The Best Adventure Trips For Couples

Learn to surf

Spend time together on the water and bond while testing your physical limits. Encourage each other; you're both going to need it. From the upper body strength it takes to paddle out to the balance it takes to ride waves, every aspect of surfing tests your whole body in strength, agility and stamina. Go to a cool surf town so you can have fun long after your surf lessons are over.

Paddle-boarding in Gurabo, Puerto Rico

The once obscure surf-kayak-hybrid, with modern-day origins in Hawaii, has exploded in popularity over the past few years. If you haven't tried it yet, you should; and you should do it in one of the best places for that water adventure. If you and your partner like secluded laid-back spots, head to Gurabo where green and lush hillsides border the serent Carraizo Lake. It's about half an hour away from San Juan, which is a top adventurous honeymoon destination in itself.

Go on a wildlife safari

You are witnessing wild animals in their natural habitat. It's a thrilling experience. Kenya is one of the premier destinations for this amazing adventure. Known as one of the best country parks, Maasai Mara offers wide range of safaris – hot air balloons, walking, photographing. The best time to visit is between July and October because of the wildebeest migration, famous as the World Cup of Wildlife. You can find extreme safaris for adventure lovers in Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, and even India, to name a few.

Tour ice caves

Head to the gorgeous Apostle Island National Park for winter beauty you have never encountered before. The ice caves are stunning in February; the lake surface is frozen over and the lakeshore cliffs form a crimson red border to this stunning arctic landscape. But ice caves are not strictly a winter-only phenomenon—you just have to go to the right place.

Heli-skiing or heli-hiking in the Canadian Rockies

Just get on a helicopter – enjoy better snow, tough but thrilling landscapes, and spectacular views, fly high above a mountain and embark on an amazing adventure in the Canadian mountains. Experience nature's solitude at its best in the winter for skiing and summer for hiking. See British Columbia's unspoiled majestic peaks, wildflower-dotted meadows, alpine lakes and ancient glaciers while you still can.

Dive deep in Belize

Scuba diving is a thrilling experience anywhere, but in this tiny Central American nation there are more than 400 islands, white sandy beaches along 185 miles of coastline, and the longest unbroken barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Stellar coral formations, big fish sightings, and 25 miles of barrier reef sitting less than a mile offshore make Ambergris Caye a fascinating dive location. The famous Blue Hole is one of the most stunning scuba diving locations and one of the most dangerous.

Hike active volcanoes

As is the case with most thrilling experiences, people want more. Hiking a dangerous and active volcano is an exhilarating way to explore otherworldly terrain, steep slopes, lava flows and hot springs all in one trip. The level of difficulty can range from advanced climbers to hikers with no previous trekking experience. Go to the most active volcano in Hawaii, Kilauea, one of the most famous ones – Mt. Etna in Sicily, and Cotopaxi in Ecuador.

Explore Rwanda’s forests

Encounter some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world. Trek into the lush forests of Rwanda, home to hundreds of species of birds and numerous waterfalls. There are only around 900 gorillas remaining in the world and about 200 of them reside in Volcanoes National Park, deep within the Virunga Mountains. You'll also track chimpanzees and the golden monkey, and watch for elephants and buffalo.

Cruise around the Norwegian fjords

Norway is easily among the most beautiful countries in the world and the fjords are its trademark. The best and most adventurous way of exploring them is by kayak or a cruise.  The cliffs are very, very steep and some places are completely out-of-the-way and you can't reach them unless you are on a small boat. The Fjords have everything you may want – beautiful coasts, waterfalls, slopes, incredible inlets, and rivers appropriate for paddlers of all levels.

Whitewater rafting

When it comes to outdoor water thrills it's tough to beat whitewater rafting, especially in the height of spring. Rafting is a very exciting sport, but also a hard and dangerous one. You are not on a boat floating in calm waters; you are in an inflatable vessel cutting through fast and powerful streams. Maneuvering around them is tricky and takes a lot of skills and team work – perfect for couples and group of friends.

Kayak down a waterfall

Running waterfalls is an extreme sport that is not for every paddler. It takes unique skills, years of practice and the right kind of weather. Some of the most incredible waterfalls for kayaking are the Palouse Falls in Washingtin at 189 feet – that is 17 feet higher than Niagara Falls, Rainbow Falls in Hawaii, Ohiopyle Falls in Pennsylvania, and Aldeyjarfoss Falls in Iceland.

Sign up and train for an adventure race

Train together for this unique kind of competition. Whether it's because just completing the event is considered a victory, because participants have to handle unusual obstacles, or because if they don't work as a team they won't succeed, the sport has attracted elite and amateur runners, cyclists and swimmers alike. In some cases you can choose between 6-, 12-, and 30-hour events.

Road trip up the California coast

If you want to go beach hopping, this is the road trip for you. The Pacific Coast Highway will take you to some remarkable beach towns; some can even be great for surfing, eventually leading to the famous Big Sur, a rugged stretch of California's central coast between Carmel and San Simeon. Drive Big Sur's length via twisting Highway One. The Bixby Bridge is a favorite spot for photos. Another one is McWay Falls, a cascade that falls about 70 feet to a remote beach.

Travel all over Europe with a train

Long TSA security lines, lost luggage horror stories and annoying fellow-passengers discourage people from flying. Turn the alternative into an adventure and see all of Europe. There are several companies that offer week-long packages and multi-passes. Traveling by train, a romantic and inspiring journey, is the most hassle-free and comfortable way to discover the Old Continent. The rail network is very well developed and train service is reliable.

Explore Vegas’ backyard

The Sin City is not a lonely spot in the middle of a boring desert. Just minutes off the Strip outdoor enthusiasts can find tons of adventure. Hiking, mountain biking, cycling, rafting, sky diving, zip lining—Las Vegas and the surrounding area just about has it all. Couple willing to take slightly longer trips would be delighted to know that just within four or five hours of Vegas, you'll find six national parks, 13 state parks and practically endless acres of public land.