This Airport Is Known As The Least Chaotic And Stressful In All Of Europe

Airports aren't exactly the kind of place you'd want to chill out and pass the time. These travel hubs can be downright stressful, from the time-consuming security lines to the exorbitant prices for basic meals. It's no wonder many travelers experience emotional challenges at the port. The good news is that you can combat airport anxiety with psychologist-approved tips. Or, you might want to use one of Europe's least stressful airports on your next vacation to avoid awful situations altogether. Data from a Stress Free Car Rental study indicates that fliers can expect the most relaxing experience at Billund Airport in Denmark (via Schengen News).

Stress Free Car Rental conducted this study to determine which of the continent's air hubs is the least chaotic and tough for travelers to navigate. It based its analysis on a few important factors to determine a winner. These include the number of visitors per year, the distance from the city center, the number of available restaurants, car parking rates, and quality ratings.

While Billund might not be the largest port or the one most fliers would use when visiting Denmark — that award goes to Copenhagen Airport — it is a gateway to other under-the-radar destinations in Denmark, such as LegoLand Resort and Givskud Zoo Zootopia. Only 3.7 million people visited Billund Airport in 2022, making it much less chaotic compared to many larger airports. Billund also scored a cool 80% for overall quality and is situated a little over 3 miles from the city center.

Billund Airport is a calm international travel hub

You might not be familiar with Billund Airport unless you've spent time exploring West Denmark. However, Billund is more than a tiny hub for local travelers. It's an international airport hosting over 20 airlines with flights to more than 80 cities across Europe. Even still, Billund Airport remains a relatively calm, relaxing place to start or end your trip. 

The airport has busy periods, particularly in the morning, but security screenings are generally efficient and speedy. Once you're in and waiting for your flight, there are five restaurants to choose from — admittedly, a small selection compared to some other airports in Stress Free Car Rental's study. You will also find enough shops to grab any last-minute travel and duty-free goods. Lego fans will also be pleased to find a Lego store stocked with rare merch and exclusive sets.

For those looking to unwind and ease any travel stress, the King Amlet Lounge is a must visit. The lounge has been recognized by Priority Pass for its high-quality experience three times to date and offers around-the-clock food and drinks, plus a variety of seating options. Fliers can access the space through a partnering airline membership, a one-time payment, or a program such as Priority Pass. You might wonder: Is a priority pass airport lounge membership worth it? Well, it depends on your travel frequency. 

Other low-stress airports in Europe

If you don't plan to visit Billund in the near future, you can still find easygoing airports in other cities across Europe. Stress Free Car Rental identified nine other low-stress airports, including Luxembourg Airport in second place and Lithuania's Vilnius International Airport in third place. Luxembourg had the most yearly visitors of the airports featured, with over 4 million passengers recorded in 2022, though it's still much less congested compared to some busy ports. According to Eurostat, a whopping 57 million people traveled through Paris Charles De Gaulle in 2022, for comparison. Luxembourg also had the priciest car parking fees out of the top 10, but it earned points for its 83% quality score and 9 onsite restaurants.

Vilnius International Airport also recorded nearly 4 million visitors, though it far outperformed Luxembourg Airport when it came to parking rates. In fact, Vilnius' weekly parking fees were half those found in Luxembourg. The Lithuania airport also earned points for offering 10 restaurants, having an 80% quality score, and being within close proximity to the city center.

Spain's Menorca Airport came in fourth place on the list of Europe's least stressful airports, followed by Hannover Airport in Germany, Newcastle Airport in the United Kingdom, Corfu International Airport in Greece, and Trondheim Airport in Norway. Italy earned more spots on the list than any other country, with two of its airports placing in the top 10. Turin Airport came in ninth place, followed by Cagliari Elmas Airport.