How To Find The Ethereal TikTok-Famous 'Blue Gatorade' Beach In France

Brilliant blue-stained waters and sea-salty hair are the only ingredients you need for a relaxed, picture-perfect vacation. Sprawled on the south eastern coastline of France is a not-so-hidden gem that's making its way into the spotlight across the TikTok landscape. Nice, France, has long been known as a dreamy, colorful French beach town situated in the French Riviera. However, it's also home to what TikTok users are now referring to as the famous "gatorade water." After lifestyle and fitness influencer Brynley Joyner posted an enamoring video on TikTok of her swimming in the alluring turquoise waters off the coast of Nice, the post quickly amassed over 3 million likes and turned this French Riviera beach into a social media sensation. A quick search under the phrase "Gatorade water Nice France" results in a ton of TikTok videos of users sharing their experiences at captivating beaches that all share the same mesmerizing blue Gatorade-toned waters.


its GLOWING blue???🦋🌊 #nicefrance #europeansummer #oceandip

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While Joyner did not specify the exact beach featured in the video, there's heavy speculation from comments that it was filmed at one of the many beaches along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. The ritzy hotels making an appearance in the background of Joyner's and others' videos, along with the pebbly shoreline, provide further evidence that this water can be found along the Promenade des Anglais. With over a dozen small beaches along the promenade peppered with small pebbles known as galets, Nice is a mecca for some of the world's most daydreamy beaches.

Swim in blue Gatorade waters

Nice is famous for its pebble-lined beaches that boast some of the prettiest waters in the world. Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels) surrounds Promenade des Anglais and gave this southern French region its famous moniker, the Azure Coast. It's no secret that not all saltwater is created equal, with destinations like Bora Bora and the Bahamas boasting unusually bold blue tones. The alluring waters of Baie des Anges is fed by the surrounding Mediterranean sea, known for its abnormally brightly-toned hues and crystal-clear waters. Sunlight filtration and low levels of phytoplankton present a plausible explanation for the eye-catching brilliant blue-Gatorade waters.

An aerial view of Baise des Anges will reveal a striking contrast of light and dark shades of blue illuminating the water's surface. This picturesque phenomenon is known as the Tyndall effect, caused by the water scattering blue light and absorbing red light from the sun's rays. According to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the amount of phytoplankton (algae) in the ocean plays an integral role in the clarity of water. The Mediterranean has significantly lower levels of phytoplankton because of the minimal water exchange that takes place, reducing the nutrients that feed the phytoplankton. The absence of these nutrient-dense algae prevents the water from turning a murky green color and contributes to the stunningly transparent Gatorade-blue waters.

Explore the beaches of Nice, France

Promenade des Anglais, known by locals as "the Prom," is a coveted walking path and biking trail that offers easy access to the local attractions of this strip of the French Riviera. Despite the rocky shorelines, it's a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming. This small coastal strip consists of several rocky public and private beaches surrounded by a symphony of music and beachfront tapas bars — each one sharing the same sparkling crystal-clear waters.

Plage des Ponchettes is often considered the most popular public beach on the promenade, given its large volleyball court and walking distance to local restaurants and bars. Ruhl Plage is a private stretch of beach that caters to families scoping out a strand of paradise with the leisure of modern amenities combined with the raw allure of the French Riviera. Private cabins with showers, a saltwater pool, and a beachfront tapas lounge make this the ultimate family beach day outing. A sunbathers happy place and an adrenaline junkie's paradise, it's rare to see Carras Beach without a collection of brightly-colored beach towels speckling its shore. The only pet-friendly beach in Nice, you can soak in the sunshine alongside your furry friend. It's also the only place on this strip where beachgoers can churn up the water on jet skis for a thrilling day out on the water. There's also beach volleyball at Carras Beach, in addition to a small hut called Cabane Bleu where you can borrow books and magazines to read while you relax on the sand.