Best Places To Go For A Winter Honeymoon If You Want To Escape The Cold

Best Places to Go for a Winter Honeymoon if You Want to Escape the Cold

Winter is the time of year when people want to knuckle down and stay in their warm and comfortable homes, cooking dinners with their family and binge-watching their favorite shows. This is the season for engagements, not weddings, and certainly not honeymoons. However, newlyweds will be missing out if they didn't consider a winter getaway.

U.S. Virgin Islands

You don't even need a passport. Go to St. Thomas, St. Croix and/or St. John, all three of which accept American dollars. Trunk Bay is one of the most gorgeous beaches in the Caribbean – it's absolutely serene. Try the Underwater Trail, which is a snorkeling path of coral and fish with underwater signs. Buck Island in St. Croix supports a large variety of native flora and fauna. It has extraordinary coral formations. Boat tours and scuba diving are also popular. Travelers will be blown away by the pristine beauty of Virgin Islands National Park


Choosing which islands to visit exactly when you only have a week off from work can be a daunting experience. There is so much to see, adventures to experience and hidden gems to explore. Tourists usually go to Hawaii for its stunning beaches, bustling nightlife, family adventures, and surfing. The beautiful islands are home to many astonishing spots – some of them even secluded shores you don't know about.

Puerto Rico

A popular destination for all types of vacationers, this Caribbean island boasts a spot among the top honeymoon spots. People are spoiled with a seemingly endless list of exciting recreational activities, including hiking and biking trails, pre-mapped jogging routes, two 18-hole golf courses, a full-fledged tennis center, "dive-in" movie nights, sea turtle viewing, snorkeling, scuba diving and countless other watersports.


Made up of more than 300 islands, the majority of which were formed by ancient volcanic activity, Fiji is the epitome of tropical paradise. From the soft coral packed with fish (a diver's heaven) to the incredible waves that draw surfers, Fiji continues to win over travelers with world-class waters. Head inland to discover lesser-known treasures like hot springs, lively cities and volcanoes to climb. The majestic Sawailau Caves are one of the "must-do" activities for travelers visiting Fiji's spectacular Blue Lagoon, according to Awesome Adventures Fiji.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

As home to the world's second largest coral reef, Riviera Maya is a top spot for snorkelers and divers in search of an unrivaled underwater landscape. Adventures include snorkeling along a cenote (or underground river), forest zip lining and the chance to visit and explore ancient Mayan ruins. 

Costa Rica

From volcano hiking to jungle zip lining, Costa Rica is essentially an adventure-lover's paradise, and with its many stunning landscapes it also makes for a romantic honeymoon setting. You'll hike, bike, kayak and raft through jungles, embark on a two-day whitewater rafting excursion, rappel down waterfalls, and explore the many landscapes of the country's beloved national parks. Visit Cocos Islands, one of the best places for shark sightings and to see the clearest, bluest water on Earth. The country is also a thrilling destination for animal lovers.

Hayman Island, Australia

Hayman Island is one of the Whitsundays in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, one of the most spectacular places on Earth. Take a helicopter ride to see the mind-blowing natural colors; go snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding to see some Earth's clearest waters from up close. Game fishing is a popular activity. Other favorite things to do are golfing, hiking and participating in all kinds of water sports.

Pucon, Chile

Hiking an active volcano, diving, and climbing are romantic activities. If you want to do all of them in one trip, head to Pucon. At night, relax in a hot spring. Explore the Andes on horseback or on a mountain bikeCamp under the stars in the huge expanse of the Huerquehue National Park; and go white water rafting, horseback riding and trekking down the daunting Vilarrica Volcano standing 2,860m tall. 


Gardens, markets and city squares—these are just a few of the conventional things that become extraordinary works of art in Marrakech. Founded in 1062 A.D., Marrakech has historical roots that run deep with slices of modern thrown in. Ride a camel though the Sahara desert, explore the dunes, see the city from above in a hot air balloon, and bike through the city. Visit this incredible city for the food, sights and, most of all, the experience. In the winter, this former imperial city on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains is a must-see destination and it fits the budget.

South Africa

Going on a safari and wildlife spotting are just some of the endless adventurous options you have available in South Africa. Take a River Cruise and see the hippos and crocodiles; you can even kayak with them. Or go open-water swimming.  Witness the gorgeous natural beauty of the famous Garden Route and its beaches. The Cango Caves are probably the oldest tourist attraction in the country. If you're brave enough, dive with white sharks. You can also see the penguins in Simons Town. Jump from Africa's highest bridge. You'll just have to throw yourself from about 655 feet. This is one of the craziest adventures you must check off your bucket list.


For newlyweds who love to ride it's hard to go wrong with a six-day cycling tour hosted by Butterfield & Robinson. The trip highlights the best of the country's zesty characteristics providing unbeatable views of mountain landscapes, vividly colorful canyons and vibrant colonial towns. Iguazu Falls is a waterfall you must see at least once in your lifetime. Spanning 1.6 miles, it is made of 275 waterfalls or cataracts. You can actually get very close. Walk over the many wooden footbridges that are elevated over the Iguazu River to see amazing falls, magnificent panoramas and even a rainbow.


It's is warm, sunny, tropical and still quite undiscovered. An archipelago made up of hundreds of small islands, Palau receives only 150,000 visitors per year. Being a small island in the western Pacific Ocean, getting there may not be an easy trek, but it's certainly an unrivaled destination for those who wish to escape far away from all signs of winter. Palau is also a terrific snorkeling and scuba-diving spot. It is the place to go to see a broad range of marine life, with the waters there teeming with sharks, dolphins, turtles, hundreds of species of fish, dugongs, and more.

New Zealand

Going to New Zealand is a trip of a lifetime. Start planning a vacation now – it's scientifically proven to make you happy. It's home to one of the most diverse habitats in the entire world. That, and much of its vast wilderness, preserved as world heritage sites and national parks, has been left entirely unspoiled. Adventure enthusiasts from around the world visit the unique country's two islands in search of some of the most incredibly thrilling excursions in the world. They include swimming with dolphins, skydiving in Wanaka, bungee jumping, and seeing the Southern Constellations.

Daymaniyat Islands

"Lonely islands with tranquil beaches & paradise for divers," one person wrote on TripAdvisor. Relax on the white sand and enjoy swimming and fishing. Snorkeling won't disappoint. The islands are a well-preserved corals heaven. They are a UNESCO recognized marine nature reserve and are home to a copious marine life including whale sharks, turtles and colorful reef fish.


Tanzania may be a dangerous place to drive in, but that should not stop you from visiting and having the time of your life. Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park and Lake Tanganyika make it one of the most visited countries in Africa, but with hundreds of miles of coastline on the Indian Ocean there's plenty more wild to explore. Kilimanjaro National Park is home to 140 species of mammals, many of them rare or endangered such as the African elephant, and a wide range of flora.