The Popular Type Of Luggage You Should Avoid Bringing To Music Festivals

Coachella, Tomorrowland, Bonnaroo, Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds — summer is the season of music festivals. All around the world, music and culture fiends plan their trips to the festival of their choice, and for many, the experience often takes the place of a traditional summer vacation.

If you can relate, you might be tempted to pack for your festival the way you would for any other trip: grabbing your favorite suitcase and loading it up with all the essentials and then some. However, this can be a major mistake, especially if you plan to tote the luggage to the festival grounds and camp with it overnight.

@jetsetting_jacki, a travel TikToker from Australia, learned this the hard way after attending Creamfields Festival in England. "I still have nightmares about carrying my suitcase through the mud," the content creator says in a clip. She then warns, "Do not bring a suitcase if you're going to a camping festival."

Suitcases don't belong in music festivals

If you've attended music festivals before, you might've noticed a suitcase or two being pulled around by attendees. However, there are several reasons you should think twice before bringing your own oversized luggage. First, as @jetsetting_jacki mentioned, festival grounds can be muddy, especially after rainfall. If the mud gets stuck in your suitcase wheels, they may no longer function and can be a hassle to clean. On top of that, the mud can sometimes seep inside and onto your belongings, regardless of whether you have hardside or softside luggage.

If you plan to stay in a camping tent, note that you won't have much space, and a suitcase will likely only get in the way. You might not even have room in your tent to fully open the luggage, making it complicated just to change your clothes or find your phone charger.

Finally, be aware that bag searches are common at festival gates. This is true no matter what type of gear you bring, but keep in mind that a jam-packed suitcase will take more time to search than a basic backpack or duffel bag. If getting through the entrance smoothly and quickly is your goal, reconsider taking a suitcase along. Packing light regardless of what type of bag you bring can also make these searches more efficient and reduces clutter in your tent.

What type of luggage to bring to a music festival

If you're used to relying on a big suitcase, be ready to take a different approach when packing for a music festival. A hiking bag is a much more convenient option when navigating festival and camping grounds — just make sure to waterproof your backpack if rain is in the forecast. If you need a little more room for your items, an easy-to-carry duffel bag is another great choice.

If the festival lasts several days and you're struggling to fit all your essentials in anything but a suitcase, look for on-site storage lockers that you can rent for a fee. Alternatively, you may want to skip the tent altogether. Some festivals also offer glamping options and cabins on-site with more space and amenities. You could also book a hotel or short-term rental accommodation near the festival. That way, you have ample space to keep all your belongings. However, remember that music festivals are often held in remote areas, and traffic leaving and heading to the event can get congested, so plan your schedule accordingly. If you're looking to get away for a little camping and dancing this summer, here are the best music festivals in the USA.