The One Destination In Germany That Is Actually Dangerous, Per A Local's TikTok

To outsiders, Germany is known for beer gardens and magnificent must-see castles, not high crime. In fact, a U.S. News survey of global respondents ranked Germany as the 15th safest country in the world, beating out other popular destinations such as Japan and Italy. According to TikToker @kaiserkrys, an American living in Germany, the European country is safe enough to leave your keys in your car and walk alone at night. However, the content creator warned that places known by locals to attract danger are the train stations.


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The TikToker revealed, "I don't know how this happened, but if you hang out outside a train station in Germany, it's scary." In the clip, she lists multiple cities where the train stations can feel sketchy, suggesting that this is a nationwide observation rather than a station-specific one. "So if you come into Germany, just don't hang out near the train station. You better get on that train and get far away from that place as quick as you can," she urged.

Others agree that German train stations can feel shady

Commenters on the TikTok clip shared their own brushes with danger while at German train stations. "No but why is Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof the scariest place I've ever been," wrote @kaeborowski. Another user (named @katesoswag_) added, "THE COLOGNE TRAIN STATIONS ARE SO SKETCHY." Others recounted being chased, offered drugs, and followed home from the station.

However, Redditors have a slightly different take on the situation. In a r/AskAGerman thread about train stations in Germany, most agreed that the travel hubs aren't so bad, as long as you know what to expect. "If anyone approaches you ignore them, this holds true for almost every country as these kinds of scams are global. Germany is safe you will be fine," explained u/MurderMits. Another user with a now-deleted account shared that there may be people hanging around the stations under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but in general, they'll cause no trouble if you're simply passing through. Additionally, a Redditor named u/Mad_Moodin added that avoiding pickpockets should be the priority as they're known to loiter in the stations, though as long as you keep your wallet secure, you'll likely avoid any hassle.

Crime happens, but there are ways to keep yourself safe

According to Deutsche Bahn data from 2022, 5.4 million passengers ride German trains each day. With so many people passing through the country's rail stations — and given that the stations tend to be located in busy areas with a lot of foot traffic — it's no surprise that you may find a shady character or two. However, train station crime is a hot-button issue in Germany, as violent offenses have become more commonplace around stations in recent years. To cope, the city of Berlin has implemented checks for dangerous items during certain times, while Nuremberg's main station beefed up its security to deal with its recent crime wave.

These aren't the only cities where train stations are becoming more dangerous. Roughly 23,000 crimes were reported at German train stations and on trains in 2022, per The Local, and the station with the most violent offenses was in Hamburg, a wildly popular destination city. Hanover Central Railway Station was the second worst station for violent crime.

If you visit Germany, you'll likely rely on the local trains to get around. When at the stations, keep your belongings close to your body, and don't feel obligated to interact with anyone who approaches you. If you feel uncomfortable, ask an attendant or shopkeeper for help. Following the same safety precautions you do when traveling anywhere else can go far in keeping you out of danger.