Which Of The Five Disney Cruises Is The Best? Here's The Definitive Ranking

There's just something special about Disney. Whether we're talking about the theme park's most iconic rides, its long list of highly-rated resort hotels around the world, or the brand's penchant for captivating storytelling and unforgettable experiences, it's safe to say that pretty much everything that Disney touches quickly turns to gold. Their top-ranked cruise line is no different.

The first iteration of Disney's Cruise Line set sail in 1998 under the name Disney Magic. One year later, the Disney Wonder took to the sea. Today, at the time of writing, the current Disney fleet includes a list of five enchanting ships: the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, Disney Wish, and Disney Wonder. Coming in December 2024, a new vessel is set to join the crew: the Disney Treasure.

For travelers planning their own sea-bound adventure, it can be difficult to differentiate and ultimately choose between the five. After analyzing reviews, the cost-to-value ratio, unique amenities, each ship's design, and onboard entertainment options, we finally settled on our definitive ranking of Disney's cruise ships — all so you can choose which Disney cruise might be right for you.

5. Disney Wish

Although there aren't any necessarily "bad" Disney cruises, the Disney Wish has come under fire from travelers and Disney fans since its official launch in 2022. Specifically, most reviews believe the ship has some pretty glaring issues in terms of spacing and overall layout — both of which make it incredibly difficult to get around. According to previous travelers, the ship — one of the largest of the Disney Cruise Line fleet — surprisingly only has two sets of stairs and elevators for everyone onboard. This, in turn, means there's always a crowd. It also means that adult activities, like nightclubs and lounges, are scattered around, so there is no dedicated adult-only zone, which ultimately muddles the experience.

When it comes to entertainment, however, the Disney Wish does a slightly better job at redeeming itself with four theaters, the kid-favored Oceaneer Club, three main restaurants (assigned on a rotational basis to passengers), adult-friendly bars, and more. As for the pools, some travelers say that these feel more like hot tubs because of their small size. And the water slides? Per online blogs, they're mediocre at best.

It's worth noting that Disney Wish is one of the highest priced of the Disney Cruises for not that much more value, aside from being a more modern vessel — according to reviews on Cruise Critic and Tripadvisor. As an example, Disney Wish offers three- and four-day itineraries from Florida to the Bahamas, with the ship's most affordable route — a three-night cruise from Port Canaveral — priced at $1,925 for two guests.

4. Disney Dream

Operating since 2011, the Disney Dream cruise ship is a strong contender in terms of amenities. Throughout its 14 decks, the ship boasts five main restaurants (including two that are adults only), theaters, bars and lounges, adult-only and kid-friendly pools, sun decks, and plenty more to keep travelers entertained. Nonetheless, some online reviews have expressed disappointment that the ship's dining experiences feel fragmented — leaving plenty to be desired in terms of themed dining.

Considered one of the most kid-friendly cruise lines, the Disney Dream is brimming with kid-focused activities — including daily princess meet-and-greets, movie-themed shows, character cameos, and a bustling kid's club. However, according to a recent discussion on the r/DCL subreddit, the ship's history of shorter itineraries typically makes it less desirable than its counterparts, since there's only so much you can enjoy with so little time — although it's important to note it has expanded itinerary options to include week-long and 12-night trips in Europe.

Lastly, in terms of pricing, the Disney Dream's rates vary depending on length and route. For example, a three-day trip to the Bahamas from Ft. Lauderdale will set you back around $1,700 for two people. Meanwhile, on the farther and pricier end of the spectrum, the Disney Dream's 12-night Norwegian Fjords and Iceland cruise carries a higher price tag at $8,565 for two.

3. Disney Wonder

Even though it's a smaller ship, one of Disney Wonder's main selling points is that — out of the five vessels currently sailing today — it's the only ship that offers Alaska-bound cruises, as well as trips along New Zealand and Australia. Given this, it's no surprise that the Disney Wonder often ranks in the top-half of fan-favorite Disney ships — especially for first-timers who want to get a feel of the experience before moving up to a larger ship.

