Why A TikToker's Viral Warning To Avoid Visiting Argentina Had The Opposite Effect

According to data from The World Bank, Argentina is the most popular South American country to visit among tourists. However, one travel TikToker posted a video warning people why they might want to avoid going there. As content creator @christian.grossi explained in the viral clip, Argentina isn't exactly accommodating to early risers. "This is going to be my one and only warning on why to not come to Argentina," he began, before stating firmly, "If you are a morning person, this place will destroy you." The TikToker then panned his camera to show a relatively empty street with no shops open, despite the fact that it was 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. 


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He continued: "I used to be the biggest morning person. [...] Here, I don't even think about going to sleep until at least three in the morning." While @christian.grossi's message was clearly intended as a warning for fellow morning people, night owls heard it loud and clear — and took the clip as a sign that they should book a trip to Argentina ASAP. "That's not a warning, that's [an] invitation," read one comment, garnering nearly 34,000 likes. Another user wrote, "I'm built for Argentina. I'm a night owl. I hate mornings!!! Finally a place meant for me." 

Argentina follows a later schedule compared to many other countries

Just like in many other countries around the world, most Argentinians have to go to work or school first thing in the morning, as one user pointed out in a comment on @christian.grossi's viral TikTok video. But even so, the typical lifestyle there tends to run slower and later than in other places. In fact, being early will make you look like a tourist in the South American country, as most locals prefer to show up fashionably late to events and appointments. It's also common to wake up as late as possible, and you'll rarely find locals in Argentina getting up early to head to the gym or meet a friend for coffee, for instance. 

A study conducted between 2006 and 2012 found that people in Argentina sleep the most out of all the countries studied, and the average wake-up time was 8:44 a.m. (via the Daily Mail). Elsewhere, a writer for the Mente Argentina Blog also noted that, based on their observations, locals rarely wake up before noon on their days off. Unsurprisingly, daily schedules also run later than those in several other countries. Dinner often starts at 10 p.m. or later and can go on for hours. Nightlife, too, kicks off later than you might be used to at home. Generally, the club scene doesn't even really get going until around 3 a.m.

Fortunately some spots are open early for morning people

If you're an early bird, don't remove Argentina from your travel bucket list just yet. There's plenty to see and do, even while the locals are still snoozing. One of the best ways to spend your morning hours is walking around before the crowds appear. For example, if you're visiting Buenos Aires, explore the colorful La Boca neighborhood while it's still quiet, or take some time to appreciate the architecture of famous buildings such as the Palacio Barolo and the Casa Rosada. If you're outside the big cities, use your a.m. hours to visit the country's stunning nature spots. One of the most breathtaking is Los Glaciares National Park (open from 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., depending on the season) in Patagonia, where visitors can take in the area's otherworldly glaciers and rugged mountains. 

Another example of Argentina's natural beauty can be found at Parque Nacional Talampaya (open from 8 a.m., weather permitting), where you'll be awestruck by the towering canyons and prehistoric rock formations. Finally, no trip to Argentina is complete without seeing the famous Iguazú Falls. These incredible waterfalls are situated on the border of Argentina and Brazil and are surrounded by 252,982 hectares (625,132 acres) of protected park area. Visitors can enter the park from 8 a.m. Get there early and you might even have the place to yourself for a while.