This TikToker's Disney Merch Hack Was Deemed Dangerous By The Internet

Disney merch is one way to add extra magic to your next Disney trip. An accessory or T-shirt worn at the park feels festive and fun, and the keepsake can serve as a reminder of your Disney outing long after you've returned home. The downside of buying Disney merch is that it's often expensive and, well, can feel a bit unoriginal after you've spotted seven other parkgoers wearing the exact item. TikToker Katherine Miles, @katherineskingdom, shared a jewelry hack that solves both issues. In a clip shot at Disney World, Miles shows off Lizzie McGuire and Tinkerbell pins worn as earrings. The look is creative, eye-catching, and cheaper than most of the earrings sold at Disney. However, not everyone thinks the hack is a good idea.


Disney pins as earrings 👀 ***disclaimer below*** (Pins are not advertised as skin safe. I wore clean, new pins with normal earring backs. My ears did not react but do this at your own risk. You know your own skin so if yours are sensitive avoid trying this out) #disneyworld #disneyearrings #disneypins #disneypinscheck #disneypinsyay #disneyworld #disneygirl #disneyhack #disneygirlie #disneygirlstyle #disneyfitinspo

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Some netizens and Disney fans criticized the look. One commenter said their sensitive skin wouldn't be able to tolerate the pins. Another wrote, "[Disney is] gonna end up putting a disclaimer on the packaging not to do this lol [sic]." The backlash was even harsher on Instagram, prompting the Disney influencer to turn off comments after reportedly receiving an avalanche of criticism. But Miles stands by the hack and intends to employ it when going to Walt Disney World. However, she issued a disclaimer in the video's caption on Instagram: "Disney pins as earrings? I think yes ... I used new pins with normal earring backs ... do this at your own risk ... for the ppl all upset in the comments [sic]."

Is the Disney jewelry hack really risky?

Though Miles may be able to wear Disney pins in her ears without issue, it's unlikely her suggestion would be accepted as one of those Disney World hacks everyone needs to know about. Many pins sold in Disney parks are made of zinc alloy and contain nickel. These chemical elements can be unsafe for those with sensitive skin or certain metal allergies. Besides that, zinc alloy could also turn your ears green — um, no thanks! 

Moreover, the backs of the pins can be thicker than the average earring post. Sticking these pieces in your ears could damage your skin or even stretch your piercing hole. As a result, you could experience pain and discomfort, and your regular earrings may no longer sit nicely in your ears. Wearing the wrong jewelry, especially if you have sensitive skin, could cause itching, rashes, swelling, blisters, infections, and other complications. 

When in doubt, consult a doctor or dermatologist before trying this social media tip. Otherwise, you might be better off sticking with regular Disney earrings. As for the pins, try wearing them as intended (stuck on your shirt or a lanyard, for example) or collecting and trading them, a popular activity at Disney park locations.