Beyond the ship's unique destinations, some of the Disney Wonder's most notable amenities include three main restaurants (with rotational dining), three heated pools for when you're traveling to cooler destinations, nightly entertainment options, a prim and proper "Royal Court Royal Tea" for the little princesses and princes to enjoy, and even a nightclub for the adults who crave a party. As for dining, one of the highlights of the ship is the New Orleans-inspired restaurant, Tiana's Place. Not only does the restaurant serves some pretty delicious meals, but it also hosts nightly entertainment and its own mini-version of a Mardi Gras parade.

Tickets for the Disney Wonder start from $1,104 for a two-night cruise from Sydney to Brisbane for two passengers. Longer trips are also available — like a seven-night Vancouver to Alaska cruise for $3,424 for two, or a 10-night Hawaiian adventure for $4,013.

2. Disney Magic

The second-best ship on our list is the Disney Magic. After debuting in 1998, the ship has undergone plenty of updates and renovations to keep it modern and appealing — all while staying true to its original charm. Another one of the fleet's smaller vessels — with capacity for just over 2,700 passengers, compared to the others' ability to accommodate up to 4,000 (except Disney Wonder) — the Disney Magic isn't struggling to keep up with any of the larger (or newer) ships.

One of the ship's highlights is the AquaDunk — a top-rated water slide within the entire Disney Cruise Line fleet — which features a straight-down, three-story drop into the pool. Other amenities that make the ship worth your bucks include daily character meet-and-greets, nighttime entertainment (the ship's Cinderella-themed show is a must-see), and delicious dining options. Traveling with an adults-only crew? Disney Magic is ready to cater with bars and lounges, couples' games nights, and adult-themed trivia nights.

Price-wise, the Disney Magic offers trips that range from roughly $1,500 to just over $7,000 for two guests to either the Bahamas or other must-visit destinations in the Caribbean, including Mexico and Antigua. Specifically, a 4-night Caribbean cruise to Mexico will cost two travelers $1,534. On the pricier side, a 10-night cruise through the Eastern Caribbean will set you and a travel partner back about $7,359.

1. Disney Fantasy

Topping off the list, and coming in as the top-ranked Disney cruise, is the Disney Fantasy. After setting sail for the first time in 2012, the ship has quickly cemented itself a go-to for Disney fans and cruise lovers looking for a longer getaway. With six, seven, and 10-night cruise routes available through the Caribbean, the Disney Fantasy ticks all the boxes in terms of entertainment, comfort, and adventure.

Much like the other ships that belong to the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy is equipped with plenty of onboard entertainment and amenities that'll make any trip unforgettable. From kid clubs to Broadway-style stage performances, meet-and-greets with beloved Disney characters, and both kid-friendly and adult-only pools, the ship is anything but boring. Plus, as an added bonus, the Disney Fantasy is also home to one of the best adults-only districts, Europa. With bars and eateries inspired by European destinations, it's a great escape for adult travelers who want some respite from kid-centric spaces.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that — similar to the Disney Wish — the Disney Fantasy is pricier than other ships, with 3-night trips to the Bahamas starting from $1,996 for two people. However, the destinations more than make up for the cost. For example, the Disney Fantasy is the only ship to offer transatlantic journeys — like their 13-night cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida, to Barcelona in Spain starting at $4,859.

Our ranking methodology

There's a lot that goes into each Disney cruise ship. From themed restaurants to activities, entertainment, and accommodations, each of the Disney Cruise Line's vessels are designed with pretty much the same intention: to provide guests with a Disney-themed experience where, in Disney's own words, "magic meets the sea," no matter the route or destination. Nonetheless — and in spite of these shared goals — there are certain things that some ships do better than others.

In order to come up with our ranking, our primary focus was on the relationship between guest experience and value aboard each ship. Scouring through online reviews and fan forums, as well as the official Disney Cruise Line website, we created a list of each of the ship's pros and cons. From there, we compared these factors against the price of a ticket for two travelers for an inside cabin (typically the most affordable rate). This ultimately helped us find a correlation between how much guests were paying to travel on the ship and what they were getting in return.