Compensations Passengers Are Entitled To When A Delta Air Lines Flight Is Delayed

All your bags are packed and you're ready to go, but before you head to the airport to leave on that jet plane, it's always a good idea to check to see if your flight is leaving on time. Delays can happen, but it becomes even more complicated when you're out of town when a flight is rescheduled. It could require you to dash through the busiest airport in the world to catch a connecting flight, or you may even become stranded for a little while in an airport far from home. If this type of situation occurs, it's good to know that you may be entitled to some compensation for your trouble. Each airline offers different benefits to its customers, so what are you entitled to receive if your Delta Air Lines flight doesn't depart on time? Here are some guidelines on what to expect from this carrier.

The first thing to realize is that airlines aren't required to provide any compensation for a delayed flight, especially when the reason is beyond their control. A winter snowfall or a spring thunderstorm may impact your travel plans, but this isn't the type of scenario where an airline feels compelled to compensate you for the inconvenience. However, if the airline is to blame for the holdup, most carriers will choose to provide its guests a few extras. It will depend on whether the delay is considered to be "minimal" or "significant," which is more than two hours.

Delta offers assistance during longer delays

Recent data indicates that most flight delays are not the result of issues like severe weather. Instead, the problems can be traced back to issues that are within an airline's control, per The Washington Post. Complications arising from staffing shortages, aircraft maintenance, the baggage process, and time spent cleaning the aircraft can impact an airline's scheduled departures. The U.S. Department of Transportation has developed a dashboard to help travelers understand what type of assistance each airline offers in situations like these.

In the event of a significant delay, Delta will offer to rebook passengers on another one of its own flights. The airline goes a step further by offering to book them a flight on another airline as well, a courtesy that isn't offered by every carrier. Delta will also provide passengers with a voucher or the cash to pay for a meal if the departure has been pushed back over three hours. If the delay extends overnight, Delta can offer guests a complimentary stay at a hotel, as well as ground transportation to and from the hotel. These courtesies are based on availability, but they are also compensations that are not offered by every airline.

Take the initiative to request compensation

While Delta does voluntarily offer these benefits to its customers, they may not make a broad announcement to the traveling public when the time comes. It's better for their passengers to understand what compensation is available and under what circumstances. If the airline has announced that the flight delay is the result of an incident within their control, and the departure time extends two or three hours or more past its initial schedule, then consult an agent to ask for one or more of these accommodations. You may also find it helpful to review otherĀ commonly asked questions about Delta before you embark on your journey.

It's important to remember that no compensations are offered to travelers who are impacted by a delay of less than two hours. If you incur any charges as a result of this type of minimal delay, such as rebooking your flight, keep in mind that those extra expenses will not be reimbursed. Prepare yourself beforehand for this type of situation by reviewing these tips from experienced flight attendants who offer expert advice about what to do when your flight is delayed. When you've done your research and understand what you can expect if a Delta flight is delayed, you'll feel prepared for any detour that may arise on your adventure.