaway vacation. You just grab some food and water, fill up the tank and hop in the car. Considering how cheap gas is these days, there is nothing stopping you from cranking up the music and hitting the open road.

Train adventures

It's certainly cheaper than flying. Go ahead and take the train. Choose the scenic route over the quick one and make getting to your destination part of the vacation. Relax and take in the stunning sights. Traveling by train may seem like traveling through time, but passengers continue to be thrilled by mountain summits, lavish landscapes, narrow and scary tunnels, as well as terrifyingly steep grades.

Go camping

Take the kids on a trip with stunning views of wild nature, breathtaking waterfalls, majestic lakes and rivers, red rock landscapes, lavish forests, tall rocky spires and cliffs. All you need is a tent, food, water and a few more supplies. It's only going to cost you a small camping fee of about $15 a night – much cheaper than a hotel.

Bike rides

Urban areas have adapted and become more bike-friendly. In addition to maintaining your fitness level and having fun with the kids, biking in the city is one of the best and most unique ways to explore its beauty and secrets. You'll come across historic trails, canals, monuments, urban parks and recreational areas. 

Visit national parks

Whatever you're into – exploring caves, watching birds, week-long camps, hiking through the wilderness, fishing, or simple sightseeing – you will find it in a national park. Celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. Bonus: People who spend time in parks cope better with stress, feel happier and have more self-esteem, according to studies

Go hiking

Hiking is a popular pastime in the U.S. With thousands of spectacular trails in every state, you are a short drive away from an amazing trail. Reconnect with nature and with you family as you look to find an adventurous retreat spot for the weekend. You'll witness the unspoiled beauty of glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, wildflowers, wildlife, and even mine ruins.

Explore a new town

Reach for the hills and introduce your family to some off the beaten path charm. Visit a mountain town or a place you have been before. Massive crowds are rare in the fall and easygoing festivals are common. Who knows...maybe you'll find hot springs, theme parks and many more exciting attractions.

Hot air balloon rides

This is probably the most expensive adventure on the list. The more people go on a ride, the lower the price per person. Still, it'll be about $150. But it's worth it. Take the family on a top-notch adventure with an unbeatable view. Luckily, there are great opportunities to lift off all over the country. Drifting with the whim of the wind, most trips will have you floating for about an hour and you never quite know where you'll land.

Go on a cruise

Cruise quests offer activities that will get your excitement level through the roof, without breaking the bank. These trips are some of the most all-inclusive vacations available and there are many ways to customize them. The most popular time to cruise is usually the summer, which means companies will be offering a lot of discounts for fall trips. Book as early as you can.

Visit amusement parks

A low balance in your checking account and not enough vacation time should not be factors in deciding to whether or where to have fun with your family. Many offer fall resort packages. Amusement parks are very entertaining, affordable and a wild substitute. There is no need to worry about paying for a plane ticket because exciting amusement and theme parks are located all across the country. 

Attend a carnival or a festival

Carnivals are a whole new world of excitement. Parades, street parties, costumes, music, dancing, arcade games, awards – there is something for everyone to enjoy. A dinner for four at a restaurant will be more expensive than going to a carnival, and a lot less fun.

Go to a haunted and abandoned place

Storied pasts and eerie aesthetics attract attention in a mystifying way. Abandoned places can be ghastly and charming at the same time. They are now dusty, with cracks on the walls, shattered windows, and trees growing inside, but once hundreds of residents were living and working there. A lot of places offer tours which are about an hour or 90 minutes longs and are usually around $20.  

Go horseback riding

When your family is in the mood to connect with the wilderness, but they aren't quite up for a hike, why not experience the great outdoors via horseback? Whether you'd rather take lessons, which are usually about $30 a ride, at a ranch or sign up for a guided ride through the woods, there are a variety of ways to embrace equestrianism. It is sure to draw out the adventurer in you.

Indoor rock climbing

If you are looking of new ways to get the kids to be more physically active, take them rock climbing. They will like the adventure and the challenge, and you will like that they are technically exercising and getting stronger (while having a lot of fun). Daily passes are around $15.