Destinations With No Cell Service Where You Can Truly Unwind

Americans are using only 77 percent of their paid time off, and the decline is partially tied to recent economic problems. Use of vacation days is at the lowest point in four decades. For example, 222 million such days remained unredeemed in 2015, according to the U.S. Travel Association. This can be used as a strong argument that if you are going to take a break from everyday life, you need it to be a real break. Go to a place where no one can reach you and you are not tempted to use your phone or any other electronic device. You need to truly unplug and unwind in order to relax and recharge.

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo

Make the most of the resort's new program Disconnect to Reconnect and enjoy a digital detox. Go kayaking, birdwatching and dancing instead. You'll discover that unplugging is not that difficult at all. And you get an extra incentive – with the complimentary program, guests receive brand new custom iPhone covers when they turn in their iPhone at reception.

Far View Lodge, Colorado

Far View Lodge is located 15 miles inside Mesa Verde National Park. The lodge was designed to reflect the true spirit of Mesa Verde, with seclusion all around you and freedom from the distraction of TVs or cell phone service. There is plenty of wildlife watching and other adventure opportunities. Stargaze from the comfort of your private balcony to enhance your vacation.

Emerald Lake Lodge, Yoho National Park, Canada

Rooms have private baths, balconies and wood burning fieldstone fireplaces; the hotel is even very pet-friendly. But there is no cell phones reception. Enjoy a truly relaxing vacation in the absolutely stunning national park. Vertical rockwalls and dizzying peaks draw hundreds of thousands of visitors. Hiking along stunning summits and humongous glaciers is exceptional; majestic waterfalls including the popular Takkakaw Falls offer a unique glimpse of Canada's natural wonders.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

One of the best features of these beautiful national parks is the lack of cell phone service. Very few areas have it, so don't count on it. You will not have reception at Wuksachi Lodge. Some guests may get reception at John Muir Lodge. Wi-Fi, although limited due to the remote location, is only available in some common areas such as the lobby and meeting rooms.

COMO Hotels, Bhutan

You won't find good, if any, cell phone reception deep in the Himalayas. This is the perfect chance to unplug. There are two locations with off-the-grid villas and other lodges – one by Mo Chu River and one in Paro Valley, which is very close to the country's most famous landmarks. This Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas' eastern edge is a secluded land of monasteries and fortresses. If you are looking authenticity, this is the place.

Camp Grounded, Navarro County, California

The summer camp for adults' motto is "Unplug and Get Away." This is exactly what you do. You trade in your electronic gadgets to build memories that will last a lifetime. It's a place where singing 'til the sunrise, pranks, laying under the stars, dancing barefoot, laughing out loud, eye contact, and exploring the great outdoors are valued most.

Campo Cortez, San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja, Mexico

This eco-lodge a true escape – there is no internet or cell phone coverage. Enjoy the stunning views and wild adventures such as grey whale watching in San Ignacio Lagoon. There are 15 solar-powered cabins with solid beds and some electricity so you can recharge recharge cameras from the solar panels. Your only complaint will be that you'll have to leave eventually.

Ultima Thule Lodge, Chitina, Alaska

There's no phone or service at Ultima Thule Lodge. This is one of the last places on the planet that is beyond the reaches of cell coverage and phone lines. In many ways, that's part of what makes it so special. But it doesn't mean lack of indulgence – huge beds, luxury linens, handcrafted furniture, extensive collection of Alaskan art, etc. October is considered a shoulder season, so prices will be lower.

Tsylos Park Lodge, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Tsylos offers you a real chance to disconnect. You're not available by cell phone, Facebook or even email. You have the perfect excuse to take a true vacation that allows you to take a mental, physical, and emotional break. The place says it doesn't have cell phone access for any reason, unless it's an emergency.

Little Palm Island, Florida Keys

It is often called the most exclusive and romantic resort in all of Florida Keys. It's discreetly located and so remote; it's only accessible by seaplane or boat. You won't find any phones or TVs – just a lot of opportunities for active adventures and a lot of fun – deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, skydiving and even dolphin encounters.

Green Bank, West Virginia

Visit America's quietest town and see how its 143 residents live without cell phones or Wi-Fi (they are illegal there). The town is home to National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which operates the world's largest radio telescope. It is extremely sensitive to electronic interference. There are also no microwave ovens, remote control toys and even garage door openers, according to a news report.

Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania

This is a private nature reserve with a protected coral reef and forest with rare animal breeds and no cell phone service. Prepare to go off the grid. Swim with hundreds of special of tropical fish and snorkel around unspoiled flora. Go on unique nature walks. All buildings are based on eco-technology aiming at zero impact on the environment – rainwater catchment, photovoltaic energy and solar water heating.

Smith Fork Ranch, Colorado

If you want secluded Rocky Mountain adventures, followed by a stay at a lodge filled with luxurious amenities you'd expect from a 5-star hotel, the Smith Fork Ranch is a great option. Cell phone reception are extremely spotty, you can't count on them even in the lobby. They do offer a fax and long distance phone use, if you need them. 

Three Camel Lodge, Gobi Desert, Mongolia

This luxurious place is for adventurers, honeymooners and tech-free conscious individuals. There is no internet, no Wi-Fi and no cell phone reception – it's time for a truly relaxing vacation. Living a Nomadic life in rural Mongolia is a unique experience. Go hiking, biking, rafting, and kayaking. You'll get to see where Genghis Khan set out to conquer the world. You'll live in a Nomad's ger, and ride horses while learning archery and garment-making skills.

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, Washington

You'll appreciate the fact that there is no cell phone service (neither are Internet or TVs). The resort is on the Olympic National Park, one of the most popular national parks in the country. It has three unique environments – mountains, coasts and rainforests. Hiking the park feels like you are in an imaginary world. There are no roads to spoil the natural beauty.