This Cruise Line's 'Unlimited' Starbucks Drink Package Set The Internet Ablaze

There's nothing better than waking up in your stateroom on the first morning of your cruise and stepping outside to enjoy the beautiful view. The only thing that would make this moment better would be to have a Starbucks iced coffee in your hand as you relish the moment. Of course, the way to make it even better is to know that you are entitled to unlimited Starbucks drinks for the duration of your trip! How is this possible, and where can you sign up for such a great deal? A recent TikTok highlighted the benefits of this package offered by Norwegian Cruise Line, and the internet may never be the same. This is a good example of important information you should know before your cruise.


Norwegian cruise!

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TikToker Stacy Barringer explained the inner workings of this package. For about $70, she signed up for the Unlimited Starbucks Package to get her caffeine fix during the cruise. The TikTok has generated over 4.2 million views, with many people wondering how they'd never heard of this deal. A number of beverage offers are available to guests on this cruise, such as the Unlimited Open Bar Package and the Unlimited Soda Package. But the Starbucks offer captured the imagination of future cruisers, delighting in the thought of unlimited iced coffees to complement their next adventure on the high seas. 

Get your iced coffee fix — but read the fine print

While Barringer claimed to pay $70, the Norwegian Cruise Line notes that eligible guests will shell out $12.95 daily for specialty coffees, teas, and refreshers. And though she held two drinks in the video, the terms and conditions revealed a "one beverage per person per transaction" clause. Additionally, eligible guests must be at least 18 years old and purchase the package employing the same payment method they used to finalize the cruise. Furthermore, 20% gratuity will be automatically added to the package at checkout, and Starbucks Unlimited is only available on cruises lasting over two days. This is critical information for all and makes a perfect example of what first-time cruisers can expect when boarding a cruise ship

Nevertheless, the TikTok garnered attention and varied responses. One person commented, "We took a 3 day on Norwegian and did this was the best because we don't drink. Starbucks was always in our hand [sic]," and another delighted at the prospect: "The barista would be my new bestie by the end of the trip." Other responses included observations such as, "The girl math on this is crazy... cruise+$70 unlimited starbucks= free cruise [sic]." One person who purchased this package on a recent cruise wrote, "You can only get 2 drinks at a time but every 15 mins." However, we cannot confirm the accuracy of this statement, as official details about the package revoke this notion. 

Is the NCL's Unlimited Starbucks Package worth it? It all depends on you

Barringer's video, and considering how often one might visit Starbucks during a trip, led many viewers to ponder the now-disputed "$70 for unlimited Starbucks" deal. For the majority, the TikTok inspired them to book their next cruise: "I might go on a cruise just for this deal." Another comment read, "I'm sorry unlimited Starbucks?! Bout to book Norwegian [sic]." But a commentator observed, "We did the math and it was going to be 2-3 drinks a day which wasn't worth it for us." However, it may be worth saving money in other ways, such as booking an inside cabin, to feel free to splurge on extra packages such as this one. 

Many people questioned how long the lines were, which may depend on the ship and the time of day that you visit the onboard Starbucks. Barringer explained that when she filmed the TikTok, it was early in the morning and less crowded. Another comment came from a person who had enjoyed the package and had a suggestion: "My husband and I got it back in September on our cruise and let me tell you....they should figure out how to do this in everyday life." Finally, one person expressed their desire to sign up for this offer on a future cruise, but the timing had to be right: "Only booking cruises during pistachio cream cold brew season."