The Coziest Things About Fall

The Coziest Things About Fall

People who think that fall is not their favorite season are bound, sooner or later, to realize why they are wrong. A lot of activities, foods and drinks, which are often taken for granted, are only available in the months between September and December.Fall certainly has its charm. Both shy people who like to stay home and thrill-seekers have reasons to love it. The season gives a sense of anticipation. It's like the calm before the storm, in the form of Christmas shopping and New Year resolutions that are to follow. 

Time for soft sweaters

Soft cotton, cashmere or woven in luxurious cotton blends – regardless of what your sweater is made of, wearing one when it's a little cool outside is just what you need. Isn't that an absolute delight?

Apple picking adventures

Fall, also known as apple harvest season, is here and that means it's time to finally go pick the delicious fruit, which is a lot of people's favorite superfood. This sounds like a kid's adventure, but a lot of adults enjoy it too. Walking around and squatting are good exercises after all.  

Colorful theme races

Celebrate the season with frightening 5Ks, haunted half-marathons, and amusing runs. Halloween-themed fright fests and costume contests make fall so much more fun. Some are actually charity events.  All proceeds from the Las Vegas Zombie Run, for example, are donated to Generation Vegas. 

Pumpkin pies

Pumpkin pies are so delicious, they should be available all year round. Try making this sweet dessert pie with spiced, pumpkin-based custard filling at home with the kids for a real fun (and messy) family experience.

Breathtaking colors

Panoramic views of bursting bright colors make fall unique. Phenomenal mixtures of yellow, red, orange and green will take your breath away only during this time of the year. Make the most of it!


You can wear your favorite pajamas all day and not make excuses why. That's just what people do at home. No homewear is better than cozy PJs...


Unless you're the one cooking, Thanksgiving is easily one of the best times of the year. Four days off, traveling, families together having fun, eating delicious meal someone else made, watching football (and possibly saving money while shopping) –what's not to like?


If you can't make it to Munich this year, consider going on a road trip  for an unforgettable experience. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere. The U.S. has a lot of cities that throw awesome Oktoberfest parties. After all, German-Americans constitute the largest ethnic group in the country.

New shows and seasons

No more re-runs! New episodes of your favorite returning shows are on. Also, now is the time to pick something else to watch. TV channels usually save the best of their programs for the fall.


The agony is over! Professional football is back, and with it come fantasy leagues. Some fans can make a good argument about why they are much more entertaining than the NFL itself. 


The weather is finally cool enough to allow you to cuddle with your four-legged best friend on the couch, or significant other without sweating after one minute. It was about time!

Taking a warm bath

Taking a warm bath is more than relaxing. It has several medicinal benefits. Depending on what you put in the baths, they can help relieve skin conditions, according to a study, calm arthritis and muscle pain, and improve blood circulation.

Hot chocolate

You can now order your favorite beverage at Starbucks without being looked at as if you live in a cave. Tell them how you like it: Thick and creamy with lots of whipped cream. Add some marshmallows...Life is good!

Daylight savings

We're going to sleep an extra hour! This alone is enough to love fall, especially in this sleep-deprived world. If for nothing else, get the extra shuteye for your waistline. Science has confirmed time and again that fewer hours of sleep leads to weight gain.

Mulled wine

Warm up your soul and body. Follow this popular recipe from the Food Network: Combine the cider, red wine, honey, cinnamon sticks, zest, juice, cloves and star anise in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Pour into mugs, add an orange peel to each and serve.

Hot drinks

Hot water is a natural remedy for colds, coughs and a sore throat. Turn it into a delicious beverage – tea, coffee and mulled cider.


There is something about the sound of crackling fire that makes fireplaces one of the favorite things about the fall season. Also, watching a fire lowers blood pressure, according to a study by the University of Alabama.

Reading or writing while it’s raining

Everybody loves the sounds of raindrops on the rooftop or windows. There are even hours-long YouTube videos with them for mediation. Try reading a book or writing next time. You may be surprised to find how inspiring and calming it can be.


The hats, the gloves, the scarves, the sweaters, the jackets, the boots...This is the season for shop lovers. There are so many options – in even more colors and combinations – that you can easily spend hours in just one store. Bring some water to stay hydrated and let your family know where you are so they don't file a missing person report.

No more sweating

You don't have to tolerate the stench anymore! You don't even have to deal with it. You can finally go on a date and your make up will still be on.