TikToker Breaks Down Why Americans Value Vacations In Italy So Highly

According to a report from the International Trade Administration, Italy is one of the top international destinations visited by Americans. While tourists may initially be drawn to the country's iconic cuisine or its historic sights (here's a trick to seeing Italy's popular destinations with few crowds), that's not what really leaves a lasting impression, says one TikToker. Content creator @ciaoamberc posted a clip explaining the less obvious reasons Americans fall in love with the boot-shaped nation.


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The first point that sets Italy apart from the U.S., according to the self-proclaimed Italy expert, is its culture around food and drinks. The TikToker explains that in the U.S., cocktails have low volume and cost between $15 and $25 each. Similarly, American restaurants commonly charge for appetizers and meal add-ons, and tipping is standard at the end of the meal. This isn't the case in Italy, she shares. 

In Italy, one high-quality alcoholic drink is often enough to satisfy you for a while, and if you order your beverages during certain periods, you might even receive free food to munch on while you sip. "For the American soul ... you're paying $8 for a cocktail but then you get this full experience for an hour, it just feels really good," @ciaoamberc concluded in her video.

You don't have to spend much for a memorable experience in Italy

Whether you relate to @ciaoamberc's cocktail example or not, one thing's certain: You'll often find that you don't have to spend as much money in Italy to have a satisfying and memorable experience. For one, prices in the European country tend to be lower than in the U.S., making it easy to explore Italy on a shoestring budget. Whether you're grabbing a meal or hopping on a train, you'll likely find it relatively affordable in Italy.

Besides the gentler sticker price, Italian culture values quality over quantity, which helps keep costs for tourists low. As @ciaoamberc explained, you can expect to get one nice drink that will last around an hour while you're busy chatting with friends. In the U.S., you might order several rounds of small, watered-down beverages in quick succession instead.

Moreover, beverages are only one part of the experience. Meals are meant to be enjoyed slowly while you spend time with loved ones, savoring the atmosphere. The same goes for everyday life in Italy. For instance, drinking coffee like a true Italian means ordering an espresso, sitting or standing at the bar, and chatting with fellow patrons. For many Americans, these small rituals and opportunities help make their vacation in Italy special and cost-effective.

Italy's architecture is the perfect vacation backdrop

On TikTok, @ciaoamberc followed up her initial video with a second clip about the country's stunning architecture. She explains, "We know people go to see famous monuments ... people go to see some of the architecture ... like the Colosseum. But aside from just things like the Colosseum, there is actually beautiful architecture everywhere in Italy."

The content creator suggests that this is one detail that Americans visiting Italy come to appreciate about the country. Historical churches, ancient castles, and even average residential homes have classical design features and ornate embellishments. This is much different from the generic strip malls, cookie-cutter houses, and big box stores found across the U.S.

Continuing her point, @ciaoamberc acknowledges the exceptional appeal of the United States but believes that "we need more beautiful architecture." Many tourists would likely agree, which might explain why exploring Italy can feel so invigorating. Though the U.S. does have magnificent gems, and tourists can see the tallest buildings, best bridges, and beautiful homes in America, there's nothing quite like being surrounded by authentic Italian architecture on a vacation.