The Hidden Spot On Italian Trains Many Tourists Don't Realize Is For Luggage Storage

Train travel is one of the most affordable travel methods in Italy and considerably cheaper than traveling by plane or private vehicle. However, one question that travelers often have is what to do with their luggage when traveling on trains, as you can't check it like you would if you were traveling by plane. The good news is that most Italian trains offer a few different areas where you can stash your bag – free of charge – though the number and types of storage may vary depending on the train.

One "hidden" spot that's really easy to miss is the floor area underneath back-to-back seats on the train carriage. This floor compartment is highly convenient, as it allows you to slide a suitcase right underneath the set of seats rather than struggling to lift the suitcase into an overhead rack, which could strain your back. Another advantage is that these compartments are right under you, so you can keep your bag close to you at all times, giving you peace of mind that no one can meddle with your favorite souvenirs. Storing your luggage nearby also means that you can easily access it when you need to, for example to grab snacks or a warm sweater on a longer train trip.

Storing luggage safely on trains

In addition to the handy between-seat compartments, you can store small- to medium-sized luggage under your individual seat and in the overhead racks. Large suitcases, on the other hand, are best left in the storage area at the end of the train carriage, across from the bathroom. Be mindful of security when leaving your bag in these unattended luggage areas, though, as they may be a good distance from your seat. 


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While the risk of someone stealing your bag from one of these luggage areas is low, it has been known to happen. Therefore, as added security measures, lock all of your luggage and ensure that your name and contact information is clearly displayed on all bags. You could also consider locking your bag to the luggage rack for extra protection or using a luggage cover, which makes it more difficult for someone to tamper with your bag. Above all, don't leave your passport, credit cards, or other valuables in any unattended luggage, regardless if it's locked. Instead, keep these items in a small pouch on your person at all times when in transit. For more security tips, check out our guide on how to keep your belongings safe when sleeping on the train.

Additional tips and tricks for handling luggage on train trips

Those who really don't want to be bothered with their bags on Italian train trips can employ a little-known train travel hack known as Bagaglio Facile, which means "Easy Luggage" in Italian. This sweet service, offered through a partnership between Trenitalia and a company called Zyppy, allows train travelers to pay a reasonable fee to ship their bags directly to a destination address somewhere in Italy. Travelers simply book the service online, and a Zyppy agent appears at the designated address on a chosen date to collect and ship their bag(s) — it's just that simple. Do note, though, that you need to reserve the Bagaglio Facile service at least 24 hours before your desired baggage collection time. 

Yet another conundrum that can arise with Italian train travel concerns what to do with bags during day trips and stopovers. Let's say you're traveling by train between two major cities — Rome and Milan, for example — but you'd like to stop over in Florence for a few hours, for lunch and museum excursions. What do you do with your giant suitcase while museum hopping? Fortunately, Florence and most other Italian cities offer lockers and/or other luggage storage facilities for travelers in these common circumstances. Most of these services charge by the hour or day, and some facilities offer 24-hour accessibility as an added convenience.