20 Unique Places You Can Actually Stay In

1. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Saariselka, Finland

Glass igloos, log cabins and extraordinary views...who would not want to stay in this igloo village? They were designed so visitors can enjoy the Northern Lights in their full glory but sleeping there is an amazing experience even if you don't catch them. You can stay in a snow igloo if you feel that's a more authentic experience. You can go on a husky and reindeer safari in the winter. Boarding an icebreaker cruise is also popular.   

2. Tipis in the Meitar region, Israel

You can actually book the tipis, also spelled tepees or teepees, on Airbnb. These sorts of tents may be a bit too rural for some adventure travelers but that is part of their charm. Former visitors also say the tipis are very cozy. You certainly get a feeling you have suddenly have time traveled centuries into the past.

3. Loisaba Wilderness Resort in Nanyuki, Kenya

Two of the tree houses in the resort are a set of a thatch roofed huts with an open-air wall so you can wake up with the beauty of the morning sunrise. You can also catch it just outside the room in your bed, if you prefer, since they have wheels and can be rolled out (which mean you can literally sleep under the stars at night). To add to the excitement, one of the tree houses is literally above a river and the other next to a water hole. You will see lions, buffalos, elephants and zebras as you wake up. But don't worry – people are always on standby just in case.

4. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway

Have you ever wanted to stay in an igloo? Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is a good choice because you can also see the Northern Lights from there and 2016 may the last year they appear for about a decade. You can also enjoy scooter-safari at day and evening as well as dogsledding trips. For those of who are looking for an even more untraditional experience you can go ice fishing and a night in the wilderness.

5. Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

You don't have to be a Lord of the Rings fan to enjoy a hobbit home. You can see a pig or a donkey on the roof in the morning. That's quite common and amusing. As a plus you get to see the Billy Black Kiwi Culture show to learn about the local way of life. The motel also has a plane, a boat, a train carriage where people can spend the night. The Hobbits is close to the Waitomo Caves, offering an amazing view across the hillside.

6. Marmara Hotel in Antalya, Turkey

Do you want to be standing in one place but also moving? This impossible at first glance task glance is a reality at the Marmara Antalya Beach & Resort in Turkey. It is the only rotating hotel in the world. You wake up in the morning with a 360-degree view of magnificent Antalya. The hotel is floating on a pool of 478 tons of water and has six motors to do several circles around its orbit a day.

7. Gingerbread House, Geyserville, California

This is another location you can book on Airbnb. Two people can fit inside for a sleepover downstairs and one person can fit in the loft. This unique house is decorated with glass windows that have LED lights. Trees are wrapped around the cabin so you feel like you are literally hugged by trees.  Bonus: The Gingerbread House is next to a Hobbit hut.

8. Free Spirit Spheres in Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Each of the three spheres is made from wood. They literally hang in the air attached to supporting trees with a synthetic rope. The tree houses are available too book all year round, which is not the case with many others. The spheres look like a yacht from the inside. In fact, they are built based on a sailboat construction. Stairways hang from a tree much like a sailboat shroud hangs from the mast. You can feel the spheres move "like a gentle rocking" when the wind blows.

9. Hotel de Glace, Canada

This incredible hotel is open only until March 28 this year. Everything is literally sculpted ice, including the beds. If you're looking for an original vacation, this one certainly qualifies. You're surrounded by pure white snow and ice, which allows it to change its décor as often as customers please. Nearby activities include dogsledding, cross-country skiing and spa treatments.

10. Litløy Lighthouse in outer Vesterålen, Norway

Would you like an island all to yourself but at an affordable price? This place is so remote, you have to literally cross the open sea in an open boat, and then climb 300 steps from the shoreline to get there. The lighthouse is an ideal place to stay for people looking for the ultimate peace and quiet. If you go this year, you're likely to witness the Northern Lights. The surrounding view is especially stunning when a storm hits. You can see how rough the Atlantic Ocean can get through the windows.

11. TreeHotel in Harads, Sweden

This tree-house hotel is among the most famous in the world because of it futuristic and high-tech design. One of the houses, the Mirror Cube, reflects the surrounding trees. You may be under it and not actually notice a tree house above your head. Talking about blending...Another tree house is a cabin and a third is looks like a huge bird's nest. Other than enjoy the awesome architecture, you can try Nordic skiing, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

12. Silo Cottage, Tyringham, Massachusetts

Talking about an original place to stay! This former sculpting studio can be rented out on Airbnb. It's like literally staying in a tree with lots of windows, surrounded by a rustic landscape. Bonus: The cottage comes with four acres of green heaven – walking paths, ponds, lakes, stone bridges as well as stone bench seating area with a chimney that can be used.

13. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

You can stay inside a mountain, even if it's an artificial one. That doesn't change the fact that you'll be under a waterfall as it blows like a volcano from the top. And you can only access your room by walking on a monkey bridge. This mountain hotel really shows you the magic of the native forest.  Favorite tourist activities include rafting and paintball. In the winter people like to go snowshoeing and glacier trekking.

14. Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

You can stay in this former industrial monument and you can also free fall from the top – it's only 164 feet. This is an astonishing and unique experience, far removed from the bland standard hotels all over the place. Some tourists even call the Faralda a romantic to stay, so maybe you should consider it if you haven't book a St. Valentine's vacation yet. Basically, staying in a converted industrial crane with luxurious rooms and a hot tub on top is a bucket list adventure.

15. Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

This is a place you can actually be comfortable in. The antiquated 1965 Boeing 727 has been renovated as a two-bedroom hotel hidden away in a tropical forest. It's on the edge of the jungle giving you views that will make you feel like you're flying, seeing both the ocean and the forest at the same time. All furnishings are hand carved. Your most frequent neighbors will be sloths, toucans, and monkeys.

16. Spitbank Fort, England

Have you ever wanted to get married in what used to be a gun emplacement? Probably not, but you can anyway because the Spitbank Fort in England is now a luxurious small island with a pool, sauna and a fire pit on the roof. A peace and quiet experience will rarely get more secluded than this. There is literally no one to bother you.

17. El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas

Looking for a unique Texas experience? Stay in a 22-ft. diameter yurt with wood floors. It's relatively modern to suit everyone's tastes. The yurt has a queen bed, writing desk and a sofa, and electricity. You can take a shower nearby. This kind of adventure destination is a combination of the lifestyles of hipsters and nomads who have passed through the region over the years. You can also find tipis, tents and trailers to sleep in in Marfa.

18. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China

The most amazing fact about this structure is the underwater bridge that connects the two towers. The hotel itself can't get more luxurious that this – you can take a bath while watching TV and looking out at the gorgeous lake. The hotel changes lights and colors at night.

19. 9 Hours Capsule Hotel Koyoto, Japan

Want to get a good night's sleep for solid 9 hours? The rooms in this hotel, which are only big enough to fit one person while they are in a horizontal position, are equipped with ambient system to help people get the most of their long nap.  

20. The Old Jailhouse in Ribe, Denmark

Hopefully you only get to stay in a jailhouse as a tourist as opposed to temporary resident. The prison cells have been turned into comfortable rooms but you can't escape the feeling that it was once a dark, cold jail. Some rooms are small and don't have hot water – so you feel exactly like a prisoner. Even breakfast is served at 7:30 on the dot and if you miss it, you'll be hungry. The building was used as a prison for a century until pretty recently – 1989.