Are You Allowed To Pack Hot Hair Tools For A Cruise?

Between the dining room clothing rules and shore excursion days, you'll want to present yourself well when going on a cruise. Though cruises are known to be fun and relaxed, they're also a chance to dress up and put your best foot forward.

For some cruisers, this includes taking care of their hair while at sea. After taking a dip in the pool or sweating it out at the onboard gym, you may need to grab some hot hair tools to get your mane back in shape — think a blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener. But are these gadgets actually allowed on cruise ships?

Generally, hair styling tools are permitted on cruises, so you won't have to worry about sporting frizzy, unruly locks for the duration of your trip. This is true for cruises operated by Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, MSC Cruises, and Carnival, among others. However, note that other heated appliances are usually banned, and the rules can vary depending on the cruise line and your hair tool model.

Should you bring hair styling tools on a cruise?

As long as your cruise ship allows hot hair tools, it's a personal choice whether you pack your blow dryer and styling irons or leave them at home. However, it's good to know that many cruise cabins provide blow dryers that are designed to function on the ship, meaning you might not need to pack your own. They're often similar to the blow dryers you'll find in a typical hotel, so if you're picky about things like how quickly your hair dries or diffusers and other attachments, you may want to bring your own dryer from home. Otherwise, leave your hair dryer behind when packing for your cruise.

As for straighteners and other styling tools, don't expect your room to come already stocked. If you regularly rely on your straightening or curling iron, it doesn't hurt to bring it along during your cruise vacation, though keep in mind that perfectly polished hair might not survive the onboard activities anyway. If you plan to lounge on the humid pool deck or dance for hours in the nightclub, expect your mane to get a little messy.

Finally, be aware that many cruises are equipped with salons where you can pay a professional to style your hair. If you only need your tresses tamed with hot tools once or twice during the trip, this can be a convenient (and slightly indulgent) alternative to packing your own gear.

Precautions to keep in mind when using hot hair tools on a cruise

Even if your cruise line permits electric hair tools, using them might not be as straightforward as it is in your own bathroom. First, confirm that your cabin's outlets are compatible with your appliance before plugging it in. You may need a converter or adapter to safely use your hair tool. Even if your blow dryer or hair iron fits the outlets, it may not work, or it may work in some outlets and not in others (especially on older vessels).

Sometimes, fire alarms on cruise ships can be triggered by hot tools, even if there's no smoke in sight. If this happens, promptly turn off your device and speak with a staff member to ensure it's safe to use the gadget.

Finally, always unplug blow dryers, curlers, and straighteners when they're not in use, and keep them away from any water that may make its way into your cabin. This seems like a no-brainer, but given that a cruise ship can be a scary spot to be during a bad storm (especially if the ship floods and water seeps in the windows), it's better to not take any chances.